Music video Research,What is a music Video?

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What is a music video? A music video is used to promote an artist or song. This helps the artist to gain new fans and create a buzz for the singers upcoming albums, tours or gigs. Music videos help artist/bands spread awareness through fan bases or being able to send their music videos through YouTube, Facebook and twitter.

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Goodwin's Conventions of music videos Frith's 3 typologies

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  • 1. What is a music video?A music video is used to promote an artist or song. This helps theartist to gain new fans and create a buzz for the singers upcomingalbums, tours or gigs. Music videos help artist/bands spreadawareness through fan bases or being able to send their music videosthrough YouTube, Facebook and twitter.

2. Different purposes of a music video: To add meanings to lyrical content: visually To show an artist or bands talent: dancing, singing To promote an artist Synergy: To promote merchandise, clothing brands,cars,jewellery To engage the audience 3. Goodwins conventions of musicvideos The theorist Goodwin states that, A music video is not primarily acommodity form, but a promotional one. He also listed that in music videos there is:1. A relationship between the lyrics and visuals (with visuals eitherillustrating, amplifying or contradicting the lyrics)2. A range of close ups of the main artist/vocalist.3. Use voyeurism ,most likely in the treatment of women4. A different music video style for each musical genre, for example ,Raunchily dressed women dancers dancing in a club using a greenscreen room . 4. Friths 3 typologies' The theorist Frith placed music videos into 3 differentcategories : Performance- It shows the audience a sense of authenticityby using live performances or behind the scene footage of theband or artist recording the single. Narrative- The video is linear (Beginning, middle and end).This is most common in songs about love. Conceptual-Metaphors are used to create a mood and gives arange of different meanings. 5. Music video conventions of a popvideo Mise en scene: 6. Music video conventions of a popvideo shows off the party lifestyle in clubs,house party's or on the beachWomen are dressed raunchy toappeal to the male audienceBright lights and colours-neon paintDancers and choreography are in thevideo to enhance the performanceconcept of most pop videosEccentric costumes and hairstyles togive an artist a modern and trendylook 7. Conventions of a Rock Video 8. Most rock videos include the band or performer playing ontheir instruments to give an authentic feel .Close up on the main performer and instrumentShots of band performingDark make up and costumes 9. Conventions of a Hip hop video 10. Females used in videos as sex objectsdancing and dressing raunchily.Male rapper surrounded by his entourageand females to show off his manliness andwomanising ways .Use of expensive cars, jewellery,beveragesand houses to flaunt their riches andglamorous lifestyle so the audience want toaspire to this.Videos mostly set in a club or in aneighbourhood to show off their streetcredibility. 11. Dancers in pinkflamingo costume-showsfun,embracing youthand individuality.An array of brightcolours in clothingrepresents a livelyatmosphere andlinks to the theme ofthe upbeat songArtist in middle ofcamera; audience canfocus on her. Herbright blonde hair alsocan relate to the wellused saying that,Blondes have morefunThe mise en sceneis set in a houserave .It makes theaudience feel likethey are present inwhats happening.The artist is wearingbright red lipstick whichmakes the audiencelook at her lips as afemales lips in a sexualmanner .Artist:RitaOraSong:PartyPerforma-ncevideo 12. This close up andbeauty shot allows theaudience to admirethe singers beautyand creates aphysical" connectionbreaking the TV bond.This follows Goodwinsconventions of themale gaze.The use of eye contactand lip synching builds aconnection between thesinger and audience. 13. Showing bare legs partlyclosed makes referenceto the idea of sex.Bright colouredclothing incontrast to thedark backgroundhelps her standout. I like the useof this and coulduse it in my musicvideo . 14. Costume changesThedifferentcostumechangesfollows theconventions of a popvideo.The artist ispromotingdifferentclothingbrandswhich is ause ofsynergywithin amusic videoThe use ofshowing theartist torsoin minimalclothinggives asexual andvoyeuristicappeal to theartist. 15. The use of therabbit earsconnotes withbeing sexuallypromiscuous.The use of herbeing toplessshows hervulnerability inthe relationshipin the song. 16. voyeurismThe use of the artist being topless with just furand knickers covering her shows her as a sexicon and to be viewed as a sexual image. Thisallows the male audience to gain sexualpleasure from these images. 17. The use of the mans head in her armsfollows the lyrics , Pills and potionsWe're overdosingI'm angry but I still love you I like the useof editing in this video and the use of thegreen room. 18. Thevisualuse ofpillsfollowsGoodwinstheoryofillustration.I likethe useof pillsinreplaceof eyeswhichcouldconnoteshesaddicted todrugs.I love theediting used inthe video .I findit veryengaging. 19. Nicki Minaj is using this music video to self-promoteher perfume brand which is another purpose of amusic video known as synergy to promotemerchandise or brands. 20. Narrative video: Adele-Someone Like youUse oftracking shotto follow theartists story.Set in Pariswhich hasconnotationsto love; theartist iswalkingalone whichhints thatshe has nolove interest.The use of blackand white editinggives an Old feel. 21. The editingtechniqueofsuperimposition ofAdeleseyesbehind thebackground adds tothe ideathat sheid=sreflectingon herpast. 22. The use ofAdele lookingat the cameraestablishes aconnection withthe audience. 23. The silhouette of theman in thebackground suggestto the audience thatthis is Adeles ex-boyfriendand thisconcludes the endingof him walking awayand the end of thesong. 24. Performance Music Video: Artic monkeys Teddy PickerUse of close upon the bandplaying theirinstrumentreinforces theirtalent.Follows typical conventionsof a rock video as mostvideos emphasise theirmusical talent . 25. Use of closeup on themain singer.Can be applied to SimonFriths theory ofAuthenticity byshowing the singerrehearsing in the studio. 26. Again, this givestheir fan base aninsight into theprocess ofrehearsing whichgives the audiencea connection. 27. Music performance video: Green Day-American idiotThe use of thecamera in thisshot gives themessage to theaudience thatmedia is anillusion.Itbreaks theconventions ofthe perfomancebeingAuthentic butgives the banda rebelliousidentification. 28. I like theuse of closeup on thelead singerwhichemphasisesthe issuesaddressedin the song. 29. The useof theband onstagegives itanauthenticfeel andcreatesanenergeticmood. 30. I like theuse of miseen sceneand the useof propsand theperformance all in oneplace . Thiscan be usedin my videoto save set-uptime. 31. The flooding ofgreen water addsto build up increscendo in thesong toemphasise thefrustration in thelyrics at America.I like the varieduse of wideshots and closeups used in thevideo. 32. I like theuse oflightning inthe musicvideo onthedrummersface.