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Music Video Pitch “Name of Song” Producer: George Bryant

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  • Music Video Pitch

    “Name of Song”

    Producer: George Bryant

  • Treatment

    An elderly woman is seen marking a date on a wall calendar: it appears that three weeks from now a dance is being held. A flyer is taped to the page, elaborating further: a 1940’s throwback dance.

    The woman is seen next entering a hotel ballroom. A marquee of upcoming events shows that this is the place where the dance will be held. The woman is towing an elderly man behind her, pulling him by the hand. He is visibly unwilling, dragging his feet like a child. They reach the center of the room and she turns to him. She places his hands on her waist. They begin to dance. The man is stiff and awkward. He stumbles and grumbles to himself. The woman is patient, she adjusts his movements with a smile. However, when the man continues to be in a bad mood, the woman grows frustrated. She walks away from him in the middle of a step, hiding her face in her hands. The man, alone in the middle of the room, checks himself. He breathes deeply, forces a smile, and collects his emotions. He brings his wife back gently, putting hands on both shoulders and turning her back to him. They begin again. He tries. She smiles.

  • Treatment continued

    A montage of the pair practicing their dance in their living room, sunshine spilling in through the window. The man is improving. He even begins to enjoy it. He practices by himself while he waits in line at the grocery store, prances to the mailbox, tapping his toes. He begins to ask his wife to help him practice, taking her hand and pulling her up from the couch. All the while, the days on the calendar tick by.

    One of these times, it’s the woman who is dancing roughly. She stumbles, the man grows concerned, and in a moment, the woman falls. Frightened, the man dashes for the phone. He cradles her head as he dials. Fade to black.

    We see the calendar. The dance is in three days. The woman is tucked in with a blanket on the couch. She is still weak and sickly-looking, but it is evident that she is being well cared for. The man stands before her, practicing the dance alone. She laughs kindly at him, looking silly with his arms outstretched around an invisible partner, and offers advice.

  • Treatment continued

    Finally, the day of the dance arrives. The man adjusts his bowtie in the hall mirror as the woman walks in weakly. She keeps one hand on the wall to balance herself. The man smiles and takes her arm.

    The couple are at the dance. The ballroom is full of cheerful elderly couples, dancing and drinking. Our couple sits at a table. They are looking around the room, at the dancers and the band. The man looks quizzically at the woman. She smiles weakly and tries to stand. He helps her up and leads her to the dance floor. She clings to him tightly. They begin their dance, but it’s different. They stand more closely together; he is helping her. They complete their dance. The man got every move right. They stand holding each other in the middle of the floor, beaming at each other. The man leans down and kisses his wife.


  • Album Sales

    No stranger to record Sales

    Debut Album +(2011 plus)

    - Hit No. 1 at the billboard top 100- Reach the 1 million mark in 2012

    Last Album X(2014)

    - Hit No. 1 at the billboard top 100- Reach the 2 million mark in 2012 in the

    U.S alone.

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  • Target Audience

    - Ed Sheeran Target Audience ranges from young teenagers to middle-aged women.

    - This is because of his age and what the songs relate to.

  • Product Placement

    Walter Steiger

    A shoe company since 1932, is especially known for being innovative, colorful, and unique with designs, while still being high quality and sought-after.

    Due to the style, presentation and story of the video, and the positive influence that Ed Sheeran has using using Staiger shoes as a product placement in the video, will be a perfect fit.

  • Product PlacementOmega Watches

    Founded in 1848, Omega Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Biel/Bienne.

    Time affects our characters in the story of our video, whether it will be a place they have to go to, or a close by deadline, it will not feel out of place if one of our characters simply looks at the time and has an Omega watch.

  • Look of the film (Movement).

    - The feel and look of the film would be built up from multiple elements.

    - The camera style of David O’Russell matches the style of camera movement that we’re aiming for.

    - A fair mix between documentary esque camera shake and traditional, more locked down motion, this allows a good range of techniques to allow our audience to feel part of the scene while still selling the emotional moments.

  • Look of the film (Lighting).

    - For the lighting, staying consistent with David O’Russell, we’d like to use the style used in “American Hustle” (2013) as an example.

    - Mixing elements of natural-soft, low contrast (generally), and slightly warm lighting at the scenes in the house, with more dramatic, slightly more contrasty lighting in the scenes at the ballroom.

  • Look of the film (Framing).

    -We’d like to visit themes from the opening scene of “Up” (2009). Throughout the scene, multiple shots are shown, and then revisited later to show progression in time or of an element in the film.

    -We’d like to do the same thing, by establishing significant shots from the start to revisit later and show progression of an plot element.

  • Look of the film (characters and costuming)

    This couple is one that is very close. They have been together for a very long time and love each other dearly. They make each other laugh and have fun times. They dress in soft colors, with the man being more practical and the woman a little more whimsical and bright.

  • Look of the film (Living Room)The couple's’ house is very warm and it is very evident that they have lived there for a long time. There are layers of memories on the

    shelves, pieces that vary in age from when they were children to the present. The decorations are patterned and eccentrically whimsical to match the woman’s personality. The man is present in the room in the practical furniture. There are also visual hints that the woman was a dancer when she was younger, giving her a reason to be so intent on going to the dance to relive her youth.

  • Look of the film (Dance)

    The dance that the couple attends is held in a hotel ballroom. It is modestly decorated, showing that the event was paid for locally and by the community. It is reminiscent of a dance from the 1950’s, with similar decorations, but with a more mature atmosphere, as the guests are elderly. There are tables and chairs, a band, and a large dance floor, as that is the purpose of the event.

  • I am George. I am a film student at Full Sail University. I hold the producer position due to my prior experience in this position. My goal is to travel the world working in the sound department of Film. I want to experience the world through creating documentaries and various other films in exotic locations.