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  • 1. #mongodb #mongodbdaysRun MongoDB withConfidence using MMSSam Weaver@samuel_weaverProduct Manager, MongoDB

2. Operational complexities 3. What is MMS? 4. MMS back in the day 5. What WAS the MongoDB ManagementService? Two weeks ago, the MongoDB ManagementService was a web-based tool that allowed youto Monitor and Backup your MongoDBdeployment. You created your deployment, in any size orshape, then you used MMS to Monitor orBackup your deployment. 6. What did we change? MMS is now a web-based tool that starts withyour from the beginning of your MongoDBdeployment lifecycle. Now you use MMS to build your deployment,and then continue to use MMS to manage itslifecycle (including Monitoring and Backup!) 7. Why the change?1. MMS was arriving in the users life a little lateto the party. Mistakes had already beenmade. User might already somemisconceptions or frustrations with MongoDB.2. Previous version of MMS could monitor criticaloperations (maintenance, upgrades, etc.), butnot actually help!3. Puppet/Chef/Others scripts hard to maintainbetween version releases. Lots can go wrong! 8. Customer Datacenter MongoDB DatacenterMMSAgentHTTPSHTTPS 9. Onboarding Demo 10. MMS Monitoring 11. Topology 12. Charting 13. Alerting 14. Proactive SupportMongoDB offers Proactive Support for Subscription Customers. Our engineerscan monitor your deployment and make suggestions in order to tweak forbetter performance or avoid doom. 15. MMS Backups 16. Risks Are EverywhereStoragefailuresPoweroutagesProgrammererrorHardwarefailuresAWSMandatoryRebootsDatacenterfailuresCyberattacksWeather 17. Replication Redundant copies of your data across Servers Racks Data Centers Automatic failover Tunable consistency minimizes risk Howeverprogrammer errors will replicate almostimmediately! 18. BackupsBacking up data is one way to ensure availability andlower risk. Effort is required to ensure that yourbackup system is always running and that thebackups are correct. 19. MongoDB Backup Approachesmongodump File system MMS BackupInitial complexity Medium High LowConfidence inBackupsMedium Medium HighPoint in timerecovery ofreplica setSort of No YesSystem Overhead High Can be low LowScalable No With work YesConsistentDifficult Difficult YesSnapshot ofSharded System 20. Queryable Backups Demo 21. MMS Maintenance Operations 22. The Process Applies to upgrades and most maintenance tasks Careful order of steps is critical Especially in sharded clusters! For each shard/replica set For each replica set member 23. Step 1 Stop A Secondary 24. Step 2 Restart As Standalone 25. Step 3 Perform Maintenance 26. Step 4 Restart As Member of ReplicaSet 27. Step 5 Work on Primary Last 28. Demo 29. Operations Upgrade/Downgrade Add replica member Add shard Remove shard Resize oplog 30. Roadmap On Premise version of automation just around thecorner Further support for cloud & virtualizationtechnologies suggestions welcome! 31. Resources MMS MMS On-Premise Available for evaluation 32. #mongodb #mongodbdaysThank YouSam Weaver@samuel_weaverProduct Manager, MongoDB