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Music artist background

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Page 1: Music artist background

Music artist background

Page 2: Music artist background

Beyoncé originally started out in a girl group called Destiny’s Child with Survivor, Independent woman,

Say my name etc.

They were managed by Matthew Knowles which was Beyoncé's dad who was a successful music


They then signed a record deal with Columbia Records in 1997 and their first big hit song was

featured on the Men In Black soundtrack.

They became a hit from the end of the 1990’s and then were a hit right throughout until 2005 when

they eventually split wanting to pursue solo careers.


Page 3: Music artist background

Destiny’s Child

No1. Killing time.

The writing’s on the wall

No1. Bills, bills, bills and Say my name.

8 days of Christmas

No1. 8 days.


No1. bootylicious and independent woman.

This is the remix

Destiny Fulfilled


Destiny’s Child Albums

Page 4: Music artist background

Crazy in love


B’day Deluxe edition

I am… sasha fierce

I am… sasha fierce Deluxe edition


Solo Albums (since 2006)

Page 5: Music artist background

In 2002 Beyoncé decided on a different interest to singing, she was in the film Austin Powers

and acted as Foxy Cleopatra and released her first single for the film which was “work it out” and also in the Rom-com fighting temptations

and also sung the films soundtrack.

She has since done collaborations with other artists and has become a huge name in the music industry and has just married Jay-Z in secret and had the arrival of their daughter


After Destiny’s Child

Page 6: Music artist background

Beyoncé's Album covers

Beyoncé's album covers

are all headshots or

mid-shots of her in different

settings, the majority of

them are staged in a studio with

a plain background

with beyonce being the main

attraction of the cover.

Page 7: Music artist background

The opening scene of the music video is Beyoncé on a horse in a derelict area where there is rubbish thrown

about. There then is a long shot showing the contrast in colours showing the dark black of the horse and the purity of Beyoncé in all white and white is represented as almost angelic and God-like showing superiority. It flips between

Beyoncé on a horse, Police riots running about and Beyoncé being on top of a car as if she is leading the riots. She shows the superiority of the girls by showing the Police men running around in a panic with The girls stood in

position ready for the police to come with the weapons and lions as protection fitting the theme of the song. As the

police arrive Beyoncé is central of the girls in lots of gold headwear showing she is the leader of the riot and then the music comes in which she is supported by the girls behind

her with the lyrics in the song and the stance.

Page 8: Music artist background

Beyoncé is well established through Destiny’s child from the late 90’s and has become a huge star all over the world since becoming solo and married a huge music producer and rapper and

also being in films so she is well known throughout. Her music and perfume campaigns

are advertised throughout TV adverts, Billboards and also posters such as on buses etc. which will be widely distributed now only in the UK but all

over America.

Beyoncé's marketing