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Motivating employees is one of the most important challenges managers face today. With increased competition and changing attitudes, having motivated employees is crucial to increased productivity and the ultimate success of a company. To learn more just click on on view a presentation designed and prepared by: Shaima Sharafi

Transcript of Motivate Your Employees

  • 1. Motivating Employees
    Prepared & Presented By:
    Shaima H Sharafi
  • 2. Forget Praise, Forget Punishment, Forget
    You need to make their jobs more
  • 3. H
    ighlymotivated employees are successful employees. Employees who are driven toward a goal are focused on achieving their goal. Such employees spend the majority of their resources obtaining their desired goals and thereby represent value-for-money.
    Managers who motivate their employees improve job satisfaction, employee production and performance and ultimately secure the success of their organisation.
  • 4. Motivating
    The simplest, surest and most direct ways to get
    Someone do something:
    • Ask
    • 5. Tell the employee
    • 6. Give the employee incentives
    • 7. Show the employee