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Transcript of Music photography analysis

  • 1. AS Media Studies Music photography analysis

2. The simplistic image works well with thealternative musicaudience. Although its simples you still get thestrong rock vibesthrough the dark andalmost gloomy tone ofcolour on the image. I think the image appealsto the right target audience and fits in well with the genre of musicfeatured in Mojo which is mostly rock and the simplicity of the imagesshow how its more aboutthe music then the image of the musicians. 3. To compare images the Love image of Beth Ditto looks elegantand quite artistic. Where as the NME front cover looks a lot less elegant the image is quite crude. Although NME may notbe a serious magazine as Love and do like to be more comical I do no think that this image is quite vulgar and childish. Theimage is provocative and dramatic and make a bole statementthat who cares about perfection it is about the music and that Beth Ditto is comfortable in her own skin. 4. Although this image can bethought of as quiteI think it fits in well with the RnB genre. It conveysthe image that its about themoney and not the musicwhich is quite a negative message to put out to readers. Whether thisimage is being sarcasticabout the music industry or telling the truth I am not hundred percent sure. None the less it to certainextent fits in well with the musicians genre and the type of magazine it is. 5. The playful image of Madonna in her young days the image isvery is very 80s . Fits in wellwith the style of the era. Theimage fits in perfectly for itspop genre target audience. Theimage is simple and you can seethe focus is the musician andnothing else. The childishplayful feel come from the wayMadonna is sat and the use ofthe lollipop prop. I think it is a timeless image that conveysthe era and the most popularmusic type of the timeperfectly. 6. The vibrant and eye catching image of MIA works well with the alternative and dance music genre. The image is bold andcreates a very rebellious rock chick side to this musician. Itworks perfectly for NMEs target market. The image ismemorable and makes the reader want to learn more about themusician. 7. The image is quite comical aspeople look like they are preparing for a fight. Thestrong RnB tone to the images is shown through in the style of clothing worn by themusician and the way in which they are stood. The imagemakes the statement that these musicians are willing to fightto get to the top. Although theimage is very busy I think it isperfectly fitted to the RnBgenre of the magazine. 8. The image is dramatic which draws the reader in as they want to know whyJack white is carrying Iggy Pop in such a manor. Itsbold and may give an indication of what may be discussed in the interview. Although simple it is veryrock genre toned and worksperfectly in unison with thetype of music featured inMojo. So style makes both musicians look cool andthat they are trying to bequite humorous and that they dont take themselvescompletely seriously. 9. The 3D effected used on theimage of Annie Macemphasizes the techno anddance music that is featuredin the magazine as it fits inperfectly with the style andgenre of the mag. Such a simple image is made very eye catching with the effectand its vibrancy it draws me to want to by the magazine.The way she is posed makeher look like she is going forthe more rebellious look and that she is care free. I think the image is well thoughtthrough and works perfectly for its genre. 10. Florence Walsh looksprovocative in the way she issat and the outfit she iswearing. The black creates arock chick vibe the pointybra cups shows that shetakes influence from vintage fashion and that she is fashionable. The fact she is sat on a flag may indicatethat she has broken into theUSA which is hard to do as a musician. Although itsprovocative she still lookselegant and which is reinforced by the simple make and background. I think I is perfectly tailoredfor the NME alternativemusic genre. 11. The black and white effect used on the image look sophisticated, but still gotthat grungy, rock vibe to it. The colourful lighting boltmakes the image look fromvibrant and eye catchingand thats it not all serious.This image is memorable as to use such simple effects,but still show Bowiesmajor significance in the pop rock movement of the 60s and 70s. I think itwork perfectly in unisonwith Mojos classic rock features they show mostlyin the magazine.