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Music Video Analysis Hussein Hudda

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1. Music Video AnalysisHussein Hudda 2. The music video starts off in a remote desert. With the performers signing,this shows a utopian experience as they have two nice cars and seem to beenjoying themselves. The camera angle shown of the two cars in an Arielshot, this can enhance the idea that they are alone. 3. They then meet a pretty girl who is with an ugly older man, this shows the typicalrepresentation of women; that they are pretty and cant take care of them self, the twoperformers look at the woman so they get kicked out of the restaurant she is in by herboyfriend. The camera angle of the woman is an extreme close up which shows her facialfeatures, we can see she is wearing makeup but at the same time she is naturally pretty,this shows that she is vein and showing off her body to the two men while serving them.This identifies with Laura Mulveys Male Gaze Theory, that women in the media areportrayed in a provocative and sexual manner aimed primarily at a male audience. 4. Towards the end of the narrative the woman gets into the car of her boyfriend andleaves the two men behind. This shows she was just playing around with the men forfun. This portrays her as a care free person who is very vein as she made two menchase after her even though she wanted to go back to her boyfriend at the end. This isa stereotypical representation of women; that they are vein.One of the performer then takes the girl in the car and the two men race with her.This again relates back to the utopian theory as they are care-free and having funwith no one to tell them to slow down or not have fun. The way the woman isstanding and what she is wearing is very provocative as her stomach is showing aswell as her upper legs, she is also revealing her body shape and holding her hands upin a care free way, this is how women are usually represented in the media ; as sexualbeings for a male audience. 5. This image shows the man is driving and the woman is standing and enjoying the drive.The man is driving has he is portrayed as the care-taker, the woman cant handle todrive or take care of herself so she sits in the passenger seat as women are portrayedas inferior to men.Here, the woman is the centre of the image, making the audience look at her legs, thisshows her as a sexual being who is made to look at by a male audience. 6. The next image shows the three people walking along the train track, the woman iswalking in the middle, between the two men, this symbolises that she is beingprotected by the men which is a stereotypical representation of women, that they needto be protected by men.This image shows the woman is now leaning on the car in a provocative way whichentices the male audience to gaze at her, as Laura Mulvey suggested the male gaze.This is enhanced by the fact that she is wearing a short skirt and and a short sleeve tshirt. 7. They then meet a pretty girl who is with an ugly older man, this shows thetypical representation of women; that they are pretty and cant take care ofthem self, the two performers look at the woman so they get kicked out of therestaurant she is in by her boyfriend.This image shows an entirely new girl who has not been seen before, she looks atthe men and twirls her hair, the two men then look at each other and thenarrative ends. This could mean that women are juts objects that come and gofrom men's lives and they have to real value, they are just nice to look at.