Minions assemble!!!

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Minions assemble!!!. GET READY FOR A QUIZ!!!. This quiz is based upon…. The reading material… The vocabulary words… The questions listed throughout… AND… The end of section questions!!! You need a sheet of paper and a writing instrument. READY???. This should be interesting…. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Minions assemble!!!

Minions assemble!!!

GET READY FOR A QUIZ!!!Minions assemble!!!The reading materialThe vocabulary wordsThe questions listed throughoutANDThe end of section questions!!!

You need a sheet of paper and a writing instrument.

READY???This quiz is based uponGet Ready!!!This should be interestingDefine:

SCIENCEQuestion #1Define:

OBSERVINGQuestion #2Give me three QUALITATIVE OBSERVATIONS from this picture.Question #3

Give me three QUANTITATIVE OBSERVATIONS from this picture.Question #4

What can you INFER from this picture?

Question #5

Using PREDICTION, what do you think will happen next, and why?

Question #6

Where would you find


In your home?

Question #7Where would you find


In your home?

Question #8Statement, Observation, or Inference:

It must be raining outside.Question #9

Question #10How did we do?

HmmmWhat were our strengths and weaknesses?

So..I want you to write a poem using all 10 of the vocabulary from section 2 (pages 10-17 in your textbook).

The vocabulary must be used in a way that explains the meaning.

Mr. Scott will let you know how long you have to work on this!!!

Muah-ha-ha-ha!(Evil scientist laugh)POEM!!!