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2. In 1996 it took 25 mins to download 1 song 3. Now it takes 25 seconds on your mobile phone 3 To update this brand zone text, on the Insert tab, click Header & Footer 4. Facebook has reached 1,000,000,000 ++ users 5. Hes made a lot of money 5To update this brand zone text, on the Insert tab, click Header & Footer 6. 6How many of you knew this guy 1 year ago? 7. The world is going through a period of profound change7 To update this brand zone text, on the Insert tab, click Header & Footer 8. Its happening quickly and its driven by technology and the internet 9. What does this mean for Vietnam? 10. The landscape is changing fast 88% 88% 86%73% 67% 63%67% 55%51% 45%201040% 39% 34%36%21% 15% 12%11%11% 5%TV Daily10Cable TV DailyNewspaper Daily20087%Magazine Daily14% 11% 6%Radio DailyCinema MonthlySource: 3D 2012 (3,010), 2010 (2,924), 2008 (2,969) urban adults aged 15-45Outdoor Daily Internet Daily2012 11. Internet consumption has grown over the past 5 years, as time spent watching TV has declined 140134Average Minutes Spent Per Day 12474 32344439 17All TelevisionNewspaper84221614Magazine 2008201013Radio16Internet2012Although time spent watching TV is decreasing, people increasingly watch TV online and/or on mobile device. In 2012 19% of urban adults has watched LIVE TV online in the last month, (15% in 2010). These people mostly watch on the internet (16%), followed by on mobile phones (4%), and on iPad/ Tablet (1%). 11Source: 3D 2012 (3,010), 2010 (2,924), 2008 (2,969) urban adults aged 15-45 12. The increase in time spent online compared with time spent watching TV is most visible amongst Men 25-34 M 16-24 130 135 126F 16-24117147127137126 102 104852008 632010 2012TVInternet-4min+42minM 25-34TV -21min146134 118 113Internet +41minF 25-44 136 129103 81 45425722 TV -21min 12Internet +58minTVInternet-17min+35minSource: 3D 2012 (3,010), 2010 (2,924), 2008 (2,969) urban adults aged 15-45 13. Changing attitudes towards media and advertisement TV commercials provide truthful information I trust TV news to report accurately2012The last 5 years show a412010482008downward502012492010572008 I trust newspapers to report accurately622012472010Urban adults dont just believe what they are being told anymore.512008552012 I like watching TV advertising432010492008612012I have less and less trust in companies and brands602010542008530 13trend in trust in advertisement and traditional media.2040Source: 3D 2012 (3,010), 2010 (2,924), 2008 (2,969) urban adults aged 15-4560The number of people who like TV advertising has dropped significantly 80 % 14. The decreasing trust in traditional media goes alongside an upward trend in online media Across the Asia-pacific region, Vietnam has the highest video viewing penetration: 89.8% reach of web population*Social network penetration% 807270 60 50 3840 30 202010 0 200820102012Vietnamese people are curious and they actively look for information themselves. Social media serves as an expansion of WOM: People share opinions, ask questions and so they look for their own truth, not the truth of the advertiser. 14Source: 3D 2012 (1,790), 2010 (1,575), 2008 (1,282) urban adults aged 15-45 who use the internet * ComScore Data Gem 15. 134 minutes online per day 63% of all adults has used the internet in the last 3 months. These adults go online 26 times a month and on an average day they spend 134 minutes online.% 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0Internet penetration 84%Time of day usually go online7080 72606350 47403730 202310 All M 16- F 16- M 25- F 25adults 24 24 34 440Internet penetration is skewed towards the young audiences15Source: 3D 2012Base: 3,010 urban adults aged 15-45, of who 1,790 use internet 16. 72% of adults has a social network 72% of online adults has a social network. On average, these people visit their social network(s) 27 times a month. Social Network penetration% 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0727984 6862All M 16- F 16-24 M 25- F 25-44 adults 24 34Having a social network is skewed towards the younger online adults16Source: 3D 2012% 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0Social Network have a profile on 847978777478 58455742 30 17M16-24 Yahoo!1614F16-24 Facebook26M25-34 ZingMe13F25-44 Google+Amongst the older adults, Yahoo! has a definite lead over Facebook, whereas amongst the younger adults, Yahoo! and Facebook are almost evenly popular.Base: 1,790 urban adults who use internet, of who 1,253 social network 17. Mobile Internet 51% of the online adults use mobile internet, with an average of 27 times a month. %Mobile internet penetration100% 50904080Time of day use mobile internet30 2270 6059 5150302061 5210 44 040 3020 10 0 All M 16-24 F 16-24 M 25-34 F 25-44 adults17Source: 3D 2012Using mobile internet is quite spread over the day, which is the convenience of going online on your phoneBase: 1,790 urban adults who use internet, of who 996 use mobile internet 18. People read newspapers cross platform % 90 80More females than males read hard copy newspapers, whereas males are more likely to read a newspaper website than females.8070 5660Reading the news via apps is still very low amongst Vietnamese adults. Males, and especially young males, are more likely to use newspaper apps.50 40 30 20 10522220 A hard copy Newspaper Smartphone iPad/tablet Shared links website app appAll adults18Source: 3D 2012M16-24F16-24M25-34Base: 2,118 urban adults who read/buy newspapersEmail bulletinsF25-44Other 19. and magazines More females than males read hard copy magazines, especially the 25-45 females. Males are more likely to read a magazine online than females.% 100908280Reading magazines via apps is still low, but there is a skew towards the young females and males.70 60 4850 40 30 20710320 A hard copyMagazine website Smartphone appAll adults 19Source: 3D 2012M16-24F16-24iPad/tablet appM25-34Base: 898 urban adults who read/buy magazinesF25-44Other 20. Radio is consumed through mobile phones 32% of the urban adults has listened to the radio in the last month. These adults listen to the radio 20 times a month, for an average of 50 minutes. Radio stations listened to in last 7 daysBy mobile phone Through a radio setOn a radio cassette Via public loudspeakersIn car/ taxiOn the internet20Source: 3D 2012VOV116% Hanoi 50%VOV138%Voice of Ha Noi27%VOV319%Xone FM18%17%Radio stations listened to in last 7 days16%33%Xone FM46%48%VOV Giao Thong14%66%Voice of Binh Duong4% 3%VOV Giao Thong Voice of HCMHow usually listen to the radioHCMC8%Base: 922 urban adults who listen to the radio HCMC (331), Hanoi (126) 21. Consumer experience of the world does not fit in neat boxes 22. The lines between the real and virtual worlds are disappearingThe lines between the real and the virtual world are disappearing 23. What we as marketers call digital has just been absorbed into consumers daily lives Mail is just Email or Messaging Music is just MP3 Photo Albums are just FacebookVideos on Tablet, PC or Mobile are just the new TV Conversations are on Facebook Games are just played online, with friends, in social networks Mobile phones are just something they use to pass the time when they are bored, and they use them to interact with whatever is around them 24. Our customers are the best integrated marketers out thereYour customers do not see the lines we see between channels They do not perceive how you communicate with them in the digital space as separate to the real world They are experts at connecting the two together already What they see on TV or Posters or in Newspapers, or at an event, or anywhere else in the real world they share and act on online That is the biggest opportunity in 2013 25. 25 26. In the technology revolution, things change daily1. Content is now more liquid 2. Communication is always on 3. And advertising is about Orchestration, not just IntegrationPost digital communication is always on 27. Integration happens around social and mobile 28. Social listening becomes even more important for brands 29. Mobile devices are a key connector 30. Commerce gets legs and goes mobile 31. MOBILE IS THE MOST OVERHYPED MEDIUM IN THE SHORT TERM AND THE MOST UNDERHYPED MEDIUM IN THE LONG TERM. MARTIN SORRELL, CEO, WPP 32. Customer service becomes more integrated with marketing 33. Think MobileThink SocialDont think in boxes! 34. Beware the Cargo Cult mentality 35. THANK YOU!