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Volume 2, Number 3 • May / June 2011 Bringing The Community Together Mira Mesa • Sorrento Valley • MCAS Miramar

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Mira Mesa Living May/June issue

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Volume 2, Number 3 • May / June 2011

Bringing The Community TogetherMira Mesa • Sorrento Valley • MCAS Miramar

Page 2: MML May/Jun

This issue takes us through another two months of covering life in ourgreat community. There is so much happening; it’s been tough to cram itall into these 24 pages. It is almost like we need more space (hint:foreshadowing alert).

Spring is arguably our favorite time of year. After a soggy March, we areseeing more flowers in bloom. The weather is warming up. We can smelldelicious food on our neighbors’ grills. Our children are having more funoutdoors later into the day because of the extended daylight hours.

In this issue we focus on a lot of things that make us happy. That includesathletics at every level, expanding our cultural awareness and watchingkids use MML as a learning resource. Basically, it all comes down topeople in our community doing some amazing things like countless yearsof volunteer work or overcoming deadly obstacles to become a mentor forpeople raising money for cancer research. We also can’t forget to mentionthe hard work put in by high school and college students who graduate inMay and June. That is no easy task and they need to be commended.

Besides the quality information you have come to expect from the pagesof Mira Mesa Living, we are trying some new things in this issue as far asour design and layout. We hope you like some of the changes which arean attempt to spruce things up a bit. Please let us know what you think,whether positive or negative.

As always, there are so many ways to reach us.

To Advertise – [email protected] submit your articles, news and events – [email protected] Contact the Publisher – [email protected] Join Mira Mesa Cultural Cooperative – [email protected]

Life in Mira Mesa is good, and it’s only going to get better as the springturns into summer. Surely, you agree. We will see you on the streets livingin Mira Mesa.

Sincerely,The Staff at Mira Mesa Living

Leah R. Singer, Writer – Ms. Singer is a freelance writer and blogs aboutfamily, motherhood, traditions, cooking andother such topics. She earned a master’s degreein communication andbachelor’s degree injournalism and politicalscience, both from SanDiego State University. Ms.Singer enjoys living in MiraMesa with her husband,daughter, and animal family.Read more about her

Steve Nicoles, Editor – Mr. Nicoles worked for nearly a decade as aprofessional television news reporter. He bringsthat experience along with several journalismawards including a regionalEmmy ™ to Mira MesaLiving. As a graduate of SanDiego State University, Mr.Nicoles is excited to beliving and working in SanDiego while focusing onone of the city’s mostdiverse and uniqueneighborhoods.

Michelle Tsai, Publisher – Ms. Tsai holds an MBA with an emphasis infinance and a BA in marketing from Universityof San Diego. She has lived in the Mira Mesaneighborhood for nearly a decade. In that timeshe has joined severalcommittees includingserving as Vice President ofthe Mira Mesa Chamber ofCommerce. Ms. Tsaibelieves her strengthsinclude connecting peopleand groups and buildinglong-standing relationshipsin the community.

Welcometo the latest edition of Mira Mesa Living!

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Mira Mesa

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Mira MesaVolunteerof the Year

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Running For His Life




Front Cover Photography: Ron Moralez •

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- Mira Mesa Living Jul/Aug issue!

Street Fair Program (map, vendors and performance) - Mira Mesa Living Sep/Oct issue!


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By: Leah Singer

We all enjoy reading magazines and periodicals forpleasure and information. But used as a teachingtool? That concept is being explored by a MasonElementary teacher with the magazine you arereading now – Mira Mesa Living.

Debbie Campbell is an English Learner SupportTeacher (ELST) who works with students whosefirst language is not English. As well as teaching stu-dents, Campbell helps parents, teachers, adminis-tration and staff with the implementation of strate-gies to help students successfully use the Englishlanguage and succeed academically.

Campbell had the idea to bring Mira Mesa Livinginto the classroom as a way to help her students learnEnglish while learning about their community.

“My expectations were to letthe children see and becomefamiliar with Mira Mesa Living(MML) since I felt many hadnot seen it; have them use it byreading the articles, sharingwithin the class with a partner;notice that all the informationwas about Mira Mesa, SorrentoValley, and MCAS Miramar;then be able to take MMLhome and share it with theirfamilies,” said Campbell.

Campbell used MML for her intersession students,comprised of 48 students within the third, fourthand fifth grades. She encouraged students to payattention to events – the dates and times, who wasinvolved, where they took place and what the costwould be (if any). Students were asked to useMML to research a community hero.

Even items such as advertising and coupons weretreated as teaching tools. The students noticed thenumber of businesses that were participating inMML. Campbell asked the students to locate par-ticular coupons (such as restaurant coupons), andthen find a copy of the restaurant menu on theinternet or by visiting the site. Students were askedto imagine they were ordering from the restaurantand then determine how they use the coupon thatwas in the MML.

This lesson taught math skills; adding up severalitems, dividing by number of people, making surethey had read what the coupon required, and tounderstand how a coupon is used correctly. Thefourth and fifth grade students used taxes and per-centage as well.

Campbell believes using a community publicationlike Mira Mesa Living made the students excitedabout a different way of learning.

“They immediately began looking through [the mag-azine] and noticed several articles such as the MiraMesa High Marauders and the Taste of Mira Mesa,”Campbell said. “But of course the most importantwas the monthly letter from the Mason ElementaryPrincipal which was in the publication.” She furthernotes that one student had mentioned they hadseen MML at a yogurt shop, but they had notpicked it up because they didn’t know what it was.

Campbell was thrilled to see the students so excit-ed to take home their copies of MML. Studentswere encouraged to share the magazine with theirfamilies and even use some of the coupons.

Campbell , who has been with Mason Elementaryfor six years, has plans to continue using MML inher ELS classes. Said Campbell, “It helped the stu-dents look at the parts of articles: title, author, sub-ject and main idea. It gave them a little moreknowledge about their surrounding community.”

Local Elementary School Finds New Way of Teaching

Photo: Ron Moralez,

Page 4: MML May/Jun

Mira Mesa Living

Get Involved with the CityCouncil Redistricting Process

By: Bari Vaz, Mira Mesa Town Council

Every ten years, following therelease of the Census results, theCity of San Diego redefines theboundaries of its City Council dis-tricts to adjust for populationincreases. This year’s process willalso include expansion of the num-ber of districts from eight to nine, asa result of voters approving the“strong mayor” form of governmentin June, 2010. This is the first timeSan Diego has added a new councildistrict since the 1960s.

For much of the past, the process ofredistricting had been handled bythe City Council members them-selves. But in 2000, the city createdits first Redistricting Commission tooversee the process. A commissionof seven members from the com-munity will review the census data,

take input from the residents of SanDiego and define the boundaries ofthe nine City Council districts. TheCommission meets at 4 pm on thefirst and third Thursday of themonth. In May, June and July therewill be a series of public hearings totake input from residents about dis-trict boundaries. Their final pro-posed plan will be published inAugust.

For the 2010 redistricting process,the “ideal” district will have a popu-lation of 145,267 people. Thismeans that Mira Mesa, with a pop-ulation of approximately 73,000,will comprise about half of the CityCouncil district in which it is includ-ed. What are your thoughts on howMira Mesa’s new district should bedesigned?

Get Involved! Participate in theCity Council Redistricting process.


Rancho Penasquitos

Mira Mesa

Miramar MCAS


Together, we can Keep San Diego Moving.

Imagine the I-15 Express Lanes with 20 miles of congestion-free travel…in both directions…24 hours a day…7 days a week!

This vision of the I-15 Express Lanes will soon be a reality. But completing the I-15 Express Lanes will require construction that could affect your commute.

Beginning Monday, April 11, the northbound SR 163 entrance to the I-15 Express Lanes is closing for about three months. Northbound SR 163 motorists should use a new entrance to the I-15 Express Lanes, just south of Miramar Way.

Save time. Stay safe.Visit: for directional maps, construction alerts, or to sign up for construction e-mail alerts.

Call: (866) 890-1397 for the toll-free construction hotline that is updated daily with the latest I-15 construction information.

Northbound SR 163 Entrance to I-15 Express Lanes Closes for Three Months!

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Give Mira Mesa the Voice it Deserves at City Hall!By: Mitz Lee

There has never been a betteropportunity for our communityto gain a stronger voice in SanDiego politics. The recent censushas confirmed what many of usin the Asian and PacificAmerican community have longknown - our population in MiraMesa and the surrounding com-munities has increased dramati-cally over the past ten years, faroutpacing projections. With thisincreasing population comes agrowing need for better repre-sentation at City Hall.

One of the RedistrictingCommission’s most importanttasks is to attempt to unite “com-munities of interest” into theirown city council districts. MiraMesa and the surrounding com-munities of Rancho Peñasquitos,Miramar Key West and KearnyMesa constitute the perfect exam-

ple of the type of natural commu-nity of interest the commissionneeds to focus on when drawingnew district boundaries.Neighborhoods like ours thatalready function as a cohesive unitwith similar demographics, alongwith shared transportation andinfrastructure, police and fire-fight-ing resources and school systemsshould be grouped together inone district.

Currently, our communities aresplit among three different coun-cil districts, and as a result, ourpriorities are not necessarilyreflected by three separate coun-cil members, each of whom cur-rently represents very diverseand geographically sprawling dis-tricts.

As residents of these communities,we must make our voices heardand communicate our strongdesire to be united under one

council district so that our priori-ties and needs can be better metby the city. We can each do ourpart by taking a few minutes tocontact the RedistrictingCommission. Our 100,000+ voic-es cannot be ignored.

There are easy ways to showyour support for the creation of anew council district with MiraMesa at its center:

1. Email the RedistrictingCommission: [email protected]

2. Call the RedistrictingCommission: 619-533-3060

3. Attend the upcomingRedistricting Commissionmeetings: for a completeschedule of the meetingdates, times and locations,visit

Page 5: MML May/Jun

This year the Mira Mesa Town Council will host the 37th Annual MiraMesa Fourth of July Celebration. It is one of our community’s longestrunning traditions, and it is completely funded through the efforts ofhundreds of volunteers and donations from local companies andresidents.

This year, the Fourth of July festivities will fill an entire day:

7:00 AM - Pancake Breakfast at the Epicentre11:00 AM - Family Fun Day at the Park begins

Mira Mesa Community Day11:30 AM - Mira Mesa Fourth of July Parade -

Mira Mesa Blvd from Greenford Drive to Mira Mesa Community Park

9:00 PM - Fireworks Extravaganza, with accompanying music broadcast on KYXY

Donations for the Fourth of July may be made online, by mail or deposited at anybranch of U.S. Bank.


Mail: Mira Mesa Fourth of JulyP.O. Box 261264San Diego, CA 92196-1264(make checks payable to “Scripps-Mesa Fireworks”)

Mira Mesa Town CouncilFourth of July Celebration

Upcoming Town Council Meetings:

Dates: May 2 and June 6

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Location: Verne Goodwin Mira Mesa Senior Center (8460 Mira Mesa Blvd, next to Epicentre)

Donations can be made at any local branch of U. S. Bank(Make donations directly into our U. S. Bank account, titled "Scripps MesaFireworks, Inc. acct #153469297672, opened at the Mira Mesa Albertsons Branch,10740 Westview Parkway)

Corporate Sponsorships are available, and donations of goods and materials (food and water for volunteers, convertibles for the parade, etc.) are also needed.Corporate sponsorship information can be obtained by contacting Bari Vaz at 858-342-2033 or [email protected]

Page 6: MML May/Jun

Mira Mesa Living

Source: Pacifica Institute

Marbling is the art of creating color-ful patterns by sprinkling and brush-ing color pigments on a pan of oilywater and then transforming thispattern to paper. The special toolsof the trade are brushes of horse-hair bound to straight rose twigs, adeep tray made of unknottedpinewood, natural earth pigments,cattle gall and tragacanth. It isbelieved to be invented in the thir-teenth century Turkistan. This deco-rative art then spread to China,India, Persia and Anatolia. Seljukand Ottoman calligraphers andartists used marbling to decoratebooks, imperial decrees, official cor-

respondence and documents. Newforms and techniques were perfect-ed in the process and Turkeyremained the center of marbling formany centuries. Up until the1920's, marblers had workshops inthe Beyazit district of Istanbul, cre-ating for both the local andEuropean market, where it isknown as Turkish marble paper.

No one knows for certain when theart of Ebru began, but there is someevidence that it was an art practicedin Samarkand in the 13th century. Itis mentioned later in eastern Persia, inthe Herat region, in the 14th century.As information was exchangedbetween cultures, the art of Ebru

spread east to westalong the Silk Roadtrade routes. Theroots of the wordEbru are thought tocome from eitherabru (a watery sur-face) or ebri (cloud-like). As the art spreadthrough Anatolia, iteventually becameEbru. In the Ottomanera, like many arts,Ebru was not taughtthrough written instruction. Instead,students served in an apprentice sys-tem and artists spent years, and oftentheir entire lifetime, fully masteringthe art. Ottoman sultans and courtofficials used Ebru as the backgroundfor state documents in part due tothe aesthetic appeal, but also as away to detect falsified documents.This is much the same as the intricatedesigns on modern-day currency thatare intended to prevent forgeries.

To begin the basic marbling process,the tragacanth liquid is preparedand put into the basin. The dyes areprepared and readied for use byadding bile. Then each of the dyesto be used is sprinkled onto the liq-uid with the brushes. The artist canadjust the colors and create the pat-terns they want. When the designsof the dyes are finished, a sheet ofpaper the same size as the basin isplaced on top of the water. Thepaper is then removed, with thepattern adhering to it. This is left todry, and the basin is prepared forthe next design. Hundreds of sheetsof marbled paper can be preparedusing the same basin and liquid, buteventually the dyes will becomegrainy. When this happens, dyesprepared with turbot bile instead ofox bile are added to the center ofthe basin until they have spreadover the entire surface. Paper isplaced on this design, and the finalEbru from the tray is called “sandmarbling” or “fishbone marbling.”

In addition to the basic method ofmarbling an entire piece of paper,there is written marbling. This par-ticular style of Ebru combines mar-bling and calligraphy. On a blankpiece of paper, the calligrapher willwrite out the work using a reed penthat is dipped in glue instead ofdye. The writing is invisible whendried, and when immersed in theliquid in the basin, the remainingpaper will absorb the dyes, leavingthe writing to stand out withoutbeing dyed.

Today in Turkey, Ebru is taught inmany art schools. In İstanbul, class-es are offered on an on-going basisat the Caferağa Medresesi inSultanahmet. Located next to theHagia Sophia, this is one of the bet-ter-known schools for traditionalTurkish arts. The tiny complex wasbuilt in 1559 by master architectSinan and today houses workshops,studios and a small café in a serenesetting. Hours are flexible, and mostof the teachers speak at least a littleEnglish. Students include Turks aswell as artists from around theworld who come to study for shortperiods of time.

Pacifica Institute San Diego willstart Ebru Classes in September2011. Please visit web site after May2011.

Lunch u Dinner u Take Out u Catering OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 11AM-10PM

9474 Black Mountain Rd.858-695-9749



Buy 1 Entree at Reg. Price and 2 BeveragesGet 2nd Entree of Equal or Lesser Value FREE.

One per table. Excluded Buffet and Thalis.Dine in only. Expires 6-30-11


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The Art of Ebru(marbling)

Page 7: MML May/Jun

Products underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affi liated Companies. Columbus, OH. Subject to underwritingguidelines, review, and approval. Nationwide, the Nationwide Framemark, and On Your Side are service marks of Nationwide MutualInsurance Company. Savings compared to standalone price of each policy, based on new customer data from May 2010. Availabilityand discounts vary by state and other factors. ADP-7403 (11/10)

Make your policies sing. Ask us how.

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for advertising information call 858-335-2484 or [email protected] page 7

Mira Mesa Youth LacrosseSelected to Host County

Championships and All StarsBy: Angela Wright

The San Diego County LacrosseAssociation (SDCLA) selected MiraMesa Youth Lacrosse as the 2011host of the County DivisionChampionship and All Star games.The games will take placeat the Mira Mesa HighSchool stadium onSaturday, June4th. Admissionis free, so planon stoppingby to catchsome greatlacrosseaction andlearn a littleabout thesport.

Mira Mesa YouthLacrosse is in justits third season withSDCLA. The SDCLA has64 teams county-wide ranging fromBonita in the south county up toMurrieta in the north. All the teamswill be sending representatives.

Division I teams have players ingrades 6-8, while Division III is forplayers in grades 5-6.

For those who don’t know muchabout the sport, this is the perfect

opportunity to check it out.According to US Lacrosse, nearly

30,000 players are playing col-legiate lacrosse each year.

Lacrosse is the fastestgrowing sport at the

NCAA level this pastdecade. Lacrosse

programs have beenstarted at most San

Diego area highschools, includingMira Mesa High

School. A majority ofthe Mira Mesa Youth

lacrosse players arelooking forward to play-

ing at Mira Mesa HighSchool.

More details will be available atwww. league l ineup .com/mmy-lacrosse.

Calendar of EventsMay Events

2 MMTC Meeting5 Mira Mesa’s Got Talent Tryouts8 Mother’s Day12 Mira Mesa’s Got Talent Tryouts15 MMHS Golf Tournament16 Mira Mesa Planning Community

Planning Group Meeting17 Mira Mesa Chamber of Commerce

Meeting/Mixer19 Miramar College Commencement28 Deadline to Apply for the July 4th Parade28 Filipino Independence Day Parade

(See Page 23)28-30 AYSO Top Gun Soccer Tournament30 Memorial Day

June Events4 County Division Lacrosse Championship

and All Star games6 MMTC Meeting10 MMHS Graduation10 Start of San Diego County Fair14 Mira Mesa Recreational Council Meeting15 Mira Mesa Chamber of Commerce

Meeting/Mixer19 Father’s Day21 Mira Mesa Women’s Club21 Mira Mesa “Go Skate Day”

Page 8: MML May/Jun
Page 9: MML May/Jun

Source: Miramar College

When Brennan Cappa attended Mira Mesa HighSchool, she established a presence in the highschool newsroom, eventually becoming editor-inchief for the Mira Mesa Marquee in her junior year.Cappa always maintained a diary, like any highschool girl, and found a strong passion for evenmore creative writing than AP journalism required.

After high school graduation, Cappa, who loves toexercise, was drawn to the field of nutrition andenrolled at San Diego Miramar College.Discovering that the building blocks of nutritionwere credited to the science of biochemistry, shechanged majors again. “My appreciation for healthand techniques of preventative medicine were shat-tered in 2008 when my mother was diagnosedwith stage 3C breast cancer,” said Cappa. “She liveda very healthy lifestyle, staying active and maintain-ing an ideal diet of nutritious, unprocessed foods.”

Cappa and her sister withdrew from college toprovide their mother with 24/7 care in theirhome. Cappa said, “We knew she wouldn’t wantto die in a hospital.

“Watching firsthand how fast life can be taken, myinterest and concern for health disintegrated. Ifound much comfort in the words of the Buddha,those truths of life and loss, of change andinevitable suffering.”

Cappa has come full circle now and has revertedback to her love of letters and words. She willreceive her associate degree this spring fromMiramar College. As a literature major, transfer-ring to SDSU this fall, Cappa plans to continueon her educational journey. Perhaps one day,she says, she will write her mother’s story. Cappasaid, “We are the products of her existence andthe truths she left behind.”

Lady Marauders Softball Team Looking For Outstanding Season

Minimizing WirelessInternet Security Risks

By: Michael Gapasin

The Mira Mesa Marauder varsi-ty softball team is looking tohave a big season in 2011. Thiswill be Brad Griffith’s 15th yearas coach of the team. Duringthat time, he won CIF titles in2001, 2002, and 2004. CoachGriffith’s teams were also CIFfinalists in 2000, 2005, and2007. He won Eastern LeagueChampionships in 1998 –2002, 2005, and 2007.

This year the Lady Maraudersopened the season ranked 10thin the county. They return 10varsity players from last season that includesseven starters. Returning senior players includecaptains Joanna Asenjo (CF), Kasey Campbell(C), and Savana Weaver (C). Also returning asseniors are twins Katie (3B) and KelseyTownsend (P/OF). Returning as a junior is 2ndteam All-San Diego Section, Division I selection

and 2-time 1st team All-EasternLeague selection, Lani Vanta(P/OF). Also returning are juniorsTani Leasau (RF/3B) and AmberCordero (LF/DH). All three ofthese juniors are in their thirdyear on varsity.

Returning for her second season ofvarsity play is junior Amber Ratza(P/1B/OF). Also returning this yearis last year's Eastern League Playerof the Year, 1st team All-EasternLeague selection and 1st team All-San Diego Section, Division I selec-tion, sophomore Katiyana Mauga(SS). Joining this year’s team arejuniors Hali Coffin (1B) and Ashley

Hight (OF/C) and freshmen Quirisa Mauga (2B)and Mercedes Humphrey (OF).

Senior centerfielder, Joanna Asenjo said, “Wehave a lot of returners and we expect to do bigthings this year. We should go far in the playoffs.I would like to go out on top my senior year”.

By: Glenn Jacobs

Wireless Internet (“Wireless Fidelity” or “Wi-Fi”)is a popular system for granting wirelessInternet access to laptop and other PCs usingradio waves for distances of up to 800 feet. Wi-Fisystems are now used in a great number ofpeople’s homes and businesses.

Usage of improperly configured Wi-Fi networkscan lead to sensitive data being compromised.

Personal Data Loss is the most prominent riskassociated with unprotected (improperlyconfigured) Wi-Fi networks:

• Your email and “chat” messages maybe intercepted

• Your usernames and passwords forfinancial and other websites may beintercepted

• Your website transactions may alsobe intercepted, ie, financial, medicaland others

The theft of credit card, banking, and investmentaccounts is the primary goal of almost allcybercriminals.

Implementing the following steps will helpminimize risks to your Wi-Fi network:

• Change your Wi-Fi logon username(SSID) to an obscure mixture of atleast 10 letters and numbers that willnot convey personal or businessinformation

• Set your Wi-Fi Security Option to“WPA-2”. Set the Encryption to “AES”(Advanced Encryption Standard). AESencryption meets requirements forsensitive data. NEVER use “WEP”encryption-it’s too weak.

• Change your Wi-Fi logon and Wi-FiRouter “Administration” passwordsto an obscure mixture of at least 10letters and numbers.

• Keep your Wi-Fi Router’s securitysoftware updated.

• Disable “Automatic WirelessConnection.”

• Disable “Internet ConnectionSharing.”

• Keep your laptop firewall and anti-virus software constantly updated.

The majority of Internet security breaches can beprevented by proper configuration!


Full Circle


Full Circle

Further information may be obtained by contacting Glenn Jacobs, Cyber Security Engineer, at

[email protected], or by reading Mr. Jacobs'new book, "Is Your Computer Bugged?"

Available at at a 20% discount from the publisher.

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Page 11: MML May/Jun

Bringing the Community Together!

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By: Monica Reitano

The American YouthFootball Associationreleased its AcademicAll-AmericanFootball & CheerTeam for 2010.Four Mira Mesachildren madethe list: MaraBazzo - Cheer(ChallengerMiddle School),Jacklyn Little –Cheer(WaggenhiemMiddle School),Matthew Reitano -Football (ChallengerMiddle School) andNevin Sarao - Football(Challenger Middle School).

In addition to the honor of mak-ing the Academic All-American

team, Matthew Reitano isalso one of six stu-

dents nationwide toearn $500 for hisaccomplishmentsin academics and


More than750,000 stu-

dents participatein AYF.

According toElizabeth Bray,AYF Member

Communications /National Cheer

Director, in order towin the $500 award, stu-

dents must be fine examplesof AYF’s four pillars of academics,

respect, discipline and performance.

Four Local Children NamedAYF Academic All-Americans

By: Esther Alamedin

The sixth annual Taste of Mira Mesa grossedmore than $11,000! It’s an amazing feat andthe Mira Mesa High School Foundation couldnot be happier or more proud of the commu-nity. About 300 people came to the eventlocated on the GenProbe campus in lateMarch. They enjoyed food sampling from 20different restaurants in and around Mira Mesa,including the MMHS Culinary Arts Class.

For the second straight year, the Taste of MiraMesa had help from all of the cluster schools.Christ the Cornerstone Academy teamed upwith us for the first time to sell tickets anddonate a basket for the silent auction.

The MMHS compares this year’s numbers tolast year’s, the first time the event was openedto neighborhood schools. The 2011 event sur-passed last year meaning the amount schoolswill get back from the event will be more thanin 2010.

Challenger Middle School donated the basketthat received the largest bid during the auc-tion. An unofficial poll of the guests showedthe cutest basket, including a rocking chair,came from Hage Elementary.

MMHS would especially like to thankWalgreens and Liberty Tax Services for theirdonations and sponsorship.

We will do it again next year and raise evenmore money for our children’s futures!

Taste of Mira Mesa Tops $11k

Photos: Ted Brengel,

Page 12: MML May/Jun

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By: Leah R. Singer

When Pam and Jeff Stevens came to MiraMesa in 1980 to make a home, theyimmediately knew they settled in the rightplace. Now – more than 30 years later –they still are in love with their community.These two active Mira Mesa residents areinvolved in community groups, local gov-ernance, and Pam just published a bookon the history of Mira Mesa.

Pam was inspired by the early history ofMira Mesa, when the tract homes werefirst built to give Southern California fam-ilies an affordable housing option. Withthose new homes and families, suddenlythe first schools were built.

Mira Mesa welcomed its first elementaryschools in 1969, which were located intwo tract homes between the streets ofHarlington and Buckhurst. Stevens notesthe cover of her book, Mira Mesa, fea-tures a photo of those first schools. She’sspoken to many community memberswho recall their childrenattending that school.

Mira Mesa – part of theImages of Americaseries by Acradia Press– was published inApril. Stevens lovedputting the booktogether, using bor-rowed photos fromMira Mesa residentsthroughout theyears. She scannedthe photos, wrotecaptions, andchapter introduc-tions. The bookthen took shape,almost as a jigsawpuzzle, said Stevens.

While Stevens moved to Mira Mesa in1980, she chose to focus on the early1970s with the development of the newhomes and schools as the focus of thebook. “I wanted to describe the peoplewho lived here when the only way in andout of town was using the Old Highway395 and Mira Mesa Boulevard was a two-lane highway,” said Stevens.

During the 1970s, Stevens notes familieswere now settled in Mira Mesa housesand schools were under constructions.But there was still no grocery store. Shedescribes Bradshaw’s Market, the first gro-cery store in Mira Mesa (now SeafoodCity). That shopping center is now (andhas been) the starting point of the annualMira Mesa Fourth of July Parade.

Stevens encourages residents to read MiraMesa to learn the history of their commu-nity. “It really tells the story of how thiscommunity evolved into what it is today,”said Stevens. “It will really give you the

feeling of being a part of the community.”

Stevens’ involvement in Mira Mesa goesbeyond the Mira Mesa book publishing.A former librarian, she spent many hoursin local libraries working, as well as enjoy-ing the facilities with her two daughters.Stevens started the Mira Mesa Library’sBanned Book Club, which began duringBanned Book Week several years ago.She still oversees that group today, whichmeets every last Tuesday of the month at

6:30 p.m. at the Mira MesaLibrary. The group isopen to anyone inter-ested in the book selec-tion or topic of discus-sion.

Stevens (as well as herhusband, Jeff) served aspast president of the MiraMesa Town Council and isstill an active volunteerwith the organization. Shespends her time on the“Volunteer of the Year” din-ner committee; Street Faircommittee; and scholarshipcommittee.

She is also active on the LosPenasquitos Canyon Preserve

Citizens Advisory Committee (serving aspast chair); is a lifetime member of theGirl Scouts of America; and is now aboard member of the Mira Mesa TheaterGuild. She admits to being very excited towork on the first Mira Mesa’s Got Talentcompetition taking place on May 21.

One of the reasons Stevens enjoys MiraMesa so much is the multi-cultural com-munity. She describes a time years agowhen she wrote for the former MiraMesa and Scripps Ranch Sentinel newspa-per. Her favorite article she wrote wasone in which she describes a neighborteaching her to make homemade lumpia.

“I just love this family community,”Stevens said. “It’s a wonderful place toraise children. And it’s just friendly to peo-ple of all ages. That’s why we’ve stayed inMira Mesa as empty nesters.”

Mira Mesa is available now at the MiraMesa Barnes and Noble, as well as onlinethrough and

Pam Stevens Gives Mira Mesa NationalAttention Through a New Book

Page 13: MML May/Jun

Getting a Hold onMira Mesa’s Successful

Wrestling Program

Mira Mesa Fall Guys Wrestling Club coach Eric Velasco is raising theawareness and skill level of wrestling in our neighborhood. The club haschildren as young as four years old hitting the mat. Parents say their kidsare more confident and feeling better after picking up the sport. Theclub is preparing children for success at the high school level and beyond.Mira Mesa Living pinned Coach Velasco for a brief Q&A.

Mira Mesa Living: Tell us a little about coaching the wrestling team

Eric Velasco: Wrestling did a lot for me when I was kid. I wanted togive back to the kids something I loved. I loved wrestling in highschool. I loved wrestling after high school, so when I heard about thefall guys program coming back to life I jumped on it. I didn’t evenknow I was going to end up coaching. I just offered to help.

MML: What is the main reason contributing to the team’s success?

EV: The success starts from them walking out on that mat. They’rewinners at that point, in my eyes. It takes a lot to go out on that mat.You’re just by yourself. You’re going to wrestle another kid. It’s not likeother team sports where you can hide or stay in the shadow of otherpeople that are better, whereas here you’re out there on your own.The coaches are there, you have your family rooting for you, butultimately you’re out there on your own. That to me is the biggestthing. You’re out there alone. You don’t have a shoulder to lean on.

MML: What’s your philosophy with teaching these kids?

EV: Just get them out there. Don’t let them shy away. We make a pointthat everyone is here doing the same thing, jump in. If you’re notgoing to jump in we’re going to get you out there. You might as welljump in or we’re going to point you out and single you out. It could goeither way, but for the most part it’s worked well for us because of thefact they’re all friends.

We try to keep it fun for them. We’re high-fiving them. It could be the smallestthing, but we cheer. It’s the littlest things,but we pick them up. It’s encouraging. Wetell them to do their push-ups and sit-ups athome. We don’t try to do it here becausewe want to keep it a fun environment here.

Mira Mesa Fall Guys Wrestling Club is always looking for more participants, especially junior highstudents and girls. For moreinformation call (858) 336-5067.

Photos: Ron Moralez, page 13

Page 14: MML May/Jun


By: Steve Nicoles

Kevin Haas never thought about death. He neverworried about it as a kid growing up in Chicago.He never thought about it while spending sixyears on U.S. Navy submarines. He never consid-ered it as he walked into the doctor’s office tocheck out a lump in his neck and chest pain.Kevin said, “I would bend over in the shower andI couldn’t breathe. I thought it was heartburn.”

Kevin seriously thought about dying for the firsttime on March 22, 2007 when doctors told himhe had stage two Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He hadtwo tumors on the same side of his diaphragm –one in his chest and one in his throat.

Kevin is not the kind of person to ask why orhow. Instead, the electrical plant operator atQualcomm and Mira Mesa resident focused onbeating cancer. His initial support came fromwork. Kevin says Qualcomm was very support-ive. With 10 years of service to the company heeasily used sick days during his chemotherapytreatments. Also, his bosses had no issues with

him working 20-hour weeks during radiation ses-sions. Kevin wanted to work more, but doctorssaid no.

The other support Kevin needed came when hejoined the Leukemia Lymphoma Society whichincluded going to support group meetings. Thesociety put him in touch with other survivors. Itgave him friends when he had been all alone;his family still lives in the Midwest. The societyalso helped Kevin beat cancer. On July 24,2008 Kevin received his first clean PET scan, asign he had won. He said, “As soon as they tooka picture and (the cancer) was gone, to me, it’sgone.”

Kevin says he cannot thank the society enoughfor the help given him. So, when he learnedabout Team in Training, a running club raisingmoney for Hodgkin’s lymphoma research, hesprinted to join. He became a team member inJanuary, 2009. On May 31, five months later, hecompleted his first marathon, San Diego’s Rock &Roll Marathon, in five hours and 34 minutes; adecent time for a man whose running motto hadalways been “three miles or 30 minutes: run untilyou hit one of those numbers.”

Kevin has been cancer-free for more than threeyears. Annual visits to his doctor can test if he isclean. In the span of half a decade, Kevin hasmade a full circle. As a cancer survivor he nolonger thinks about death. He said, “I know in theback of my mind I could relapse. Chances areslim, but they’re there. I don’t dwell on it.”

Kevin’s focus is on living and not taking life forgranted. He has run two full marathons and sixhalf-marathons. He is a mentor with Team inTraining and responsible for training 13 peoplefor an upcoming marathon; he gets them run-

ready as well as helps motivate them in fundrais-ing efforts. Kevin’s next race is the Mayor’sMarathon in Anchorage, Alaska.

For more information on the race and Kevin’sfundraising goals visit his Team in Training page at

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Teen Advisory CouncilRallies for Life

By: Charmaigne Justiniano

The Teen Advisory Council is known forits exciting events and kind-hearted teens.

It provides a voice for teenagers by allow-ing them to participate in a constructivemanner which helps improve their lead-ership skills. I am proud to announce thatwe have approximately 30 members onthe Teen Advisory Council and it is stillrapidly growing! Throughout the year, thecouncil plans teen activities, events andparticipates in community events as well.

During this time, they are helping theAmerican Cancer Society gather dona-tions for their well known event, Relayfor Life of Mira Mesa/RanchoPenasquitos, on May 14th-15th at HilltopPark. The Teen Advisory Council hasmade a goal of $1,500 just for this event.And to add personality, they have decid-ed to contribute to a Hawaiian theme fortheir camp. In order to have differentpeople participating in major events, twoyouth captains, Tuan Nguyen and JessicaColeman, from the group were chosenand have been showing excellence intheir works. Fundraising efforts include an

email campaign, BBQ on the day of theRelay, and a Benefit Concert held onApril 15, 2011. If you would like to helpthem reach their goal for Relay for Life,please go to and donate to the TeenAdvisory Council.

On Tuesday, June 21st, TAC and theEpicentre are celebrating, “Go Skate Day”in collaboration with Willy Santos andBump Note in a fundraising effort for theMira Mesa Skate Park. Please join us foran all day event with skate demos, com-petitions, prizes and music!

The Teen Advisory Council plans a vari-ety of events which suits teenagers in thecommunity. The council is filled withmotivated teen members who are deter-mined to make a difference. The mem-bers in the group have been portraying agreat influence around by giving us hope.For information on the Teen AdvisoryCouncil, contact

Sigrid Batara: (858)217-5636 or

Page 16: MML May/Jun

page 16 to submit an article or events for publication e-mail [email protected]

Mira Mesa VOY: John Sunde

By: Steve Nicoles

Mira Mesa’s 2010 Volunteer of the Year has worked withRSVP for a decade; the last three years as an administrator.John Sunde painted 15,000 linear feet of fence along MiraMesa Blvd. and Camino Ruiz. He logged 2,500 hours as adocent on the USS Midway Naval Museum. Still, he says henever expected to receive the honor. He said, “Given where Icame from when I was a little boy, this is very humbling. I amhonored. It’s unbelievable.”

Growing up in the Midwest in the1940’s and 50’s had its difficulties.John quickly admits people have hadrougher childhoods than his, but plen-ty of others had it easier. In his words,John’s parents probably should nothave had children. They often left John

and his younger brother home for longperiods of time. As a 12-year-old, Johnlived in an 800 square foot house withhis brother and 17 dogs. His parentsrarely came by the house. Everydayafter school, John cleaned up after thedogs, which were kept indoors all day.

“Marvelous Marv” MilesReal Estate Broker

The “Real” Mr. Mira Mesa34 Years of Experience

Cell 619-993-8401

Marv MilesDRE# 00585385

Property GalleryArea’s Oldest Real Estate Office9396 Mira Mesa Boulevard

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Five Star Professional Award. This award is earned, not given. ........

Page 17: MML May/Jun

Finally, John says he convinced his father to get him out of thehouse. He and his brother went in and out of foster care untilJohn was 17 and joined the Navy. John said, “I was blessed. Ifound a home in the Navy and that’s what got me started.”

John spent 21 years in the Navy. He retired and settled in MiraMesa, but John does not sit back and watch the paint dry. He

actively gets out helping others. He said, “I have a passion forit. I’m just hungry for it. It just comes natural.”

That natural desire drove John to drive other veterans to andfrom the hospital. He calls it his most rewarding volunteerwork. But like every chapter in life, that one had an end. Withhis new free time, John jumped on board the USS Midway andinto RSVP. John said, “You want to do something for some-body. You want them to be happy. You want them to be com-fortable. You don’t want them to go through some of the samethings you went through.”

The honor of becoming Mira Mesa’s latest Volunteer of theYear recipient does not happen over night. John spent much ofhis life overcoming personal obstacles. With those hurdlescleared, he went directly to helping others.

for advertising information call 858-335-2484 or [email protected] page 17

John Sunde (cont.)

Plaza Wine & Spirits

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Happy Mother’s Day and

Happy Father’s Day!

Page 18: MML May/Jun

page 18 to submit an article or events for publication e-mail [email protected]

Mira Mesa High School has hadan exciting year so far and we’relooking forward to more greatthings in the last 9 weeks ofschool. I would like to share a fewof the highlights as well as someupcoming dates.

Marauder Success!Over spring break, a team of culi-nary arts students participated inthe California Prostart Culinaryand Management Cup andreturned with a 2nd place victory.The three students also returnedwith scholarships ranging from$1,500 to $10,000.

The drama students and orchestracollaborated to put on an incredi-ble performance of Aida in March

with sell-out performances. Everyaspect of the production was cre-ative and professional from the setdesigns, cast and pit orchestra, andthe behind-the-scenes techcrew. Our students show-case so much talent thatBroadway has only to lookin on Mira Mesa HighSchool to find the futurestars of the big stage.

Senior Exhibitions werecompleted in March. Ourseniors shined and have putforth the effort to make ourstaff, parents, and commu-nity very proud.

The entire body of studentsattended an academicachievement rally to cele-

brate their success on the manygrueling tests they take. Studentshave been challenged andreminded to give every test theirbest effort and it has paid off.With an Academic PerformanceIndex (API) score of 823, wehave passed the state goal of an800 API score and hope to driveahead even further with the teststhis spring.

For the past several years, MiraMesa High School has scored 29of 30 goals in the Adequate YearlyProgress (AYP) federal rankings.Over spring break, we were noti-fied that Mira Mesa High Schoolmet 30 of 30 AYP goals for thefirst time in its history. This is atremendous indication of the hardwork staff, students, parents andcommunity have put in and Icouldn’t be more proud.

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HomeTown BuffetHuynh Law Office, PCIN2IT NutritionKiwanisLeah Singer, Writing and MarketingSpecialistLoving HutMagical Moments Professional DJMarvin Miles, Real Estate BrokerMira Mesa High SchoolMira Mesa High School FoundationMira Mesa Shopping CenterMira Mesa Town CouncilMira Mesa Women's ClubMission Federal Credit Union

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Chamber Meetings/Mixers Upcoming Dates:May 17th and June 15th; Social 5:30pm, Meeting 6:00pm


MMH NewsA Message from Mira Mesa High School

Mira Mesa Living

Page 19: MML May/Jun

Bringing the Community Together!

Christ the Cornerstone Academy NewsBy: Lark Mayeski, School Administrator

In early March, Christ the Cornerstone Academy celebrated its rich heritage of beinga Lutheran School. It is one of 2,382 schools which make up the Lutheran ChurchMissouri Synod nationwide. To celebrate this fact the school had a vari-ety of fun activities throughout the week of March 4-11.

On March 4th, they participated in the RegionalSpelling Bee in Escondido. Micah Barreyro, CrystalHuynh, Allan Nuguid, Tori Tinsley, ChristianTolentino and Juliann Verzosa all placed.

Monday the students dressed like teachersfor the day and the teachers dressed likestudents. Tuesday was Crazy Day – stu-dents and staff alike wore crazy hats,socks, mismatched patterns, and evencrazy hair. In a special ceremony after flagsalute, Ms. Davis, the first grade teacher,had her hair spray painted to celebrate thefact that her class collected the most money inthe Leukemia and Lymphoma Pennies for Pastafundraiser. Wednesday the students brought theirfavorite stuffed animal to school for the day. The stu-dents were pleased to have a favorite friend sit on their deskand watch them do their best work throughout the day.

The third through sixth grades travelled to Chollas Lake where there were over500 students from different Lutheran schools in San Diego county competingin a race. The race was from ¾ of a mile to a mile and ¼ depending on the

grade of the child. Three Christ the Cornerstone students placed in the top tenin their age group: Jake Leyva, Brianna Robinson and Christian Tolentino. Thechildren who raced participated in a canned food drive for the San Diego FoodBank and many food items were collected.

We ended the week with $1.00 fee dress day. The day school stu-dents donated 50 cents per non-uniform clothing piece

(preschool wore their Pajamas to school for the day). Allthe donations collected from this day were sent to the

Helen Woodward Animal Shelter.

Other activities throughout the month included aday school talent show which was hosted by thestudent council. Some students played the pianoand others sang. There was also a student whodid a cheer, another who showed karate moves,two students who played guitar and one studentwho swung Hawaiian twirling balls to music.

The month ended when the school chorus, made upof 20 members, travelled to Village Community

Presbyterian Church in Rancho Santa Fe for the annualChorister’s Guild Music Festival. The students attended a work-

shop for half of the day. Then, they put on a wonderful free con-cert for the public. There were at least 300 children in the concert chorus.

Christ the Cornerstone Academy is currently accepting enrollments for fall ofthe 2011/2012 school year. The school is known for its high academic standardsas well as its small student to teacher ratio. For more on the school

By: Jenny Barrett

A time characterized by birth, renew-al, and energy, spring is a fresh andblooming new season. Days becomelonger and the sunshine warmer;birds begin to sing and buds prepareto blossom. In sync with spring’srevival, our bodies also shift into ahigher gear, letting us experience awelcome surge of energy. Almostinstinctively, we clean out our closetsand open all the windows to let infresh air. But why limit spring clean-ing to just our homes? Our bodiesneed it as well. Use that energy andget yourself into a healthy practice orroutine like taking up yoga classes.With regular practice yoga cleansesthe body and mind of toxins and aidsin good digestion while keeping theimmune system strong during thetransition into the new season.

Spring into action this season andbecome a healthier happier you by

trying a simple and safe cleanse to ridthe body of unwanted toxins andexcess winter weight. Don’t stopthere! Add a regular yoga practice toyour week’s routine and start feelingbetter inside and out. Naturally, yogaworks to bring more balance to ourlives as well as our diet. For instance,the gentle squeezing action of themuscles activated by the yoga asana(posture) helps to mobilize the lymph- a fluid that circulates throughout thebody, carrying waste from the cells tobe eliminated. With no pump of itsown, the lymphatic system is activat-ed by muscle movement. Since manyof the yoga asana (postures) take usbeyond our normal range of move-ment, accumulated toxins are mobi-lized for elimination.

To get started:

Find a cleanse that’s right for you thisspring or try adding more fresh veg-gies and fruit to your diet and see how

you feel. Try the Mira Mesa farmersmarket to see what’s in season.

Start your yoga practice today. Tryyour neighborhood yoga studio FourSeasons Yoga located on MiramarRd. - west of the pyramid! They offerclasses throughout the day, includingafternoons and evenings, everyday of

the week. There are classes for everyskill level! Class schedules can befound online at If you have any questions orwant help getting started contactedJenny Barrett, owner and teacher ofFour Seasons Yoga [email protected]

7160 Miramar Rd. #116 • fourseasonsyoga.com1.5 blocks west of the Pyramid • San Diego • 858-586-1672

One MonthUnlimited Yoga

$35!Classes 7 Days A Week - See Our Schedule Online!New students only. Expires 6/30/11

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“Spring Clean” Your Body and Mind

Page 20: MML May/Jun

In 1883, San Diego lost out on a bidding warwith Los Angeles over the railway thatwould connect it to the rest of the country.As a result, LA became the economic,political, and social hub of SouthernCalifornia while San Diego was more or lessforgotten: left to stew in it’s own juices forseveral more decades. It is this uniquesituation, set in motion over a hundred yearsago and based on something as seeminglytrivial as a pair of iron rails, that created ourbeloved seaside city’sunique character.Unburdened by thetrappings of modernindustry or the chokingpopulation rise of itssister city to the north,San Diego attracted anentirely different breed.Since that time SanDiego has undergonequite a bit of cosmeticsurgery; like the rest ofCalifornia, seeminglyeverything has beenpaved over and sold toStarbucks. But unlikemany areas of thecoastline, the originalheart and soul of San Diego endures, livingon, in large part, through the arts.

Every month there is a plethora of artevents taking place in San Diego. Whetheryou enjoy packing into a tiny jazz bardowntown, touring the world-renownedmuseums of Balboa Park, or rocking outfor three days straight in the CoachellaValley, there is something for everyonehere. So beloved is the San Diego artscene that some are beginning to realize itspower as a social and political tool. Such isthe case with Surfrider’s annual Art Gala.

One of San Diego’s otherdefining characteristics isthe ecological consciousnessof its inhabitants. FromBorder Field State Parkto San Onofre, there isnot a single beach that isanything less thanpristine and beautiful.Enjoy a day at the beachin San Pedro, whichborders the LA harbor,and you’ll see that sadlynot everyone enjoys aclean shoreline. And asmany are aware, SanDiego owes much of ourocean preservation to the

good people of the Surfrider Foundation.In a tradition of perfect synergy betweenart and nature, they will again be holdingthe Surfrider Art Gala on the pictureperfect shores of Del Mar.

If you’ve attended past Galas, you knowwhat an enormously important event thisis for not only the art community, but all ofSan Diego. For the uninitiated, the Gala isessentially a festival of inspired art, the bestlocal food and drink, and extensive musicalentertainment. Eleven years ago it wassuch a hit that not only is the event stillgoing strong, it continues to seeexponential growth every year. Peopleattend for a day of great entertainment, butreturn year after year for the profoundeffect the raised funds and newmemberships have on San Diego.

So popular the Gala has become, that it isno longer just a part of the local San Diegoscene. For the last few years, folks havebeen coming in from all over the coastlineto enjoy this event, filling up local hotels

and packing local restaurants. If thishappens to be your situation, allow me tolend a little insider’s tip: book a room at theLa Costa Resort and Spa. Located innearby Carlsbad, it is the perfect place toenjoy a weekend of great San Diego artand weather. This full service resort isnestled near the ocean on 400 lush acresand rolling hills. After a day in Del Margorging yourself on local cuisine andenjoying all the art in the Surfrider Gala,there’s few things better than a treatmentin their world-renowned spa.

So whether you’re a life long San Dieganor a transplant, come out and enjoy theart that will be offered this May. As anytrue local will tell you, San Diego isn’t justgreat beaches and perfect weather; it’s aflavor and style all its own. Nowhere isthis expressed more than at the SurfriderArt Gala.

Arts and the OceanIn San Diego

Call 858 768

Save up to

50% on your nextvacation to

Hawaii, Mexico,Caribbean

and California.

Page 21: MML May/Jun

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Fun activities

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Marauders Hope to SendWatkins Out On Top

By: Michael Gapasin

This will be Gene Watkin’s lastyear of coaching high schoolbaseball. Coach Watkins hasbeen coaching for over 30years. This will be his 6th yearcoaching the Mira MesaMarauders. A team with 11returners, the Maraudersopened up the season ranked15th in the county.

As of April 10, the Marauderswere ranked 8th in the countywith a record of 11-3. They wonthe City ConferenceTournament beating theCathedral Catholic Dons in thechampionship game 1-0. Inthat game Mira Mesa had fourpitchers combine for a no-hit-ter. They opened league playwith a pair of victories against

Patrick Henry. The Marauderslook to return to the playoffsafter just missing getting in lastyear. Mira Mesa has made theplayoffs three times in the pastfive years that Watkins hascoached the team. They wonCIF titles in 1985, 1990, 1991,1992 and were finalists in1994. In 1992, Mira Mesa fin-ished first in the state. Co-cap-tain A.C. Herrera said,“Hopefully we return back tothe playoffs and head for a CIFDivision I title. I believe we canwin it all. Watch out cause theMecca is coming.”

With the help of assistantcoaches Mike Ramazzotti andJason Molina, Coach Watkinslooks to add a fifth CIF title forthe Marauders.

for advertising information call 858-335-2484 or [email protected] page 21

The Mira Mesa Marauders baseball teamhas 11 players returning from last year’steam. The list of players includes team

captains and 2nd team All-Eastern Leagueselections, A.C. Herrera (SS/P) and

Christian Erese (P/DH).

Other returning players include:Mitchell Barnes-Wallace (P)

Brandon Iwasaki (P)Trey Lomax (C)

Jared Manaloto (C)Joey Portugal (1B/P)

Ryan Segars (P)Marcus Smith (RF)

Nathan Tajalle (2B/CF)Carlos Wiggins (LF/1B)

Herrera said, “Mira Mesa is a team ofhard work and determination. I believe

our squad is loaded with talented playersand our skills continue to grow each andevery day. We’re not the biggest or thestrongest team out there, but I do know

that we are a team and we worktogether. We play the game and pay

attention to detail. Win together, losetogether, competing for 21 outs.”

Page 22: MML May/Jun

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Auto Repair

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Home Remodeling




8460 Mira Mesa Blvd.858-578-7325

$4 Lunch* Mon-Fri at 12:00pm sharpMenu available on Website: www.MiraMesaSeniorCenter.orgSite Manager: Gloria B. Supnet*$4 Lunch is suggested donation and is served to seniors.

Also join us for fun activities:

Lily Supnet (President, FASCA) to the right and Gloria Supnet

(Nutrition Program Manager) to the left

• Monthly Dance and Social – 2:00pm to 4:30pm (Third Sunday)

• Exercise Classes – 9am to 11am(Monday & Wednesday)

• Game Day – 1:00pm (Tuesday)• Game Night – 7:00pm

(Wednesday)• Painting Class (Thursday)• Bingo – 9am to 11am (Friday)• Yoga – 1:00pm to 2:00pm

(Friday)• Line Dancing – 7:00pm to

9:00pm (Friday)

Page 23: MML May/Jun

MIRA MESA SOCCER AYSO 285Mira Mesa Soccer AYSO 285 is proud to host the21st annual Top Gun Soccer Tournament May28-30. About 130 teams are expected toparticipate. The tournament is being conductedas a fundraiser by Mira Mesa Soccer AYSO 285for field development and maintenance, newequipment and to provide scholarship funds foryouth in region 285. For information on how to joinor help email Julius Hitchens at [email protected] or


Are you a singer? Dancer?Ventriloquist? ElvisImpersonator? Lady GagaImpersonator? Yo-Yo expert?If you have a talent, be itweird, strange, unusual or simply magnificent, we want you.

Come audition for the first ever Mira Mesa's Got Talent. You will have achance to perform your talent in front of a panel of celebrity judges, win aprize and possibly even become famous! The winner of Mira Mesa's GotTalent will get to perform at the annual 4th of July Day in the Park and theMira Mesa Street Fair. Not to mention, cash prizes, tickets to Sea Word,movie tickets and more.

Audition dates are May 5 and May 12, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at theEpiCentre in Mira Mesa.

What are you waiting for? Will you be the next Carrie Underwood? Onlyway to find out is to try out for Mira Mesa's Got Talent.

For more information, visit


This summer the Mira Mesa Marauder footballstaff will be putting on their 2nd Annual YouthFootball Camp. This year the camp will be onSaturday, July 9th from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm at MiraMesa High School. The camp is for children ages 7 – 15. The cost for thecamp is $40 if you register by July 1st. After July 1st, the cost will be $45.Walk-up registration is also welcome. Participants will receive a free t-shirtand lunch will be provided. They will learn individual and team techniqueson both offense and defense. For more information about the camp pleasecontact Coach Mike Gapasin at (858) 945-2163 [email protected].

MULTICULTURAL COOKING CLUBThe love of cooking inspired high schoolstudent Shriya Chhabra to create theMulticultural Cooking Club in Mt. Carmel lastyear. As most of the high schools are culturallydiverse, this club runs parallel to the school andfosters an awareness of diverse culture food.

MCC not only has weekly cooking meetings,but also volunteers outside of school in cookingrelated events. MCC currently has 30 membersthat have contributed a lot to make this clubsuccessful. One of the volunteer events MCCrecently participated in is the Meals on WheelsDoor Hanging Event, which let people knowabout upcoming Meals on Wheels events.

GROUNDBREAKING SET FOR MAY 16Groundbreaking ceremonies for MiramarCollege’s long-awaited Student ServicesCenter/Bookstore/Cafeteria will be heldMonday, May 16 at 10:30 a.m. Funded bylocal bond propositions passed by voters in

2002 and 2006, the new facility will include many functions that have beenhoused in bungalows for decades -- admissions, accounting, financial aid,counseling, associated student council, veterans affairs, transfer center,cafeteria, bookstore, and more. For more information, contact the PublicInformation Office at 858-536-7876 or email [email protected].

MMHS HOSTS GOLF TOURNAMENTThe 1st Mira Mesa High School Athletics GolfTournament fundraiser will take place on May 15,2011 at the DoubleTree Resort. This event is co-hosted by the Mira Mesa High School AthleticDepartment and the Foundation.

Mira Mesa HS has a strong history of athleticexcellence. It is under this backdrop that the tournament has been created.It is vitally important to continue to provide our students with quality athleticprograms. Money is tight. Budgets have been placed on hold or diminished,and those who are affected the most are the student athletes.

Simply, we need to create ways to fund our teams. This tournamentprovides an opportunity for our community to assist our athletic departmentin helping raise funding for our teams. We are looking for you to eitherparticipate in our tournament, become a hole sponsor or perhaps provideraffle items.

IT COSTS THAT MUCH?You are twice as likely to be overcharged as undercharged when businessesmake pricing errors. According to the San Diego County Department ofAgriculture, Weights and Measures, one-quarter of the more than 1,100businesses inspected during the last seven months had pricing errors. TheScanner Awareness Program, which scanned more than 18,000 productsfrom more than 1,100 businesses, found, on average, there were $3.38 inovercharges for every $1 in undercharges. Several Mira Mesa-area businesseswere fined for pricing errors in the last 24 months.

If you found a pricing error, talk to an employee or store manager. You mayalso file a complaint by calling 888-TRUE-SCAN (888-878-3722)


Mira Mesa teenagers at Harmonium’s Epicentre have created a teen runentrepreneurial business through the Junior Achievement program. Eco-Eventerprise makes artistic centerpieces for special events. The products aremade of recycled materials like plastic bottles. The young business peoplehave been actively marketing their unique products and their earliest eventsinclude a special evening for the Scripps Ranch Wrestling Team along withthe Mira Mesa Volunteer of the Year Recognition Dinner.

Eco-Eventerprise will compete with other Junior Achievement businesses ata San Diego Area competition on May 12th. The winner will move on theNational JA Competition in July in Washington DC. To place an order or forinformation on joining the teen business contact Meredith at the HarmoniumEpicentre at 858-271-5634.

CELEBRATE FILIPINO INDEPENDENCE DAYThe Council of Philippine American Organizations of San Diego County(COPAO) has announced that it is ready to stage Philippine Faire 2011 andthe colorful Festival of Festivals Parade on May 28, 2011, at the Kimball Parkin National City. The parade will be led by Philippine Consul General MaryJo Bernardo Aragon, who is this year’s parade Grand Marshal. She will bejoined by elected officials and dignitaries from Federal, State, County andcities within San Diego County who have been invited to attend, as well asrepresentatives from COPAO and the many local Filipino-Americanorganizations.


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Businesses Serving the Mira Mesa CommunityBusinesses Serving the Mira Mesa Community

Businesses! Advertise and Show Your Love to the Community for As Little As $50 a month!

Ashoka the Great, Cuisine of India

9474 Black Mountain Rd.

Callahan’s Pub &Brewery

8111 Mira Mesa Blvd.

Champ’s Pub & Deli7040 Miramar Rd.

Christ the CornerStone

9028 Westmore Rd.

Endodontics, Dr. Gary Car DDS

6235 Lusk Blvd.

Happy Nails of Mira Mesa

10760 Westview Parkway

In2It Nutrition6755 Mira Mesa Blvd., Suite 124

MCAS MiramarJoint Reception Center, Library,Lincoln Housing Office andFamily Practice Clinic.

Mira Mesa Chamber ofCommerce

Mira Mesa Farmer’sMarket

Mira Mesa High School Foundation Booth

Miramar CollegeLibrary

Mira Mesa Library8405 New Salem Street

Mira Mesa Senior Center

8460 Mira Mesa Blvd.

Mira Mesa TownCouncil

MJ’s Deli6450 Luck Blvd.

Plaza Wine and Spirits6755 Mira Mesa Blvd., Suite 125

Postal Annex10606 Camino Ruiz, Suite 8

Property Gallery9396 Mira Mesa Blvd.

RC Realty8250 Mira Mesa Blvd. Ste B

Robeks8250 Mira Mesa Blvd. Ste. C

SD United SportsTraining Center

7698 Miramar Road

Salon Renaissance6440 Lusk Blvd. #D104

Sorrento Valley Dental Group

5915 Mira Mesa Blvd.

Starbucks6765 Mira Mesa Blvd.Suite 149

Tom’s MasterMechanics

5820 Autoport Mall

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Bank Pacific Marine Credit Union Yes 11Car Repair Tom's Master Mechanics Yes 7Day Care Christ the Cornerstone Academy 21Fitness Academy of Martial Arts Yes 21Food Ashoka the Great Yes 6Food Chibugan Yes 22Food Extreme Pita Yes 15Food Roebecks Yes 14Fundraising Kevin Haas Yes 14Insurance Nationwide 7Liquor Store/Lottery Plaza Wine & Spirits 17Organization SANDAG 4Organization Town Council 5Organization Mira Mesa Chamber of Commerce 18Pet Sitting Peggy's Animal House Sitting 22Photographer Brengel Productions 17Plumbing Lewis Plumbing Yes 12Realtor Marv Miles 16Realtor Sandy Smith 15School Miramar College 10School Miramar College Foundation Event Yes 8Travel Ask About Travel Yes 20Yoga Yoga Ad/article Yes 19

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