Monochrome Awards 2015:Photojournalism Winners (Amateur)

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2nd Place Winner-Earthquake girlbyJan Mller Hansen(Denmark)

Monochrome Awards 2015 - Photojournalism Winners(Amateur)

1st Place Winner - Photojournalism Discovery of the Year 2015-GarumbyAntonio Gonzlez Caro(Spain)

3rd Place Winner-Immigrant sonbyGuido Guglielmelli(Italy)

Monochrome Awards 2015 - Photojournalism Honorable Mentions


title: (untitled)-Patrice Aroca

title: (untitled)-Stefano Santos

title: carrying her brother-Pradeep Raja Kannaiah

title: The 79 days umbrella revolution- Cody Wong

Title: Everybody needs a home-Daniele Tibullo

Title: Black Flags-Ibrahim El Mayet

Title: Kyoto-Ron Cooper

title: Handbags-Justin Kelly

Title: k.o.-Eric Tkindt

title: Glass and man-Aleksei Nichukin

title: Searching for the Courageous-Nathan Eckman

title: In god she trusts-Sri Harsha Meghadr

title: Light of Hope-jinwoo lee

title: Venice Kiss-Dotan Saguy

title: Greetings-Muthu Krishna

title: Sant'Agata-Riccardo Colelli

title: Right angle-Aleksei Nichukin

title: The 79 days umbrella revolution-cody wong

title: The 79 days umbrella revolution-cody wong

title: Kids On Chariot- Oliver Stegmann

title: War Landscapes- Alfredo Macchi

title: Spaccanapoli- Alessandro Cocca

title: cruisin snoozer- William West

title: The 79 days umbrella revolution-cody wong

title: Semana Santa-Ron Cooper

title: Pacu Jawi-Kajan Madrasmail

title: The Naochuntian-Xiurong Chen

title: splashed in devotion-pooja rajput

title: Striker-Claudio Bonaccorsi

title: Muay Memories-Davide Palmisano

title: The flashy whisper-Salvatore Nicastro

title: Human-jinwoo lee