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Mongo DB & Healthcare. Charles Boicey, MS, RN-BC Informatics Solutions Architect UC Irvine Health June 6, 2013. Early Work with MongoDB in Healthcare January – July 2011. Continuity of Care Document Storage and Retrieval Demographics Patient Name Medical Record Number Date of Birth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mongo DB & Healthcare

Mongo DB & HealthcareCharles Boicey, MS, RN-BCInformatics Solutions ArchitectUC Irvine HealthJune 6, 2013

Early Work with MongoDB in Healthcare January July 2011Continuity of Care Document Storage and RetrievalDemographicsPatient NameMedical Record NumberDate of BirthAddressMedicalAllergies and adverse reactionsProblemsMedicationsDiagnostic results

Solution IngredientsStorage and queryingNoSQL/Simple/Schema-less databaseAdvantageshighly scalable, very flexible, simpleMongoDBRepresentationJSONConnectivitynode.jsServer side JavascriptUser InterfaceLucene

MongoDBnode.jsmongodbdriver ClientJavaScriptXML toJSONNaveen Ashish, PhDMappyHealthBrian Norris, MBA, RN-BCCharles Boicey, MS, RN-BCMark Silverberg, MIS Student at GWUNow Trending 2012 Challenge WinnersOffice of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR)Utilized technology from non-healthcare domain to build a healthcare application

ASPR Now Trending 2012 ChallengeUse open source Twitter dataCreate a web based application that will automatically deliver a list of the top-five trending illnesses from a specified geographic area in a twenty-four hour period.Send directly to state and local public health practitioners to use in a variety of ways including: building a baseline of trend data;engaging the public on trending health topics; serving as an indicators of potential health issues emerging in the population;cross-referencing other data sources.MappyHealth


Tweets related to two events. The first a 3 year old with severe Meningitis in south AmericaThe second a meningitis death in the United StatesNCIRE researcher dies from apparent lab-acquired meningitis infection | Outbreak NewsCalif. lab worker dies after meningitis infection - A 25-year-old laboratory researcher has died after becoming infeSocial Noise ZoneMeningitis heat map of tweets by location in the United States

US and Canada Meningitis Tweet Activity Sept 19th to Oct 19th, 2012Meningitis qualifier frequency

Meningitis Tweet Qualifier Activity September 19th, 2012 to October 19th, 2012Finding using Arabic term for embassy

This tweets was posted by screen name CaStRoO to twitter using facebook with a link to an article about the Turkey embassy bombing -

Finding using term bomb with text containing make a & school


US Turkey Embassy ExplosionFireworks Explosion Chinese Highway Kills 26 Spike in tweets about Department of State

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry Addresses Nation HerokuMongoDbSimple but powerful modular pipeline Realtime TweetsTerm MatchingHighly Scalable on Amazon EC2 Sentiment AnalysisLocation AnalysisStatistical AnalysisGraphical Interface UpdatesWebserver PresentationWhile initially focused on Twitter data this is only the beginning and so much more can be done with other social data setsMashupLayerSeparate from Heroku for Security PurposesCacheLayerTech StuffAmazon LinuxMongoDB 2.2Ruby 1.8.7MongoMapperRuby Gem

Tweets from Twitter API + Tweet Analysis + Metadata stored in MongoDBAbout 12 MapReduce patterns written in JS and wrapped with Ruby so server daemons can easily invoke themWeb interface queries the collections the MapReduce jobs output to. Results are cashed/MongoDB not hit for each session.

More Tech Stuff# Invocation:"field_to_analyze")class MapReduceSimpleCounts def "function(){attr = this.#{str};emit(attr,1);}" end def self.reduce "function(prev, current) {var count = 0;for (index in current) { count += current[index]; } return count; } " end def = "place.full_name", query = {}) Tweet.collection.map_reduce(map(str), reduce, :query => query, :out => {:replace => "count_by_#{str}"}) endend

Sentiment AnalysisThe application of natural language processing, computational linguistics and text analytics to identify and extract subjective information. What is being said about a person or about an organization. Sentiment can be positive or negative.Early identification of negative sentiment allows an organization to respond immediately and avoid being blindsided. Positive sentiment allows for marketing opportunities.

A Few NumbersTwitter500 million tweets per day and climbing.

More from Twitter, Instagram & Foursquare

Social MediaEngagement/Surveillance DashboardSentiment AnalysisHealthcare: Patients & UCIResearch: Exercise PhysiologyCross Domain