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2. PUZZLE 1A Drink Too Far! One man walked into a bar and ordered a drink with ice. He drank it quickly and left the bar.Another man walked into the bar and sat down in theexact same seat as the man before. He ordered theexact same drink in the exact same glass as theprevious man. The glass was refilled without beingwashed.Then he DIED!!! But the First man lived!WHY DID THE SECOND MANDIE? 3. SOLUTION 1 A Drink Too Far! There was POISON in the ICE! The First man drank the drink before the ice melted. Then the Second man drank the drink AFTER the ice melted. 4. PUZZLE 2What Am I? I HAVE: Mountains without Deserts without SnowSandOceans without Water Cities without People 5. SOLUTION 2 I AM A MAP!!! 6. PUZZLE 3 Whats My Name? Joes Mam has 4 children: The oldest is a boy calledJimmy, he likes trucks and is 11years old Sally is next, 7 and and shelikes pink and chocolate 5 years old going on 50 isChris, he likes maths andwatching the News The youngest is 2, his favouritethings to do aresleep, eat, sleep, play, cry, eat..inthat order! information above: Using the Can you figure out the name of the youngest child? 7. SOLUTION 3 Joe! The 2 Year old was talking about his mother (OK he is a very ADVANCED 2 year old!) 8. PUZZLE 4BLING BLING!!! HOW MANY DIAMONDS CAN YOU FIND HERE? 9. SOLUTION 4 THERE ARE 42 DIAMONDSThere are 5 There are 12 There are 25Diamonds madeDiamonds madeDiamonds madewith 9 blocks of with 4 blocks ofwith 1 block ofsquaressquaressquares 10. PUZZLE 5 QUICKEST ROUTE!! Quick! Help Jimmy find the fastest route home...his dinner is on the table getting coldwith his wife beside it getting even colder! 11. SOLUTION 5 The Answer is: CThe curves may have mislead you!It appears the biggest curve is in C, so youwould think that C is the longest route.In fact the curves are semicircles, thelength of what is estimated using the piformula (3.14) multiplied by the radiusThe longest route is in fact B 12. PUZZLE 6ODD [one] OUT Can you pick the odd piece of sports equipment out from the rest and why? 13. SOLUTION 6The Basketball is the odd oneoutAll the rest of the equipment are pairs:Cricket bat + ball/tennis racket + ball/ billiards cue + ballGolf club + ball/table tennis bat + ball 14. PUZZLE 7WONKY WORDSEARCH! You have been given 9 Letters:D, C, G, T, Y, A, I , E, EPlace the nine letters in the 9-box grid to the right so that you end up with six 3 letter words 3 words are spelled horizontally 3 words are spelled vertically ALL WORDS ARE WELL- KNOWN 15. SOLUTION 7Did You Find Them All??? D I G A C E Y E T 16. PUZZLE 8 To Shave or Not To Shave? The Barber of Seville shaves all of the men living in Seville No man living in Seville is allowed by law to shave himselfSo who shaves the Barber of Seville? 17. SOLUTION 8 NOBODY!! The Barber of Seville is a WOMAN!!! 18. PUZZLE 9 How Many? Hank has to figure out how many boxes of matches will fit into the cardboard box exactly, with just the information provided below. There can be no matchboxes over or under! Matchbox Cardboard Box Length: 7cmCapacity of 87,500 cm3 Width: 5cm Height: 2cm 19. SOLUTION 91250 Matchboxes fit perfectly! The Matchbox Length: 7cm Width: 5cm Height: 2cm Multiply all dimensions to get the volume 7cm X 2cm X 5cm = 70cm3Divide 87,500cm3 /70cm3The Cardboard BoxCapacity: 87,500cm31250 Matchboxes 20. PUZZLE 10I O UA VOWEL!!! FTFRST YDNT SCCD TRYTRY GNTHNQTSomebody has stolen all the vowels from the sign!!Maybe some of the words are joined together!!Can you figure out this well known phrase without them? 21. SOLUTION 10Heres Your Fckn Vowels!IF AT FIRST YOU DONT SUCCEEDTRY TRY AGAIN THEN QUIT! THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ANY PERSON WHO IS CURRENTLY DOING A MASTERS IN DIT, FOR THOSE PEOPLE A MORE SUITABLE QUOTE:Ever tried. Ever failed.No matter. Try Again. Failagain. Fail better. - Samuel Beckett