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An overview of Mission Lazarus Inc. Mission Lazarus is a holistic ministry that focuses on basic primary education, skill development, health education and treatment, agricultural development, and preaching and teaching the Word of God.

Transcript of Mission Lazarus Overview

  • 1. Mission Lazarus Enriching Mind, Body & Soul

2. Four areas of focus Spiritual Educational Medical Agricultural 3. Mission Lazarus Refuge brings the four focuses to one location 4. Other areas 5. Spiritual Ministry Collaboration with 17 Congregations 6. Spiritual 7. Choluteca 8. 9. Mission Lazarus provides for congregations

  • Resources forGospel Meetings
  • Bibles
  • Song Books
  • Counsel, Advice,& Encouragement
  • Legal Status fromHonduran Government
  • Vehicles
  • Special Programs (ie: nutrition program, seminars, child sponsorship, medical brigades)

10. Educational Ministry

  • Four Early ChildhoodDevelopment Centers (ECDC/CIDT)
  • 2 Vocational Sewing Schools
  • 1 Carpentry School
  • Christian Leader Training Center
    • Preacher training school

11. Early Childhood Development Centers

  • Ciudad Nueva (Limon)
  • Monjaras
  • San Marcos de Colon
  • Duyure
  • Focus on poorest of the poor
  • Max enrollment is 150 children
  • Each center has 1 director, 5 teachers, 2 cooks, & 2 guards
  • Children provided with education,2 meals/day, love, & pay L.10 per month ($0.50)
  • Community Outreach, no stringsattached gesture of Gods love

12. Vocational Sewing Schools

  • San Marcos de Colon
  • Ciudad Nueva (Limon)
  • Focus is on women without skills
  • Learn a trade that will provide for their families
  • Program lasts 2 years
  • Approximately 20 students in each school

13. Carpentry School

  • Hacienda Mission Lazarus
  • Equipped primarily by ACU with used industrial wood working equipment
  • Focuses on children from theRefuge as well assurrounding villages
  • Program lasts two years

14. Christian Leadership Training Center

  • Meets in downtown Choluteca on weekends.
  • 2 year program.
  • Local preachers are teachers.
  • Approximately 40 students currently enrolled.
  • Focuses on church members from the regions who want to become more active

15. Medical Ministry

  • Clinica Lzaro Las Pitas
  • Clinica Lzaro Cedeo (opens 2010)
  • Nutrition Program Entire Choluteca Region
  • Family Program Entire Choluteca Region

16. Clinica Lzaro

  • Full operating Clinic
  • 3,000+ families on file
  • Open 3 days per week inLas Pitas
  • Staffs full time Doctor, Nurse,Pharmacist, Guard, Driver,Evangelist
  • Meredith Jones isDirector of Health Services
  • 2008 womens healthservices are offered providingdetection of cancer & otherdiseases through Pap smears

17. Nutrition Program

  • 80 children currently sponsored.
  • Receive sack of nutritious food& medical check up everymonth.
  • Family receives 4 laying hensupon entering program.
  • Program lasts one year, childgraduates or is removed fromprogram.
  • Serves as church outreach inareas served, no stringsattached gesture of Gods love.

18. Family Program

  • Goal is to work with at riskfamilies so that they will nothave children in thenutrition program.
  • Families receive monthlyvisits to learn about healthand hygiene.
  • Families also receivemedical check ups.
  • Serves at a church outreachthroughout the Cholutecaregion.

19. Agricultural

  • Mission Lazarus Hacienda
  • Serves at Outreach tool for training seminars for local Campesino (Peasant) farmers.
  • Serves as outreach tool for training seminars for major area cattle and milk producers.
  • Serves at outreach to US college students through crop and animal studies with Abilene Christian University.
  • Vocational training for children of the Mission Lazarus Refuge.
  • Source of income for Mission Lazarus Refuge.

20. Agricultural - Outreaches

  • Drip Kit seminars train campesinos how to raise a garden in the dry season and how to make organic fertilizer (compost).
  • Artificial Insemination seminars train area cattlemen on advantages of using AI and how to AI a cow.
  • Corn variety test with ACU dept of Agriculture & Environmental Studies - 2007.
  • Legume forage study with ACU dept of Agriculture & Environmental Studies - 2008.

21. Agricultural - Vocational Training forMission Lazarus Refuge

  • Children will begin to care for calves and production cows.
  • Children will have riding & horsemanship lessons.
  • Children will learn how to begin a family garden and will maintain a garden year round.

22. Agricultural Mission Lazarus Hacienda, a Business

  • Dairy & Beef Cattle
  • Milking herd of 60 head of cattle
    • 17 Holstein heifers imported from New Zealand.
    • Brahman, jersey, holstein crosses
  • Beef herd of 10 Brangus heifers.
  • Approximately 60 calves

23. Dairy Business

  • Currently producing 450 - 500 liters per day in rainy season.
  • Goal of 1000 liters per day.
  • Milk is sold locally for $0.40 per liter(~ $1.60 per gallon).
  • Milk is provided to Mission Lazarus Refuge.
  • Milk is provided Nutrition Program.
  • Milk is provided to ECDC.

24. Beef Business

  • 10 brangus heifers
  • New heifer calves will be added to the herd.
  • New bull calves will be sold or fattened for use within the Refuge.
  • Goal is to grow to beef herd to 30 Brangus cows.
  • Steers will be sold for around $0.50 per pound, 2x US price.

25. Pork Business

  • 1 boar & 5 sows.
  • Piglets are sold at 3 months.
  • Pork will be provided to Mission Lazarus Refuge.

26. Coffee Business

  • Approximately 30 acres in production.
  • Old coffee trees are being pruned for new growth to increase yields (approximately 2/3 of plants).
  • Over grown shade trees are being pruned to allow for more sunlight.
  • Plan is to double in size within the next 5 years.
  • Coffee is roasted and sold for $12 per 1 1/2lb bag.
  • Goal is for ML to retail all coffee.
  • Coffee cooperative pays $1.70 per pound of unroasted beans.
  • Coffee is 100% organic
  • High elevation - over 4000 ft- grown
  • Arabica beans.

27. Timber Business

  • 350 acres of Pine & Oak forest where coffee plantation is located.
  • Vast amounts of mature timber that NEEDS to be harvested.
  • 2008 & 2009 pines infested with Pine Bark Beetle were harvested.
  • 120 cubic meters
  • Net $5000 for ML
  • Private forestry technicians estimate we have around $150,000.00 of mature timber that needs to be harvested.
  • A Plan de Manejo or management plan that is required by Honduras government is currently in the works.
  • Once completed we can begin the process of obtaining permits to harvest Pine timber.

28. Reforestation

  • 2007 - 5000 Pine trees planted at the Mission Lazarus Hacienda.
  • 2008/9 - 40,000 trees planted
      • Varieties Include
        • Pine
        • Guanacaste
        • Spanish Cedar
        • Mahogany
        • Eucalyptus
  • Trees provide an Environmental Endowment for Mission Lazarus.
  • Board foot of Spanish Cedar currently $2.00

29. Mission Lazarus Refuge

  • Focuses on natural siblings, orphaned, abandoned, & neglected.
  • Currently 30 children custody of Mission Lazarus.
  • 6 homes at Mission Lazarus Refuge open that can house a maximum of 10 children & 2 Tias or Aunts.
  • Currently are waiting to have more children assigned to us by child protective services.

30. Mission Lazarus Refuge Staff

  • Delia Solis US educated local director
  • Allison Brown - Director of Social Services - Areas of Focus:
      • Includes Physical & Mental health at Refuge.
      • Providing oversight and mentoring to Delia Solis.