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Minimalism By: Lauren Kahrs, Michelle Flora, Whitney TempletonWhat you see is what you see Frank StellaBackground Began in New York in the 1960sInfluenced by traditional Japanese designReaction to abstract expressionism

Defining MinimalismSimplicityNo meaningUnityRealisticGeometric

Minimalist artFocuses on shape, line, color, and valueRepetitive patternsIndustrial materialsTexture and surfaceBasic objectsFrank StellaBorn May 12, 1936Inspired from New York art galleriesStudied art at Phillips Academy and PrincetonLearned to paint from an abstractionistMain figure of the art movementStellas StyleFlatness and quality of the objects

Geometric shapes and use of color

Three dimensional paintings


The Black Paintings Geometric Variations

Donald JuddBorn June 3, 1928Studied philosophy at Columbia UniversityMajored in art historyEnrolled in Art Students League Art critic for American art magazines

Judds StyleUsed repetitive geometric shapesColorful and shiny materialsBoxes- unity, space and balanceStacks- color, light and materialsProgressions- movement




Sol LewittBorn September 9, 1928Mother took him to art lessonsStudied at The School of Visual Arts in 1953Working at The Museum of Modern Art influenced his later work

Lewitts StyleUsed mostly squares and cubesShifted from 3D to wall paintingsBecame interested in curvilinear shapesTo recreate art, to start from square one Lewitt

Painted wood

Wall Drawing #122

Dan FlavinBorn April 1, 1933Started drawing at a young ageObserved lighting and structure of buildingsTook art classes at University of MarylandArt history degree from Columbia

Flavins StyleLight installationsInteraction of light and colorDetailed planning using math for accuracy

A Retrospective


Other types of minimalismLifestyleMusicArchitectureDesign

Philip GlassMusic with repetitive structureSlow soundsContinually added small changes Composed 80 symphoniesHad a captivating effect lifestyleLiving a simplistic lifestyleOnly owning things necessary for livingAchieving happiness through life ReactionsArt and Objecthood Michael FriedConfusing the categories of art and objectTurning point in the history of modern artControversy over definition of artNo aesthetic qualities