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Transcript of Multipurpose Packaging Materials from Vishakha Polyfab

Packaging Materials

Packaging is the technology of enclosingor protecting products for distribution,storage, sale, and use.

Packaging also refers to the process ofdesign, evaluation, and production ofpackages.

Types of Packaging Materials

Vacuum Pouch

Bulk Bags Liner

Thermoforming Films

Barrier Film

Lamination films

Vacuum Pouch

Vacuum pouches are made in differentforms, different sizes and at different strengthsbased on the requirement of packing.

It is useful for packing other volatilematerials, vacuum pouches help to get themevaporated.

Bulk Bags Liner

Bulk bag barrier liner materials areproduced in different dimensions basedon the shape of the packaging material.

Thermoforming Films

A flexible thermoforming films enhancesmaximization of efficiency and quality byproviding protection of packages duringtransportation, extend shelf life as well asimproving the product presentation.

Thermoforming Films applications,including fresh and processed meats,poultry, cheese and part-baked bread.

Barrier Film

Barrier Film is a unique, multi-layerbarrier film, based on coextrusions ofpolyolefins and nylon resin film.

It is typically used for food packagingfilm, industrial packaging film and textilelamination film.

Lamination films

Laminating film is composed ofpolyester and adhesives to produce asmooth and clear lamination.

Lamination film comes in varioussizes and enables to laminate popularand cherished items such as photos,letters, menus and signs.

Vishakha Polyfab

Flexible industrial packaging made of outstanding quality, most durable andcontemporary plastic form part of the Vishakha Polyfab product range.

Vishakha Polyfab is the innovative specialist of premium quality industrialpackaging which has applications in almost every sector and field.

Vishakha Polyfab offer flexible packaging material including flexible packagingfilm, vacuum pouches, barrier films, top lidding film, flow pack films, vertical &horizontal form fill seal films, lamination films and LD base shrink wrap films.

Why to choose Vishakha Polyfab for Packaging Material?

Vishakha Polyfab offers applied advancedmanufacturing technology in the production ofpackaging materials.

We offer state-of-the-art automatic bulkpouch making technology supports forproduction of superior quality bags in shorttime.


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