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Transcript of Music Production with Ableton Live 10 Music Academy - Music...¢  If you do not own Ableton...

  • Music Production with Ableton Live 10 Our production courses will empower your knowledge about the production process and how it directly relates to music creation. You will know and progressively understand the steps to create a professional music work, receiving your guidance from a team of internationally recognized producers and musicians who will take you through the modern music production processes.

    This is not a MOOC. These are a live online courses that allow you to interact directly with your instructor during the class sessions.

    In our courses, you will explore some of the most powerful and useful features available in modern music production software: Audio recording and editing, MIDI programming, effects processing, loop creation and editing, mixing, state-of-the-art audio manipulation, live performing and many others, all meant to be a springboard for those who are new to DAWs. We will provide you with a strong knowledge base for the use of Ableton Live 10 which will allow you to take your musical ideas from the basic sketch to a finished recording. The course breaks down the many barriers of entry into music technology and encourages all those who wish to create fearlessly.

  • Ableton Live 10 – All in One Course

    Commitment: 6 days / 24 hours. Language: English and Spanish. 12 lessons

    LESSON 1: System Requirements + Setup Live 10 Installation & Update Hardware specs: Computer (Mac & PC) Audio Interface MIDI Controller Setting Preferences (Introduction): Layout looks Audio Link / MIDI File / Folder Library Record / Warp Launch Tab

    LESSON 2: Basic Workflow Topics Basic workflow topics: Showing / Hiding elements Working with Knobs / Sliders / Boxes General Editing Commands Menus Info View & Help View ABLETON LIVE 10: The Views THE SESSION VIEW: Clip Slot Grid Tracks & Scenes Scene Launcher The Mixer THE ARRANGEMENT VIEW: Relation between the Session and Arrangement Views The Arrangement Mixer CLIP VIEW DEVICE VIEW THE BROWSER CONTROL BAR: Tempo & Time Transport, Recording, Automation Punch-in/Out Arrangement Loop Mode Switches REMOTE CONTROL: Using MIDI Using the Computer Keyboard

    LESSON 3: Clips, Recording & Basic Editing Clips & Tracks: Creating Tracks Audio Tracks MIDI Tracks Importing contents Understanding Audio Clips Organization Recording: Recording in Session View Recording in Arrangement View Capture MIDI Overdubbing: Overdubbing in Session View Overdubbing in Arrangement View Recording Automation Scenes Arrangement View: Recording from Session into Arrangement Back to Arrangement Navigation a& Selection Grid Spacing Locators Time Signature Changes Editing: Arrangement Editing Automation Editing Fades Exporting Audio

  • Ableton Live 10 – All in One Course

    LESSON 4: Clips Properties of Clips: The Clip Box The Launch Box Sample / Notes Editing Multiple Clip Parameters MIDI Clips: Editing MIDI Clips Adjusting the Grid Notes & Velicity MIDI Editing Tools Quantization Step Rec Program Change Importing / Exporting MIDI Audio Clips: Basic Sample Controls Warping Warp Settings Advanced Clip Settings Clip Modulation MIDI Controller Envelopes Unlinked Clip Envelopes: Audio to MIDI: Creation of MIDI tracks from Audio sources

    LESSON 5: Tracks & Signal Routing The Master Track Return Tracks Group Tracks Audio Routing: Submixing Multing Resampling Virtual Outputs External Outputs Advanced MIDI Routing (optional)

    LESSON 6: INSTRUMENTS & AUDIO EFFECTS: Introduction Device Types Using Devices: Installing a Device from the Browser to tracks The Device View Insert vS. Send/Return: The Basics Return Effects Presets Hot-Swapping Racks: Rack Basics Chains Macros Zones Freeze Flatten

    LESSON 7: INSTRUMENTS (pt. 2) Live's Instruments: About internal processing: Filters Modulation LFOs & Envelopes Global Parameters Impulse Simpler Sampler Operator Wavetable AAS Instruments: Electric (Mallet, Fork, Damper, Pickup, etc.) Tension (Excitator, Damper, String, etc.) Analog (Oscillators & Noise /Filters, Amplifiers, Envelopes) Collision (Excitators, Resonators) Drum Rack


    EQ & Filters: EQ Eight EQ Three Auto Filter

    Dynamics Processing: Compressor Gate Glue (Compressor 2) Limiter Multiband Dynamics

    Delay Reverb Modulation Distortion Miscellaneous (Amp & Cabinet, Drum Buss, etc.)


    LESSON 9: MIDI EFFECTS Arpeggiator: Style Groove Hold Offset Rate & Sync Gate Retrigger Repeats Transposition Velocity Chord Note Length Pitch Random Scale Velocity

  • Ableton Live 10 – All in One Course

    LESSON 10: REMOTE CONTROL Enabling Remote Control: Control Surface Setup Manual Controller Setup Instant Mapping (Device Controls, Clip Launchers) Remote Mapping (Mappping Browser, Remote Control Plug-ins) Dedicated MIDI controllers: Ableton Push

    LESSON 11: LIVE APPLICATIONS Warping Full Songs and long audio files: Auto-Warp (On & Off) Performance-oriented features: Performing in Session View Guide click tracks Looping Performing in Arrangement View

    LESSON 12: ADVANCED EDITING & ADDITIONAL FEATURES Grooves Clip Cutting Harnessing Follow Actions Easing your Performance Templates Working with Video: Importing Video The Video Window Warping & Looping Video Exporting Video File Management (Set & Project management) Max For Live (optional): Drum Synths, Modulators, Sequencers.

  • The Instructor


    Mastering Engineer. Professional with over 18 years in music production, sound design and audio

    mastering. Complete education program in Music Production.


    Mastering Engineer / Audio Editor / Sound Designer /Polaris Studios Corp (February 2016 – Present)

    Freelance Sound Designer / Mixing and Mastering Engineer (July 2002 – January 2016)


    ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) - Carlos Alejandro Santos Gyori - Personal ASCAP ID (as a writer):

    4743274 - IPI numbers: 820906551 (Patronym) and 820906649 (Alternative for Santos pseudonym)

    Polaris Studios Corp - Company’s ASCAP ID (as a music publishing entity): 4743275 - IPI number: 819869185

    AES (Audio Engineering Society) - Member (Associate) ID: 241298

    AMP (Association of Music Producers) - Member ID: 5242


    Apple® Certified Pro in Music Production. Platform: Logic Pro X (End User level)

    Apple® Certified Pro in Music Production. Platform: Logic Studio / Logic Pro 9 (Master Pro level)

    Apple® Certified Pro in Music Production. Platform: Logic 9 (Level Two)

    Apple® Certified Pro in Music Production. Platform: Logic Pro 9 (Level One) RECENT AUDIO ENGINEERING WORKS:

    Northbound Tread Lightly (Single)

    February 2018

    Ben Barbic Brighter Days (Album)

    April 2017

    Death Illuminate Mortem Illuminare (EP)

    April 2017

    Andru Gomez A Good Heartache (Album)

    March 2017

    Blue Z Band Cold Stab (Album)

    July 2017

    Burning Wheel Burning Wheel (Album)

    March 2017

    Faith & Fable Faith & Fable (EP) September 2016

    Keith Ochoa Water (EP) June 2016

    The Maple Bars March of Dimes (Single)

    February 2016

    The Khind Trilogy (Album) February 2016

  • Tuition / Schedule / Terms

    Tuition: Music Production: All in One Course - $ 720 per student. Maximum: 6 students per group. Full payment will be required once the full group enrollment is completed. For enrollment please go to this link: Questions? Call at (832) 472-8645 or email:

    Schedule: Other schedules could be opened depend on the demand needs: All hours are Central Time (Houston, TX) Group 1: June 11 – June 22, 2018 (M/W/F) 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Group 2: June 12 – June 28, 2018 (T/Th) 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Group 3: June 25 – July 9, 2018 (M/W/F) 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. (No lesson on June 29) Group 4: July 3 – July 19, 2018 (T/Th) 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


    Due to the depth and complexity of the subject under study, we offer a Wrap Video at the end of the course with compiled answers to a pool of questions collected from students. Students will be allowed to send 3 or 4 questions to the instructor, who will make a video featuring all the requested answers. Terms:

    Cancellations: If the instructor were to cancel a lesson for any reason, the session will be rescheduled. If the lesson is not rescheduled, it will be credited towards other course or money will be refunded. Cancellations must be made at least 48-hours in advance before the courses start. Payment from the lesson will then be credited towards the following month. If the cancellation occurs past the 48- hour deadline, then you will not be credited or refunded. Emergencies are the only exception (please see below).

    • Emergencies include sickness, family emergencies, and death in the family