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Health Data Initiatives & Patient Engagement - Lessons from HIMSS

Mobile health trendsJohn Sharp, Senior ManagerHIMSS Personal Connected Health AllianceApril 19, 2016

Millennials as Parents

MillennialsDigital NativesFacebook and beyondTexting, Instagram, SnapchatOnline Gaming

Time Magazine Survey

HIMSS Connected Health Survey 2016

Convenience AppsOnline schedulingBill payingWayfindingPrescription renewals (through portal)Secure messaging to clarify medications, test results (avoid phone tag, through portal)eVisits, Telemedicine to avoid ER visits

Boston ChildrensDisCo, a Discharge Communication Platform sends families either a text message or an email with 3 questions within 24 hours of discharge.

National ChildrensWhy Do Patients Not Use Portals?Did not know it was availablePhysician never spoke to me about itChallenging groups (children, adolescents, elderly, mental illness)Confusing user interfaceNot compelling enough

Children's Health, Dallas, TXRemote patient monitoring post-transplantUsing a tablet to connect to devices and transmit data to the medical team (blood pressure, weight, O2 stats)Eliminates visits 2x per weekAlso can be used for patient education

Geisinger Medical CenterUsing the MyChart portal as the center of the customer experienceBuilding/buying tools integrated to reduce the administrative time at appointments Medication reconciliation by patients prior to appointments

Carolinas Health System*NEW*View doctor's notes and radiology reports (Open Notes)*NEW*Track your health with the new MyCarolinas Tracker app

Giving patients access to their health data

I want to leave you with 4 take aways which represent some principles HIMSS is trying to achieve11

Kaisers ExperienceSecure Email Supports Improved Outcomes And Patient-Centered CarePatient Portal Use Positively Impacts Patient Loyalty To The Health Plan And Member SatisfactionEvidence Of A Relationship Between Secure Email And Other Kinds Of Utilization Is MixedEven With The Best Intentions, E-Health Disparities Can Emerge

Feedback from Kaiser Patientsmore in control over their medical condition;they had access to information and access to the people they needed to consult; and,more confident, less intimidated, and closer to their physician.

Use of TextingWhy texting?Common use among millennials more likely to readLower income populations may not have smart phone but do have texting One-way texting health reminder messagesTwo way texting ask for a brief response

Texting examplesText4Baby free app to pregnant women and new mothers about health reminders based on the stage of pregnancy or the babys age. user can set up appointment reminders and watch informative videos. Used by almost 1 million moms. One study showed significant positive change in attitudes about prenatal health behaviors.

Texting ExampleMetroHealth Medical Center, ClevelandDirect Messaging to Parents/Guardians to Improve Adolescent Immunizations TeleVox Software Inc. 39% increase in vaccination rates for adolescents.

Text messages reduce emergency room visits for low income patients with diabetes

study of 128 patients, published in the Annals of Emergency MedicineSelf-reported medication adherence did improve significantly in the intervention group, however, and actually got worse in the control group94 percent reporting they enjoyed the messages and 100 percent saying they would recommend them to a friend

Text2Move for Diabetes - Partners

Significant lowering of HA1cKvedar, The Internet of Healthy Things

Where to find reviews of health apps?

Mt. Sinai Asthma App

Health Apps for Kids

Games to motivateType 1 DiabeticsDeveloping good habits of checking their blood sugar regularly or bolusing insulin with mealsRewards and social competitionCreator Jen Dyer, MD, pediatric endocrinologist in Columbus

Social MediaSample topicsYour Children Not Sleeping? It Might Be YOUCandy Or Medicine? Safe Medicine StorageHPV Vaccine Decreases HPV Infections!Dayton - Dr. Mom Squad link to this great content from Facebook

FacebookUsed frequently by new parents to share photosFeature videos and your latest blogs, not just eventsGrow numbers by advertising in the hospital and clinics

HIMSS Book of the year 2014


New HIMSS BookParticipatory Healthcare: A Person-Centered Approach to Healthcare Transformation Available in JuneMy chapter Programs that work to promote partnership and engagement

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