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Transcript of MUSIC 1010-SU14-FERRIN ALYSE SULLIVAN Concert Review’s.

Concert Reviews

Music 1010-Su14-Ferrin

Alyse Sullivan

Concert Reviews

Sand Hollow Mayhem

One of Utahs ultimate beach party

Located in St. George, UT

Date of concert 6/14/14

Hip Hop/Rappers; name unknown

Meter: Mixed

Instrumentation: Turntablism (records, multiple sounds), and Beat box

Prices for Concert

Tickets were $23.15 with dinner or $15.00 for entering.

Was a good deal, because you could be there the hold day.


This was my first time experiencing Sand Hollow Mayhem. The mix of hip hop/rap music was a good fit for Sand Hollow people.

Something like this was a good way to start the summer.

The variety of songs was a nice mix up.

Using voice, beat boxing, and the turntablism

Was really nice to enjoy the beach, water, and concert all together.

Slaymaker Hill

Irish/Celtic Band

Located: Draper Historic Park

Date: 6/23/14

Instrumentation: Guitars, Drums, Violin, Voice, and Irish Whistle

Meter: Mixed

Upbeat Music

In the Park Concert

It was Free admission

Its always nice to go to a quite concert in the park.


Was really relaxing to go watch an Irish/Celtic Band in the outdoors.

They played a song called Drowsy Maggie

I really enjoyed the variety of songs that were played there like Drowsy Maggie; they varied by having some performers mostly do voice with some guitar in the background while others the guitars, drums, violin, and Irish Whistle. Music really completes and adds so much to every experience.


Musical/Disney musical band

Located: Salt Lake City, UT

Date: 7/8/14

Instrumentation: Voice

Meter: Mixed

In the Park Concert

It was Free admission

Fun and upbeat, mostly Disney songs.

They seamed to be well practiced and loved what they do.

My little sisters and brother would have loved to be at this concert.


I did enjoy this concert and was something different. They played a variety of Disney songs, including

The Lion King I just cant wait to be king This peace was performed well, they sang well and had a great pitch throughout the performance, they even had dancing going on in the peace as well.

The concert was good and I think a lot of Disney fans and children would have loved it. I would consider this concert to people with families and enjoy that atmosphere.

Thank you