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Task Four


Page 2: My fashion photography:)

Here I have an image that has been taken in a studio setting; by it being taken in a studio makes the image look more professional over all. I have purposely got my model to stand to the right more and have all that space on the left as I was testing out images for my final cover. For my photographs I wanted to have an element of fashion within them. For this image I wanted my model to be dressed casually but have an element of spring within it. Due to this I decided to use the umbrella as a prop to indicate the rainy springs that we can get. As I am mimicking the work of Mario Testino I thought I would convert my image into black and white as some of his photographs are in black and white. I got my model to look directly at the camera so that it grasps the attention of the people looking at it. Again I chose to do this as I was testing this form of image for my final magazine cover. By having adjusted the hue and saturation, and brightness of the background, I came out with a bright white background that makes the model stand out more as she is portrayed in various shades of grey due to the dark colours that she was wearing at the time.


Page 3: My fashion photography:)

For this image I tried to bring across a summer evening look. Due to me try to portray a summer outfit I thought it was appropriate to put my model in a dress; however, as it is an evening outfit I thought the colours black and white would be more suitable, rather than having bright day summer colours. Again for this image I asked my model to look directly at the camera so that it looked as if she was looking directly at the person looking at the photograph. I got her to lean against the wall with her arms behind her to give the photograph a more casual look. As you can see with her left arms she has created a triangular shape which we see a lot of in within Mario Testino’s work. When editing this photograph I adjusted the brightness and contrast of the image. I did this so that the background was a brighter shade of white so that the boldness of the black and blue dress would stand out. This is because this is the main feature of the photograph as the purpose of the image is to promote fashion (the dress).


Page 4: My fashion photography:)

For this image I wanted to present the element of evening fashion to the audience. For this I got my model to wear a dress that was likely to be worn in the evening. I chose a black dress as primarily black dresses are an obvious choice to be wear in the evening. I also asked my model to wear red lipstick so that it completed the outfit. Due to the purpose of the photograph being to focus on the outfit that the model is wearing, I chose for my model to be shot so that it only showed the dress off instead of having a full body shot. I asked my model to put her hair to one side so that the top of the dress was visible and so that every aspect of the dress could be shown. For this image I adjusted the brightness and contrast of the photograph. However, when taking the photograph the flash can up which already made the photograph brighter; so by adjusting the brightness I feel like the image is over exposed to light at the bottom. You can also see a shadow due to the flash.


Page 5: My fashion photography:)

For this photograph I wanted to portray a winter theme through fashion; because of this I got my model to wear a winter coat and a hat and scarf. I got my model to stand slightly side on so that she had to tilt her head a bit to look at the camera; this is because I did not want my model to be looking straight on at the camera. Again when taking this photograph the flash was on so I ended up with a shadow of my model on the wall. Due to this being a winter photograph I also tried to create a warm feeling through the editing of my photograph. To do this I reduced the brightness of the image and contrasted it. I also slightly adjusted the hue and saturation of the image. Due to the coat within the image being white I believe it stands out therefore emphasising that this image is for the purpose of winter fashion.