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  • It all started with books. Many books

    From a very young age

  • in a pretty remote place

  • Exploring the world from my room

  • With a constant objective: to keep the doors open

  • Which meant attending the best french business school

  • But really meeting fellow global citizens @Tbird

  • Thunderbird

  • Joined Barcelona after graduating

  • For its values of close bonds, strong identity and quality of life

  • Advising, coaching medical staff and hospitals management allover Europe

  • In 2005, my 6 months backpacking in Asia gave birth to my blog

  • On my way back, I decided I wanted to have a career with a social impact

  • Until I reached a tipping point

  • That was also the start of myentrepreneurial journey

  • A rocky one

  • You enter the forest at the darkest point, where there is no path.Where theres a way or path, it is someone elses path.Each human being is a unique phenomenon.The idea is to find your own pathway to bliss.

  • First, I needed to find my tribe

  • Because it can be a lonelypath

  • So I joined networks of like-minded souls

  • Learning from ordinary peoplewith extraordinary ideas

  • Stories from a bottom-up movement

  • I was an entrepreneur in search of a project

    Global mindset Not geographically bounded Economically sustainable Social impact Gender-related Still keep open doors (not too focused) Spreading positive stories and projects

  • My first attempt was to set up the Impact HUB in Barcelona

  • Then I applied to organize TEDxBarcelonaWomen

  • And thats when I lost my financial stability

  • And now what?

  • I went to TED Active and got reboosted

  • And The A Factor started withinnovation journeys in Nairobi

  • But it was not a low-hanging fruit

  • So I went to Bali and got reboosted again

  • And came back to organize thesecond edition of TEDxBcnWomen

  • When I realized how much I enjoyed working on stereotypes

    and changing the narrative

  • That was the start of thestorytelling workshops forwomen entrepreneurs




  • And that was the start of Shiftbalance

  • A platform which shares knowledge on gender stereotypes and concrete

    solutions at different levels

  • UniversalStories/Myths/Archetypes/Religions/Rolemodels


    MEDIAArtComic Photo



    CinemaAdvertising Music

    Createbeliefs, images, stereotypes, roles

    LanguageWORDS Jokes

    EDUCATION ToysPlayground

    Household chores School Sports

    ConfidenceBody imageGIRLS


    INDIVIDUALLEVEL Talkativeness

    Political representationLEADERSHIP BoardroomsTechand scienceMoney and investment Public speaking





    Sexual assault

    HarassmentDomestic violence



    Self esteem

    BOYS Emotional intelligence Feelings repressed Violence




    Equal pay

  • Shiftbalance produces infographics

    Source: Shiftbalance

  • 117 years until gender parity?Put gender on your agenda.

    In its Global Gender Parity Report 2015, the World Economic Forum estimates it will take 117 years to achieve gender parity in the workplace. How can we accelerate this pace? We surveyed men and women leaders from 400 companies around the world to help illuminate the way forward and blended their recommendations with our experience to create the following accelerators.


    work/life integration for all

    Speed up company culture change with progressive corporate policy

    for advancement, make role models visible and set leadership pipeline programs and targets

    Make a difference through tone-at-the-top, sponsorship for promotions and education about conscious andunconscious bias

    Build supportive environments

    Illuminate the path to leadership

    Accelerators How

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    Women. Fast forwardEighty years until gender parity? Pledge your support to speed up the clock.#WomenFastForward

    Three accelerators for women in the workplace How you can take action today:

    Visit us online at

    Tweet using #WomenFastForward

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    Join the conversation on LinkedIn women-fast-forward


  • And identifies challengingcampaigns


  • Source:GuerrillaGirls

  • Source: Blurred lines

  • Or activists

  • We spread awareness

    Source: Confidence code

  • On the sexism in Hollywood for example

    Bechdel Test Movie List1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it2. Who talk to each other3. About something besides a man

    2014 Oscar nominees Gravity FAIL Captain Phillips FAIL American Hustle PASS The Wolf of Wall Street FAIL 12 Years a Slave FAIL Philomena PASS Dallas Buyers Club PASS Her FAIL Nebraska PASS

  • We promote interestinginitiatives

  • Everyday sexism blog

  • New superheroes

  • New toys

  • New apps

  • New communities

  • We show how men are part of thesolution

  • We curate a selection of videos challenginggender stereotypes

  • Inspiring talks

  • New advertising campaigns

  • We identify products empoweringwomen through design

  • And we engage you to act!

  • And we even created a speakers bureau

  • What do YOU do to balance the world?

  • Pick YOUR battle

  • Now its your turn! Answer these questions:

    What are you passionate about? Which problem would you like to solve?

    Why do YOU care? Why shall others care? Which solution do you propose? What do you want the others to do?

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