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  1. 1. MOBILE
  2. 2. Mobile Info. Mobile channels: 1. USSD Start Smart Example. 2. IVR Unilever IVR Radio 3. Couponing Unilever Deals. 4. Gamification SAB example. Contents 5. Mobile web Samsung Apps Store Example. 6. SMS Marketing example. Inbound example. 7. Sponsored Calls 8. Mobile media Examples Useful Stats
  3. 3. USSD U N STR U C TU R ED SU PPLEMEN TA RY SERVIC E D ATA 182 alphanumeric characters in length. Real-time connection remains open, allowing a two-way exchange of a sequence of data. This makes USSD more responsive than services that use SMS. Low cost, low touch and high reach service channel. All handsets. This session-based USSD standard is available on more than 99% of mobile handsets currently in use globally. Ideal channel for services such as mobile banking, mobile commerce, etc. Purina Husky USSD competition. Unique codes on pack to enter and therefore validate purchase. LSM 1-7 HOW IT WORKS SUPPORTS USED FOR
  4. 4. USSD EXPLAINED SO WHAT IS USSD? USSD# Mobi4ckets.com# Hi#John# Select#Op4ons# 1"#My#Profile# 2""New#events# 3"#Compe44ons# 4"#Refer#Friend# ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Reply" * 120* 555# USSDFUNCTIONS CRM TRANSACTIONS CONSUMERFEEDBACK PROMOTIONS USERPROFILING SURVEYS USSD# Mobi4ckets.com# Hi#John# Select#Op4ons# 1"#My#Profile# 2""New#events# 3"#Compe44ons# 4"#Refer#Friend# ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Reply"
  5. 5. USSD
  6. 6. USSD USSD works on all phones including entry level handsets. It provides an interactive alternative for people who do not have access to mobile internet. A lite version of the content and functionality offered on the mobi site, can also be provided via USSD application.
  8. 8. USSD MIMONEY SHOW CASE USSD is an under rated but powerful mobile channel working on all handsets and all networks. Its ubiquity is its strength! South Africa is by far a feature phone market so we used USSD to cater for users who do not have smart phones or GPS capabilities. Users wanting to find their nearest MiMoney merchant can dial the USSD number and choose to search for a merchant by store name, or browse to a merchant through province and suburb levels. Once a store has been found, users can opt to have the store details sent to their mobile phone as an SMS for future reference. To try it out, dial *120*773# from your mobile phone.
  10. 10. IVR IN TER A C TIVE VOIC E R ESPON SE IVR allows customers to interact with a companys host system via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition, after which they can service their own inquiries by following the IVR dialogue. All handsets. Excellent medium for delivery of information. Works on all phones and can offer multiple languages. It is possible to setup the service to respond to sms or please call me requests where the customer can be called directly back with the appropriate promotional information. The customer may also make an initial language selection. LSM 1-10 HOW IT WORKS SUPPORTS USED FOR
  11. 11. IVR EXAMPLE
  12. 12. COUPONING SERVIC E A simple, intuitive experience to sign up from any internet- enabled device, select coupons from across the portfolio of Unilever Deals channels, add to basket and redeem in store at the consumers convenience. Unilever Deals integration with social networks allows users to share deals with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. The adaptive solution renders perfectly across multiple device types, from a low-end feature phone to a desktop device. HOW IT WORKS SUPPORTS USED FOR
  13. 13. COUPONING
  16. 16. MOBILE WEB SERVIC E The Mobile web refers to access to the internet from a mobile device. Supports an array of functionality. HOW IT WORKS SUPPORTS
  17. 17. SA MSU N G A PPS STOR E SERVIC E ( M . Z A . S A M S U N G A P P S . C O M )
  18. 18. SMS SH OR T MESSA GE SERVIC E 160 characters. All handsets. Normally used as a feedback loop to either confirm customer details or transactions like competition entry. Also often used to deliver alert services and coupons. LSM 1-10 HOW IT WORKS SUPPORTS USED FOR
  19. 19. Get R10 off 700g Sasko WhiteBread & Clover2L Full Cream Milk @ Shoprite. Go to www.shoprite.mobi to receive WiCode. Give code @till Valid until 5 May S M S C A L L T O A C T I O N W I T H M O B I S I T E U R L E M B E D D E D I N B O D Y O F T E X T M E S S A G E Get R10 off 700g Sasko WhiteBread & Clover2L Full Cream Milk @Checkers. Dial*120*885*1# for WiCode. Give [email protected] Valid until 5May. 10p/p TOP*130*159*1#20c/ 20sec S M S C A L L T O A C T I O N W I T H U S S D S T R I N G E M B E D D E D I N B O D Y O F T E X T M E S S A G E &/ OR SMS MARKETING
  20. 20. SMS INBOUND
  21. 21. SPONSORED CALLS KIM DIALS *134*130*0736788342# JESS RECEIVES AN SMS AT THE END OF THE CALL You too can call a friend for free. Dial *134*130Friend Number# AUDIO AD INSERT BEFORE CALL CONNECT 1. 2. 3. CALL ANYONE AT ANYTIME FOR FREE!
  23. 23. TEXT ADS
  27. 27. THEMED SITE TAKEOVERS Top Bottom
  28. 28. PLEASE-CALL-ME *140*0821234567# DIAL FROM: 0827654321 Please call +27827654321. (AD) R200,000 Life Cover for around R79pm. SMS Life to 31823 for a 1LifeDirect quote. Risk dependent SMS R1. FSP24769 Party A sends the Please-call-me command with party Bs mobile number for free Party B receives an SMS with the Please-call-me message along with the advert Call to action bolt-on options (receiver only) Click to go to mobile site Click to call Please Call Me Back Click to survey Click to reward Click to survey and reward
  30. 30. TOP 10 SITES IN SOUTH AFRICA (OPERA) - 2014 SOUTH AFRICA 1. google.com 2. facebook.com 3. wikipedia.org 4. youtube.com 5. whatsapp.com 6. yahoo.com 7. zamob.com 8. twitter.com 9. mxit.com 10. wordpress.com
  31. 31. Thank you