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PowerPoint PresentationHave you ever explored your kitchen and noted the things that are in singular and plural or else observed the things in your house and jotted down how many are compound words. What about the idea of conducting a survey about vegetables grown in summer and winter after a brief conversation with the vegetable vendor. Quite fascinating !!! Noting down the vehicle numbers in the parking of your building and segregating them as even and odd numbers. Seems interesting isn't it? MLS I is uniquely designed for the age group of 6-10 years.
Children in this age Learn by Doing and they are given ample opportunities to experience concept building through projects. This age group follows the Project Based Approach which enhances their skills and makes them future ready with key aspects like critical thinking, problem solving, logic and reasoning, analyzing and much more beyond the four walls. Children apply their knowledge and understanding through over 300 exciting concept based projects in this age. We give children an edge through its practical learning by encouraging them to do Application based Projects on every concept being learnt. MLS-1 Coordinator:
Ms. Mayuri Bhalara
The MLS II operating system has been customized for an effective transfer of knowledge within the children of age group of 11-13 years. The curious minds of this age group seek logic and reasoning in every concept which is taught to them. We follow the Apprentice Based Approach wherein the curriculum uses models and protagonists to explain concepts and introduce children to a world of vocations which awaits them ahead of schooling. These are all linked to real life projects and are useful especially for children to decide their area of interest. We carve a well planned strategy to ensure the children a promising future and a hurdle free path to their career. These strategies comprise of Value based, skilled and an analytical approach to every situation. Learning through hands on experience and walking towards fulfilling their emotional and intellectual need, the children enjoy this exciting phase of life through interesting teaching- learning strategies. We steer the focus of the children towards their destination and also ensure that their journey is well guided, escorted, interesting and enjoyable! Although it’s virtual, learning is neither compromised to four walls nor wrote-learning.
MLS-2 Coordinator: Ms.Seema Khanna
It’s hard to believe but we have finished our first 7 months of school! I know that our students have been working hard in the classroom and at home to try their best in this “new normal”.So here are my reflections on the coronavirus, distance learning, and what the hell it means for TMS Learning. Students and teachers are on Zoom,Teams and Google classroom delivering “distance learning.” Things were changing, week to week, then day to day, then what felt like minute to minute. Emails, updates, text messages and what not. Everyone had a different plan. Sign everyone up for Google classroom. No, just, wait. Pass out this form to the students. Send only videos. Open book test etc. Things were moving, and they were moving way too fast. How succesfuly and swiftly we did with our PA and Term I assessment was comandable, but obvious not without the help of ever suporting parents & gaurdian. We have to be understanding of what our kids, educators, and families are going through. During this pandemic, we must place our most marginalized, targetted, oppressed, and underserved at the center of our focus, for once. So with all this in mind, what about learning and education? As we have started to prepare our staff for this transition, filled with shared docs, zoom meetings, webinars, and Google classrooms, and virtual platform.
Coordinator (IX-XII) Mr. Sushil Singh
Learning in a positive way can quarantine all your negative thoughts in a box which can never come to you again. I Anshi Gandhi want to tell my experience of learning through virtual classes. Let’s dive and divide this topic into four parts: What are virtual classes? Why are virtual classes important? Can we use our virtual classes for learning? Where can we use our learnings? Let’s talk about the first, what are virtual classes? It is nothing but school periods but online. The family of our TMS, means our teachers decided to conduct school by electronic media through apps. Second, why are virtual classes important? They are important to keep us safe and secure. During this COVID – 19 situation, we can’t keep a step outside. So, to keep us safe and continue the process of learning, virtual classes are the only source which bring school at home.Due to COVID – 19, we can’t go outside and can’t attend the school physically. With the help of virtual classes, our school learning is in continuation without any interruption. Now let’s jump to the third one, can we use our virtual learnings? The answer is yes of course. If someone is stressed or some negative thoughts appear in their mind so, we can motivate that person like our teachers do and be friends with them. If the classes were not initiated online, so would have not been able to get knowledge and get to know new chapters. So, this has to happen to keep us updated and won’t be getting any nervous anxiety during the exams. Fourth- where can we use our learnings? Just say “Hakuna Matata”. Do you know what hakuna matata means? It means “No worries”. We can use our learning to achieve our dreams and work for them. These learnings can show their actual performance when followed in a positive way. My ultimate message to you is to use your learning and keep doing new things and stay strong and happy in your life.
Dear ma'am! I would like to appreciate the school and its teachers. I like to study in this school because the method of teaching is very unique. I like the MLS textbooks a lot! I also like the idea of the apprentice manual which urges us to use whatever we learned from the chapter practically. This school also focuses on our physical and mental well-being. The way the school organized everything during the virtual classes was commendable. I would also like to appreciate all the teachers as mentioned below:
1. English (Vimla Maam): Highly interactive sessions.
2. Maths (Vivek sir): The method in which he makes us solve the sums is very easy to understand.
3. Hindi (Anuradha Maam): The way she teaches makes learning really easy.
4. SST (Mahima Maam) : Highly interactive sessions.
5. Physics (Vivek Sir): Prepares good MCQs and content for studying.
6. Chemistry (Sejal Maam): Highly knowledgeable.
7. Biology (Meenakshi Maam): All her sessions are really interesting.
8. Gujarati (Dipali Maam): Great explanation
9. Computers (Priyanka Maam): Great explanation
Anushka Agarwal, Class VIII A
I am very thankful to the whole team of TMS including teachers. I would like to thank the teacher for giving us a nice and understandable learning system. Every teacher has a different style of learning like some are on virtual white board and black board that we can see from the camera. Teachers are doing a great job for students and every teacher of tms has a spirit that learning should not stop whether it's active class or virtual class. I would like to again thank all the teachers for giving the same knowledge which we should get. 1.Vivek sir is on virtual white board(Physics) 2.Vivek sir is teaching us on black board(Maths) 3.Meenakshi mam is also teaching us on black board. Meenakshi mams DOL are very knowledgeable and that helps us for the main part topic which she will teach us. (Biology) 4.Vimla mam first tells us to do all the exercises and then we all discuss so we all have a better understanding and learning.(English) 5.Dipali mam reads the chapter than tell meaning of each line and then we read the chapter so we have mind set of the chapter in our mind.(Gujarati) 6.Sejal mam present the book and then teach us so that also helps us in better learning.(Chemistry) 7.Mahima mam gives us the notes of the chapter so we are able to do all the questions and answers easily.(Sst) 8.Anuradha mam gives very nice examples of the chapter so we are able to learn easily and she finds very nice videos for us.(Hindi) 9.Priyanka mam teaches us very nice practicals that are very helpful and interesting too.(Computer) Raina Class VIII - A
Healthy competition inspires kids to do their best and become more inquisitive. These abilities prepare children for future situations of all kinds.
Knowing the spelling of a word makes the representation of it sturdy and accessible for fluent reading.
In Spell Bee children learn a stream of words at a time which is a good memory booster.
In order to enhance the knowledge base of children at their young age and also to motivate them to develop a keen interest in learning new words, Spell Bee competition was organized for our Millennial of Classes I to III through a virtual platform.
Various rounds comprising puzzle, jumbled words , word building, dictation etc. were conducted through which children enriched their vocabulary and competitive spirit and also developed self confidence. The competition gave an enthralling opportunity for the children to stimulate their cognitive skills and also to gain competency over vocabulary which is an essential component to excel at reading and writing.
Our eyes are the windows to the outer world. They are to be given the greatest care as they are the sources who introduce us to the surroundings around us. A self defence/safety workshop was held to introduce the self safety concepts to the students. Since in this lockdown everybody has accepted the concept of online learning as the new model of learning, for self safety is equally important to go ahead without a break. Many important info were shared with the children regarding how to reduce screen time, avoid playing any screen games and adjusting the brightness of the screen. The major highlight of the workshop was the eye and neck exercises that were introduced to the children where in they can practice after every class to relax themselves during the break. As a widely accepted concept, online learning is now a parallel learning along with self care.
We, at TMS, always believe in making classes more interactive and allow learners to focus more on practice instead of just theory, even in a virtual environment too. Today, with the help of the expedition app, we showed how one can add virtual objects to the real world and can study it better. It helped our learners to correlate virtual examples and added gaming elements to support textbook content.
Learners enjoyed the new experience and also they were motivated to download it and were explained the whole process. Few learners did it instantly and also presented their screen and focused their elements on various objects like table, floor , bed and appreciated it.
“A picture is a poem without words” - Horace
Art is a multi dimensional approach through our thoughts and imaginations and when this comes on a surface, it blooms. It's not limited to be defined as one's talent but all of us are born with an artistic touch. Our brain works out infinite thoughts and through the window of our eyes, we bring it to reality on the paper. To facilitate visual literacy and communication, virtual Doodle Art festival was celebrated at TMS where learners of class 4 and 5 participated enthusiastically. Doodle art is usually called scribblings which has now gained huge popularity because of contrasting ideas put into it. It is made without lifting up the drawing tool which is fun as well as challenging. They had different sessions where they learnt doodle art, logo doodle, phrasal / thoughts doodling, Rangoli with coloured rice, how to make home made clay and also the basics of self portrait. A demo session was held to make them aware of the backgrounds, tools used, presentation etc. Our kids came out with vibrant and awe-striking art forms. They truly proved it that you show the kids the beauty in them and they will paint the whole canvas for you.
As TMS, Surat's one of the objectives is to be the torch bearers of that change which will create the silent evolution to transform the lives of our students through Education. So, on similar lines, today ADOLESCENCE AWARENESS - GIRLS EXEMPLARY WEBINAR was conducted to empower girls of grade VI to VIII with age appropriate and relevant information, healthy attitudes to enable them to respond in positive, responsible ways. Our guest of honour was DR. KAJAL MANGUKIYA - Director of Orkid medlife hospital and is one of the dedicated gynecologists.
She imparted our students with knowledge about Adolescence behavior, onset of puberty and related hygiene which was highly interactive, engaging and impactful which led our budding minds to pose various questions based on the same. Here are some glimpses of it......
Great Changes Come with Small Steps (TMS News Reporter)
Humans are considered to be social beings. We humans can't live an isolated life without communicating with each other. And this communication is sometimes face to face, sometimes through telecom or other means of media. People nowadays have a very busy schedule in their daily lives, they pick up the latest news while having morning tea/ coffee or while driving. So in this busy world we need a good reporter for delivering us the updates.
Here is our rising reporter Anshi Gandhi from grade VII A ready with her latest news for TMS Tantalising Talks. Her enthusiasm, dedication, way of delivering speech and above all the she proper and perfect use of technology in making this video is just worth mentioning.
It is rightly said by Nelson Mandela, ‘Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our nation’. The blend of multiple cultural and traditional diversity, the dignity and pride of being a citizen of a colourful country, cherishing festivities, numerous delicacies, alluring attires and where every happiness is a celebration and what not.! India is known as the best example of Unity in Diversity where our heritage is not mere just a model or inheritance of beliefs, they are the assets and grace of our hearts. The World Heritage day with the theme ‘Shared Culture, Shared Heritage, Shared Responsibility’ was celebrated virtually by the TMS family. The virtual celebration displayed colourful attires, glistening eyes and delightful faces excited to speak their thoughts out. The students of class 4 & 5 chose the categories as per their choices out of Depict, Poster making and Elocution and they did a wonderful presentation by making posters, talking about different states and their culture, food, attire, festivals, heritage sites along with beautiful dance performances on screen. The significance of the celebration is to make our future generation as well as the present to be aware of the beautiful collage of assets we have in our country which we should be always proud of because it is we who are responsible to carry the pride ahead.
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, !.... -
• Celebrating Heritage day is one of the finest ways to encourage social cohesion. It promotes the awareness about the diversity of culture heritage and also the relevance of heritage in our way ahead.
• With an aim to sensitize the children about their rich cultural heritage, World Heritage day was celebrated at TMS Surat. Children dressed up in traditional attires gave a short presentation about customs and traditions related to the region they are representing.
• They also prepared a popular dish of that region.
• The teachers motivated and advised the students to preserve and conserve the cultural heritage.
• In spite of the restricted availability of the resources our children exhibited great zeal and enthusiasm which gently made us recall the famous proverb
• "Where there is a will there is s way"
• Thus the event enabled the students to experience the varied flavour of the country's rich cultural legacy and also to embrace the beauty of diverse and unique cultures.
Man is a social being.In order to live in the society it is our duty to provide help to each other and ensure that everyone lead a serene life.Based on this fact students of Class II performed a role play on community helpers wherein they portrayed the role of different community helpers like gardener, blacksmith, carpenter. Thus the students understood the valuable service rendered by our community helpers
BHARAT DESH KI SHAAN HAI HINDI , HUM SAB KI PEHCHAN HAI HINDI. Taking the above slogan a little too seriously, our children of Class I at The Millennium School Surat, very proudly displayed an amazing understanding of the Hindi language as they made creative expressions on the paper of the various single varnas and gradually progressed towards Hindi words which they learnt by joining the varnas. The children showed control over the language with good reading , speaking and writing skills and also the children projected a good understanding of the use of matras. The wonderfully decorated charts also gave an insight into the artist hidden in every child as the children presented their learning outcomes in a very creative manner.
"Living beings need plants to live-they consume them for their existence."
Learners of Grade-II at TMS were made aware of the significance of plants in our life through a germination activity wherein they planted seeds in the soil, kept them in different conditions, watered them and monitored the progress each day. They were fascinated to see the tiny plant evolving out of the seed they have planted and learnt how the hard seed coat gives the baby plant protection until the favourable conditions are available to grow.
The activity provided the children with an amazing science lesson that the food we eat actually begins its journey from the ground.
Activity- based learning plays a vital role in primary education as it encourages the kids to get physically and mentally involved in the learning process.
In order to blend creativity with the learning process, students of Class II made a Verb Tree by displaying the different words on it in a creative way. Various household materials and craft papers were used by the children.
Along with reinforcing the topic the activity equipped the kids with an amazing platform to showcase their creativity.
In the minds of our young readers, reading generates curiosity and creates a hunger to gain more knowledge.This in turn helps the child to progress in studies, not only in English language but also in other subjects. Reading sessions are conducted to enhance children’s vocabulary skills.
Circle Time is used mainly to
encourages unity, respect and working
together towards a shared vision.
During the circle time, teacher starts the
day with prayer/ Shloka chanting along
with the thought of the day. Teacher
motivates students to discuss any one
moral value of life every day. Various
days celebration like Yoga day,
Mother’s day International girl child day,
children’s day etc are also conducted
during circle time.
‘Learning is fun’. The children always learn by doing the practical work. They had learnt different types of nouns by making the cake in the kitchen. The cooking became passion for children while learning nouns. They came to know about countable and uncountable nouns with the help of ingredients which are required for making cake.
They baked cake under their mothers ‘guidance. They enjoyed a lot while doing this activity and shared their experience in the class. It became the innovative way of learning for them.
BY ARTI THAKAR (English Teacher)
Allow yourself to be bored and see it as something good. Embrace boredom and your mind will occupy itself. You could end up painting — or writing — a masterpiece.
The above lines are correctly said. The time when almost the entire world was struggling to handle the situation of the pandemic and lockdown, the little artists of TMS were busy filling colors to their imaginations. The lockdown was unable to lock their creative minds, which were wide open to think differently. Their creativity and artistic touch have no boundaries. Here are some glimpses of the beautiful art pieces made by the students of class VII who are not only amazing artists but also know how to bring their imaginations to life.
BY PARAMITA (English Teacher)
"Children are not to be molded, they are the people to be unfolded" Learning has always been a part of our lives ever since we started exploring the world, be it at home or school. Learning doesn't need a classroom and when play becomes a part of the process, it's something that is imprinted forever. It is not only about encouraging kids to learn, it's more about encouraging them to be mentally and physically involved in the learning processes. Here is a glimpse of a fun activity of grade V , during the online classes where learners had to enact and grab the items of different sports they love and household items along with dance actions to make them understand the skeletal and muscular system of our body. They were introduced to different types of the bones they have in the body and also how the bone and the muscle coordination help them to fetch and hold things along with performing different body actions.
BY TANYA (English & EVS Teacher)
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(2020-21) - - ‘ ’ ‘- /’
Virtual Parent-Teacher Meets (PTMs) are organized where, the teachers discuss the child's strengths, concerns, action plans and future goals, with the parents, which are then monitored by the respective teacher and coordinator. During virtual PTMs, teachers interact/connect with 5 parents each day. Parents-Teacher conferences play a vital and integral role in a child's all round development. A well- planned and positive involvement of both teacher and parents in a child' educational journey makes a huge difference in bringing out the best of a learner's physical, mental and emotional advancement. He/ she can come out of the cocoon to become beautiful like a butterfly. Though the educational scenario is wholly on a new platform during this academic year 2020-21, we have not missed a single chance to keep in touch with our parents at certain intervals through virtual meets. We organise slot wise virtual PTMs where the teachers interact with five parents each day and share our views , queries, concerns, strengths, action plans and our future goals for the further development of the learners to the fullest. These visions are then taken care of by the concerned teacher and the respective coordinator. This united efforts and collaborative hard work will surely make the Millennials shine in near future.
The Mentorship program is a beautiful initiative to socialize and involve children with their mentors so that the learning process can be facilitated with knowledge, skills and for a bigger aim of nurturing self sufficiency to set goals and achieve them.
Debates are an important part of all the school years because school is the best platform to be provided to the kids to frame their ideas and present publicly. The school years are the foundational years where such kind of formal talks are to be taught to the children which helps to inculcate the values and concepts of research, analysis, exploration and investigation. However the data collection is an important part but your voice and the ability to catch hold the attention of the audience is the major role you play.
An introductory formal talking session was held between the teachers and the students where they were introduced to different types of debates and the key points to remember. The highlight of the debate was the catchy and innovative topics such as pros and cons of social media, animal cloning, fast food chains, preferences of story books of cartoons, zoos or wildlife parks, money and talent vs luck etc where in the learners presented their perspective with confidence. It is always a learning experience to hold and attend such intellectual sessions and this is how we create lifelong learners.
“To be a champion, compete; to be a great champion, compete with the best; but to be the greatest champion, compete with yourself.” Matshona Dhliwayo Learning can be anywhere anytime. Our TMS Students are the best examples of that. They have participated in many online competitions among them one was “Spin A Yarn “which was the best example of their creativity and enthusiasm. TMS Surat stars were divided into groups and they have depicted a story in the form of pictures or acting. The children have also dressed according to their story. The story was selected by themselves and it was narrated by them on virtual platform one by one. It was truly amazing experience for both teachers and students.The competitive nature of children was really appreciable. It helped children to build up their speaking ability and fluency in English.According to the name of competition how the yarn will be converted to cloth slowly one by one , the same way the children have continued the story one by one. They have provided the best example of their ability to do something in this pandemic situation and hope it will be carried on.
"Hai jis se desh ki shaan, meri Hindi bhasha hai mahaan". With this slogan we at Millennium School Surat celebrated the Hindi Diwas Programme on the virtual platform on 14th September 2020. Our children from Grade I to Grade V reinforced the importance and beauty of Hindi language as they celebrated Hindi Divas with full energy, enthusiasm and vigor. It was interesting to hear our little ones recite poems of great Hindi poets like Shri Harivansh Rai Bachan. Forceful speeches and lovely performances ranging from historical characters like Rani Laxmibai, Mahatma Gandhiji to an Indian jawan pouring out his feelings for his nation further enhanced the celebration. Beautiful posters of Hindi Divas adorned the backdrop when the children performed. This celebration in itself is a matter of great pride for us and it is proof enough that Hindi is and will always remain an important language and in it's advancement lies our progress. Jai Hind.
That’s the thing about the books. They let you travel without moving your feet’ Books have always been an eternal part of our lives. They let us dive through tides of beautiful imagination, adding up to our vocabulary and contents to our memory lanes.
They are the treasure of endless knowledge, stories and information. Make them your best friends because they are going to boost your ideas and thought process and make you smarter everyday.
15th August, Independence day was the day which marked the beginning of the new era for our multicultural, multilingual land and brought freedom of living. It was a joyful breeze throughout when the national leaders took the nation chores in their hands. When our country which is the perfect epitome of Unity in Diversity, was gearing up for the 74th Independence day celebration, keeping to the constraints of the present situation in mind, TMS went on for a virtual celebration because the zeal of innate patriotism and love for our Hindustan seeks no boundaries. To ensure the enthusiasm and the pride of celebrating our nation's freedom, various activities like poster making, slogans, speech, preparing tricolour dishes, PPT and video presentations and enacting freedom fighters were held live alongwith the National Anthem. In this pandemic without holding any limitations in our hearts, the live session exhibited dutiful citizens who were costumed in tricolour which is the symbol of our freedom, courage, peace and unity. The students and the teachers were high spirited and expressed their fondness for our motherland because this land of Himalayas, pilgrimage, culture and diversity will always be our pride and our first love. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.
Students of TMS Surat celebrated Independence Day to promote nationalism and patriotism towards the nation. It is not only the day to remember the sacrifice of our freedom fighters which serves as a beacon of light for the development of our country but also time to show our gratitude towards their contribution towards our nation.
Our children prepared a special assembly, sang rhythmic patriotic songs and made wonderful posters to exhibit and respect their love towards our motherland.
Children spoke confidently on the topic - “My Contribution to my Nation". Wherein children urged the need to respect the contributions of our senior citizens to the society by obeying them and taking good care of them.
They also emphasized on the three R's reduce,reuse,recycle to make our country pollution free. They propagated the slogan, “I will follow the 3 R's - Reduce , Reuse and Recycle to save our environment”
They also promised themselves to set their hearts to make India the land of opportunities, growth, and prosperity with their words, deeds, and acts. They would contribute to India by doing any social service that can enhance the development and progress of India. It was overwhelming and heartening to hear our children discuss their ideas on conservation of trees, water , electricity and maintaining cleanliness in the country. Thus the celebration en kindled the zeal of patriotism in the minds of children and they were able to uplift the sense of human excellence and enjoy the spirit of freedom.
If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put teachers. They are society’s heroes. – Guy Kawasaki Amidst the lockdown, not been able to see their idols and role models physically, how could have the children missed celebrating the day dedicated to the communicators across generations and culture, the compassionate hearts that are responsible for shaping the future of our nation, The Teachers! They are the ones who push the children to their limits and bring out the best creativity from them. Be it shaping the ideas and opinions, appreciation, providing guidance, inspiration, motivating to keep their academic goals on track, teachers cum educators have always been there with the commencement of the beautiful journey at every stage a child goes through during his/her education. From being patient and passionate for their work, instead of being a teacher they have always been second parents to the children. It is truly said that if there were no teachers, all other professions would not exist because they are our inspiration to dream big and thrive to conquer the world. To greet their gurus, the students of Grade 4 to 8, hosted a surprise virtual celebration full of love and giggles where they presented beautiful poems, messages, dance performances, art and craft work to express their fondness for their loving educators. They exhibited a great example of teamwork working as anchors, artists, editors and performers. The students left no stone unturned as they made every bit feel special and nothing could have been a better eye pleaser than seeing them showering warmth and joy towards their lockdown saviours and evergreen heroes of the society because it is always the teacher who creates a society of education on the foundation of dedication and willingness. And that’s what keeps us flourishing throughout our lives.
By Students of Class VIII
Father is a child's first superhero. The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature. He adds beauty to our life which no one else can. He does everything to bring a smile on the face of his child. In order to honor fatherhood and the influence of fathers in society. Father's day was celebrated with great excitement at TMS Surat (Class I -II).
Children made marvelous cards, badges and wrote wonderful messages on it to portray their love for their fathers.
Teachers instilled the value of respect and responsibility in children and made this a very special day for fathers
"IT TAKES SOMEONE BRAVE TO BE A MOTHER, SOMEONE STRONG TO RAISE A CHILD AND SOMEONE SPECIAL TO LOVE SOMEONE MORE THAN HERSELF" To cherish and to celebrate this Mother's Day, our enthusiastic students have showcased their creativity by making cards, poems and a much more for their mothers.. "AN ENTHUSIASTIC HEART FIND OPPORTUNITIES EVERYWHERE" This pandemic situation has not stopped the excitement of students to show their love towards motherhood, care, love and affection of their mothers this Mother's Day.
“Heroes are made in the hour of defeat. Success is, therefore, well described as a series of glorious defeats.” 2nd October, 1869 was the day when our nation got its precious jewel in the name of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He is not only the father of nation but also was an epitope of patience, equality and bravery. His philosophies of ahimsa, truth, bravery, untouchability and equality have been prevailing all around the nation and that is why we take pride in celebrating the day as Gandhi jayanti, the day of Mahatma. He was a simple man with vast ideas. Although known and respected as the biggest contributor in the freedom of our country but he was also a very good writer and nominated five times for Nobel peace prize. To keep his philosophies glorified and to spread the message all around by our younger generation, a virtual celebration was held at TMS where a special assembly was arranged by students of grade IV to VIII. Bapu's memories were cherished by singing beautiful prayer Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, talking about his philosophies, his contribution to our country, presenting posters and how he became Bapu of our nation. GREAT CHANGES COME WITH SMALL STEP (CRITICAL THINKERS) If there was a 4th monkey out of Gandhiji's 3 famous monkeys, what would it depict? An interesting task was taken over by all the children was to contribute a 4th monkeys to the group of three monkeys of bapu and shared their beautiful views as if there would have been the 4th monkey, what message it would have given. It was wonderful listening to the children as they presented the fourth monkey's messages as equality, honesty, bravery, education, security, Liberty, unity, etc. Here's a glimpse of the day.
• Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday in India
celebrated on 2nd October. This day is
celebrated in the honor of the birthday of the
Father of the nation, Mohandas Karamchand
Gandhi, popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi
or Bapuji. Internationally this day is celebrated
as the International Day of Non-Violence as
Gandhiji was the preacher of non-violence. He
is a symbol of peace and truth. Our students at
TMS remember Gandhi's ideology and paid
homage to him through poem,song.elocution
and storytelling.
"The more you celebrate your life the more you have in your life to celebrate" No matter what the surroundings are, adding colours and rhythm to every page of your life brings up a new smile. Although the lockdown has boundaries to physically enjoy festivities but TMS family is always prepared to shimmer with fun, frolic and excitement. To honour goddess Durga, the feminine form of divinity, her beautiful nine forms and nine nights festivity, a virtual garba celebration was held from RTF to class XII. The blend of colours, attires, love for the festival and energy with a positive flow were enlightening for everyone who joined the virtual celebration.
The event started with a beautiful prayer offering to Maa Durga and further was followed by the garba tunes and steps that jiggled our hearts. Since it was virtual, all of us missed the group twirling and whirling with huge giggles but it was no way less than the physical celebration. Take a look at the glimpses of wonderful performances which will fill your heart with prosperity and happiness.
• NEP- 2020 stresses on the ‘importance of re-
establishing teachers at all levels as the most
essential part of the society because they shape
the next generation’ (Page 3: NEP, 2020).
Millennium Schools have always placed the
facilitators at the core of the system and has
believed in training, supporting and empowering
students by Grade 3.
material to ensure that each learner has got a
good foundation in basic literacy and numeracy
by the time the learner reaches Grade 1 as well
as bridge gaps through Bridge Curriculum and
PEP worksheets
the learners to choose his/ her learning
trajectory and life path.
strength through different cocurricular
Vocational integration in MLS from Grade 6.
NEP focuses on Formative Assessment than Summative
assessment with 360 degree feedback
The Millennium System has always followed
continuous skill-based assessment (CA) of the learners.
LM – Follows formative assessments and monthly
report cards
provided for every chapter in every subject includes
students’ reflection on his own performance section
making it 360 degree .
Millennium has always been
inclusive and never discriminated
core of Millennium- Smart classes,
online classes, virtual classroom,
ERP, MIS, MAS etc.
sustained research and regular assessment by
educational experts.
monitoring and reporting being done through
Management Information System (MIS). MEM
also tracks student wise progress for achieving
desired learning outcomes through online
Millennium Assessment System (MAS) which is
inbuilt in the MEM- ERP.
Essential Skills to be learnt in schools
• NEP 2020 (Pg:15): These skills include
scientific temper and evidence based
thinking; creativity and innovativeness; sense
of aesthetics and arts; oral and written
communication; health and nutrition;
work; problem solving and logical reasoning;
vocational exposure and skills; digital literacy,
coding and computational thinking; ethical
and moral reasoning; gender sensitivity;
environmental awareness, awareness of
of current affairs of the country and world and
so forth.
is taught and nurtured at Millennium Schools.
• NEP recommends revamping of the
assessment system (pg:18) into a skill
based one as well as proposes revamping
of the progress cards into a more holistic
with not only teacher assessment but also
self- assessment and peer assessment.
MLS already has got an assessment
system and a holistic progress card of the
child which fulfills most of the parameters
mentioned in the NEP 2020 including self-
assessment done by the child.
• NEP (pg:18) recommends examinations conducted by an
authority at the end of grades 3, 5 and 8 apart from grades
10 and 12.
school exams to understand the different learning levels of
the learners as well as the improvisation that needs to be
taken care by the school.
• NEP also proposes the setting up of National Assessment
Centre (PARAKH) (NEP pg: 19).
Millennium Schools has always had audits by MEM
wherein the assessment of the school’s performance is
done annually based on predetermined criteria followed by
a detailed MIS report being sent to the schools.
• NEP (pg:19) stresses on training the teachers to nurture
talents in the learners.
learners is one core concept of the Millennium Philosophy
which is followed from the pre-primary classes.