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Youth Educational Center in Kamionek Wielki is reclamation and educational center for socially maladjusted boys from 12 to 18 years old

in the intelectual norm, demanding special teaching organization, methods, education and resocialization.

Our center have 55 years of experience at work with people which are disabled, socially unsuitable. We are cooparating with varied institutions

and organizations in Poland and in Europe.

Tasks of the educational center :eliminating causes and symptoms of social maladjustment prepare pupils for life in accordance with legal and social norms assisting in planning th future of education and work cooperation with the local community.

These tasks are realized through :Preparing students for professional

workeducational activitiessports, tourism, recreational and cultural activitiesindividual or group specialty classesround the clock care cooperation with organizations and public institutions.

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In the implementation of educational projects, national and european projects, programs integrating youth from different parts of the world

we are cooperating with:

Organization Via Nova Itzehoe - Germany;

High school from Kaliningrad – Russia ;

Office of the Municipal and Council Tolkmicko ;

Office of the Municipal Elbląg;

Powiatowym Centrum Pomocy Rodzinie w Elblągu;

District Family Assistance Center in Elblag;

Occupational Therapy Workshop in Elblag;

Youth Educational Center in Lidzbark Warmiński.

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The pedagogical personnel consists of 18 teachers and 28 educators. Most od us is qualified to teach 2 or more subjects /mathematics and physics, polish and english, history and geography, IT and technical education. There are also pegagogues, psychotherapists working with the youth, using high-tech biofeedback devices.

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Realization of national and European projects:

Project MEN nr 1 – 2008rModernization of educational groups .

Projekt MEN nr 2 – 2009rModernization of school, the creation of studio mixers, Computer workshop, Locksmith and welding workshop and Modelling and technical workshop Project MEN nr 3 – 2010r.

Modernization of administrative buildings and laundry Project Comenius Cura – 2010r.

Creation of 3 class with audiovisual equipment .Youth Exchange Programme „Młodość-Sprawność-Ekologia-Europa”

2005 – 2011rThe integration of young people, promoting a healthy lifestyle .

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Forms and methods of working with young people socially maladjusted :

Reclamation by science by preparing for work through sport and recreation ,by survival, by the theater by the international environmental debate ,by IT,by cycling and walking, through musical and dancing forms,through visual educationby parties and integration meetings,by creating a family atmosphere,

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Preparing for work begins with the first class gymnasium and lasts 3 years. Young people learn the following professions:

Bricklayer - painter;Locksmith - welder

Furthermore, in preparation for life after graduation, in the work of education pupils perform minor chores in the establishment / taking care of green areas/, upgrade and repair their own equipment and supplies of their educational groups. Preparing for work / theory and practice / is conducted by two teachers with adequate preparation and professional merits.

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The result of our work is not only cups, but above all a young man cping with life. Our success is also full upgrade of the center and improvment of the social - living conditions of our students.

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Participation of schools in social service:1. Spring cleaning of Warmia and Mazury;2. Tournaments ecological "Friend of the earth";3. Debates green "Eco Autumn";4. The project "Volunteering as an opportunity for active citizenship";5. Help older people;6. Charity for a girl suffering from diabetes;7. The creation of "Sailing Enthusiasts Association of the Vistula Lagoon";8. Implementation of the "creative integration";9. Organizacha Spartakiada Disability

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