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  • 1. I wonder ifthis comesoffUsing Mind Maps in Software TestingPekka MarjamkiProtecting the irreplaceable | f-secure.com

2. Start with a joke http://blog.iqmatrix.com/wp-content/gallery/life-success-series/how-to-be-funny.jpg 3. Map of the test area3 6/1/2012 F-Secure 4. Collaborate A group can use a mind maptogether VoIP + OnlineMindmap4 6/1/2012 F-Secure 5. Modify to suit the needThis is not a bug its a feature. Why isnt this working?Could this be abusiness risk?5 6/1/2012 F-Secure 6. Radiate information Visualize the effort6 6/1/2012 F-Secure 7. The meat and potatoes Easy to modify to suit different needs Visualization Online solutions and collaboration Radiate information7 6/1/2012 F-Secure 8. Thank you! Twitter: @pekkamarjamaki Skype: anttipekkamarjamaki Email: [email protected] Blog: http://how-do-i-test.blogspot.com / http://mitenmatestaan.blogspot.com F-Secure