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  • Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Apps

    What works for you?

    Kavita Jhunjhunwala | [email protected]

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  • Key Points

    State of the Mobile Web5 Reasons for Mobile WebsitesMobile Website Success StoriesMobile Websites | Industries BenefitedImpact of Mobile Apps5 Reasons for Mobile AppsMobile Apps Success StoriesMobile Apps | Industries Benefited


  • State of the Mobile Web

  • travel / restaurant searches result in purchase



  • mobile users use mobile devices forshopping



  • mobile searches result in purchase or visit



  • Browsing websites on

    mobile is tough!


  • Mobile website makes a

    lot of sense


  • Reasons for

    Mobile Websites



  • Mobile Websites | Benefits

    Universal compatibilityQuick to developInstant updatesExcellent reach with mobile SEOFast access for visitors


  • Mobile Website

    Success Stories

  • Marina Bay Sands


  • Website allowed guests book rooms.Site was fully optimized for smartphones.Why mobile site: Universal compatibility with all types of smartphones.

    Marina Bay Sands


  • Singapore Post


  • Website offers information on POPStation.

    Visitors can vote on new POPStation locations.

    Why mobile site: It would be troublesome for visitors to download an app just for some information.

    Singapore Post - POPStation


  • Singapore Polytechnic


  • Blog is optimized for latest versions of leading mobile operating systems.

    Google Analytics code integrated into blog.

    Why mobile site: Integrating Google Analytics into the blog allowed site administrators to track unique visits.

    Singapore Polytechnic - Buzz


  • Industries that Benefit from

    Mobile Websites

  • Mobile Websites | Industries Benefited

    Online retailersHotels/RestaurantsGyms/Fitness Centres
  • Impact of Mobile Apps

  • mobile users would scan mobile tags to get discount coupons



  • smartphone owners use their mobile devices to shop



  • mobile apps developed in the last 3 years



  • Reasons for

    Mobile Apps



  • Mobile Apps | Benefits

    Accessing device-specific featuresOffline accessSmooth performanceLong-term user engagementSteady revenue through micro-transactions


  • Mobile Apps

    Success Stories

  • App allows users to instantly report fires and natural disasters.

    Every message is stored in back-end database.

    Why mobile app: It allowed citizens to quickly ask for assistance in times of need, with a single tap.

    Singapore Civil Defence Force


  • App allows visitors to browse through list of available discounts and special offers.

    Offers are sorted according to location of dealer.

    Why mobile app: It allowed retailers to send offers to customers, when they were close to the retail stores.



  • App allows service buyers and service providers to connect.

    All payments handled securely through the app.

    Why mobile app: LUCKiLINK uses GPS to inform buyers about local service providers, which can only be done with app.



  • Users can submit data through forms.

    App specifically supports iPAD.

    Why mobile app: Users needed to create forms and submit data on the move, and could only do so comfortably on an iPad native app.

    Fuji Xerox


  • Mobile Apps | Industries Benefited

    B2B enterprisesOnline booking agenciesGame developers
  • Let s Recap

    Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Apps

    Support all platformsDevelop quicklyUpdate instantlyGain SEO benefitsMonetize with bannersUse device-specific featuresOffline accessSmooth performanceBetter graphicsMonetize with micro-transactions


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