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  • 1.Using Instagram as a marketing tool

2. Members of the Group Kara Rennie Ashley Dann Aldredge Pinto Lucy Hoang 3. What is Instagram? Originally an iPhone app launched October 2010 A social network where people share, like and commenton photos Photos can be linked/shared on Facebook, twitter andemail Photos are taken on an iPhone or Android and editedwith filters and blured to make them look professional These photos are used for personal sharing and companyadvertising Bought by Facebook for $1 billion in April 2012 but willremain independently managed 4. Who uses Instagram? 14 million users, growing by 2 million/month Outgrowing Foursquare (largest mobile social) Mobile is huge and still growing Social is for everyone, average age is growing Visual content is engaging Storytelling by visual is powerful 5. Ten best branded companies: Annies Homegrown Billboard Brisk The Boston Celtics Coach Forever21 PepsiMAX Puma Sharpie Starbucks 6. Why use Instagram for yourbusiness? iPhone photographers app of choice use your images to build connections allows b2b marketers to curate, promote andengage their most avid customers grants businesses access to how customers andprospects are visually reacting to their space Make special offers and products stand out Instagram is all about getting creative and use itto aid in social media marketing. 7. How to use Instagram forMarketing Event Marketing Contests Geo - tagging Find your target market through searchingthrough filters Helps promote your products and services Creates conversation between you andaudience (customers) 8. 4 Tips to use Instagram at yourdealership YouTube video for Instagram 9. Cited: Wikipedia: Amanda DiSilvestro. (May 11, 2012). How to Use Instagram to Improve YourLanding Page. In Two-sided Perspective. Retrieved May 28,2012, from . (May 18, 2012). The 10 Best-Branded Companies on Instagram. In hubspot.Retrieved May 28,2012, from Alicia Eler. (March 14, 2012).Why do People Use Instagram? Read Write Web.Retrieved May 28,2012from Jessica Torres. (April 30, 2012). Why Bloggers Should Use Instagram. Business 2Blogger. Retrieved May 28, 2012 from Pintrest: Twitter: @kararennie10, @AshleyDann2, @aldredgepinto, @lucyhoang