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My reviews and opinion on Dr Krishna's Cancer Healer Center

Transcript of My reviews on dr krishna's cancer healer center

  • Instills hope in every cancer patients
  • Finding the most reliable cancer hospital in India is very toughest settlement when one is diagnosing with cancer. Searching on internet, viewing success stories in newspaper, asking for referrals from our relatives are common task. Many patients feel helpless, feeble, and dependent.
  • Dr Krishnas Cancer Healer center cares the cancer patients by understanding their disease status and patients health and then provides treatments accordingly. People are treated with respect and care throughout their recovery.
  • They have rehabilitation centers, yoga centers and nutrition centers which guides at each step. They also suggest best possible treatment if needed .They put every possible efforts to improve patients health and give cancer patients a new life. Cancer Healer Center believes that Together, our efforts will help bring forward the day when all cancers will be curable.
  • My wife had breast cancer. She underwent surgery at Dr Krishnas Cancer Healer Center. We also went to one private hospital because of his big name. we have heard a lot of negative reviews about the hospital but when I met him first time, the ways he talks some where ingrains a ray of hope. He asked to be positive throughout the treatment. The doctors dedication and my wifes successful treatment proved that it is the best hospital. The doctor is truly genius and makes us sense that we are in right hands.
  • For more information kindly visit their website: Connect us on Facebook: ler