Milly and sophies four intertexts

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Transcript of Milly and sophies four intertexts

  • 1. Print base- Magazine Research and Planning SOPHIE HUDSON
  • 2. This magazine cover would fit into the social needs and esteem Masthead So recognisable needs of Maslows Hierarchysno need for the whole word theory of needs, as it shows theVOUE reader the latest trends and theLarge font- recognisable, old perfect buys, which makes thefashioned style relating to reader feel good when theycomeback vintage on trend know they are up to date withstyle. fashion, and beauty tips. Also itFormal font- Black connotes fits into the social needsseriousness/ glamour . group, because if the reader feels good about themselves, people surrounding them will also feel good and want to be with them more, creating a larger range of friends. Model Image- Iconic model, wearing latest trends , representing magazine and image. Powerful gesture code with hand on hip, suggesting strength and seriousness, Direct mode of address- entice reader But also looking down on you, Confident- male gaze theory, attracting male gender to be attracted to this magazine. The camera shows a long shot of the model, to show what she is wearing and her femininity.
  • 3. Main sell line- This pink curly font is much more feminine than the head mast, suggesting that the model on the front cover and this issue of the magazine is very feminine. It is of a larger font to stand out more to the reader than the other cover lines catching the readers attention before, and also gives the reader an idea of the reason what the model is advertising or celebrating inside of the magazine. Cover lines- all black coloured, some italic and some bold to give variety to the cover, capitals make the writing stand out and attract the audience to the catchy phrases used to The date and month are shown to the near encourage the reader to buy theleft of the mast head of this brands product. The pink writing gives amagazine, which is useful to the sense of femininity andaudience, although vogue magazine is colour, relating to the modelexpensive at 4.10, so it is shown in small image which is also bold andprint to ensure the audience do not notice colourful. The cover lines fontsthe price at first glance, before seeing the are relatively small as they arefacts and model image. The month is stated extra information on the page, soabove the price of the magazine, because the it is important that these are boldvogue magazine is issued monthly, so it tells and engage the reader so they doone months issue apart from a other which is not get ignored.useful for its audience. Also, vogue customersusually purchase this magazine regularly, sothe price and specific date do not need to bestated clearly as they know the details of thebrand already.
  • 4. - Model image- The direct gaze - Cover lines- The capitalfrom Justin Timberlake shows letters attract the readersconfidence, addressing the attention, making themreader directly, and the slight want to read more aboutfrown he gives shows the catch phrases, theseriousness although it also white, blue and blacksuggests strength and power. colours make the coverThe gesture codes hands in lines look more interestingpocket represents a casual and and give the magazinelaid back image, which will cover some colour, which isattract the reader to want to vital for a successfulread more about this model to magazine, as the magazinehave their style. Also this cover needs to stand out tomodel will attract female and other magazines.male, as he is an iconic figureand will be seen as a rolemodel. The jumper, shirt andtie with formal jeans showsthat JT is smart andsuccessful, although he is stillcool and young as the jeansand jumper do not make himtoo smart. It is a mediumcamera shot to show the style - This cover fits into Maslows Hierarchy of needs, relating to the socialand image of the model. needs group, being able to discuss the latest news with peer groups, and also relating to the model, which could be included in the uses and gratifications theory.
  • 5. - Head mast- Large, blue font, suggeststhat this magazine is masculine, along withthe grey background, capital letters attract - The main sell line on this cover is notthe reader to this magazine rather than of such a large font unlike other mainothers on the shelf, and the bold writing sell lines on other magazines, althoughalso helps to make this possible. The curvy the writing on this cover is bold, whichedges of the writing create a slick, cool look still engages the reader. The modelwhich suggests that the brand helps to give image on this cover will also attract thethis image. audience to look for more information of what he is promoting in the magazine. The white and black fonts for this main sell line connote formality, and class. - The date and issue number are not shown on the front cover of this detail magazine, which could connote that the company are trying to hide the price so the audience of the magazine do not get distracted by the figures, but by the information and model image on the front cover.
  • 6. Head mast- This title is so well known that the whole word does not have to be visible, and the models head can cover some of the letters. The sharp, original font of this Look cover title is powerful although it is feminine with its bold, tweaked edges to give a sophisticated style. The yellow font is bright so it stands out against the light blue background colour contrasting and emphasising the title. Model image this shows a medium shot of Kelly Rowland, in which she is smiling, connoting happiness and her direct contact to the camera also connotes friendliness to the reader. Her quite low dress and glowing skin, perfected hair and appearance appeals to the male gaze, although the cover clearly implies that this magazine is aimed towards the female gender, because of the female clothing and accessories, and colours used on the front cover. Janice Winship also stated that the womans face hallmark showed young, white females, although this cover shows that this statement has changed over the years, as other ethnicities have been more included in our modern day society, and many are seen as iconic figures, such as Kelly Rowland. The issue number and price of this magazine is hidden on this cover, with it being stated at the bottom of the page next to the barcode. This is useful if you know that a few brands of magazines place the price here, but if you did not know this it would not be helpful to the reader as it does not stand out. Although the fact that the price is not clearly shown, does not stand out, because this magazine attracts its audiences attention by its bright colours and images, so it should not matter how much the magazine is if the reader is interested in its contents. Maslows Hierarchy of needs- Esteem needs, as the clothing andaccessories in this magazine and revealed on this cover making the readermore confident.
  • 7. Main sell line- This is also ofa yellow bold bright, capitalisedfont, although it is very sharpand connotes confidence andstrength, as well as being a The strap line above the head mastlarger font. on this magazine is outlined with a blackThen the writing changes colour box, so the white font of the informationto white, which also contrasts is bold, and draws the readers attentionagainst the skin colour of the to this key information and gossip. Themode, and the background boldness of the celebrities namecolour of the magazine. CHERYL, stands out so the reader knows who the strap line is talking about before they read on. Also, the capital letter in front of each word is a trademark of this magazines brand, which gives it a unique Cover lines- there are no style.specific cover lines of thisbrand of magazine, althoughthere is a column down theright side of thecover, showing differentstyles and on trendfashionable heels, with goodpriced tags next to them, toshow the reader that thismagazine will find youbargain buys at appropriateprices on the high street.
  • 8. The strap line included on the cover of this magazine is also printed in a small, white font, which does not stand out very noticeably, which could cause the reader to miss this information, although the age range this magazine would be targeted to, around 40+ tend to look carefully at magazines to see if it the one they are looking for, so this could suit them. Head mast- White font, feminine style, shadow surrounding each letter gives a slight 3D effect to the title, although I think the white does not stand out very much against the light pink background, so would be better if it was a darker colour to contrast this. The price of this magazine is clearly shown in a dark pink circle overlapping the head mast of this cover, which catches the readers attention straight away, so the reader knows how much money the magazine is. This is useful as people always want to the know the prices of products and are not usually very noticeable on magazines, so this is an Main sell line- The main sell line of this magazine advantage to the magazine. It is also clearly statedcover is not so clear, as it is similar to the other cover to show that magazine is appropriately priced.lines, although this is interesting as the reader will wantto know who the model is and what this magazinecontents making them open it and read on.
  • 9. Model image- this model is smiling, which suggests happiness and arelaxed image, also shown as she leans on her arms to create a casualeffect. This model also looks natural, as she wears natural colouredlipstick and make up, with a neat cropped hairstyle. The direct gazegiven from the model suggests genuine happiness andconfidence, which is what older people look for and like to be. Thecolours surrounding the model are very natural, which relates to theolder age range, as women want to look youthful, glowing andgraceful, as well as looking natural. Cover lines- The cover lines of thismagazine are black and white, whichconnote formality and style, as well as I think esteem needs fitswisdom, so the target audience of older relates to this magazine frompeople will be attracted to this cover. Also Maslows Hierarchy ofthe bold and small, different varieties of font needs, as it shows its targetand sized writing give variety to the audience, being older peoplecover, making the reader read the bold want to look after themwords first, then reading the smaller text if selves, becoming like thisthey are interested, which is a clever way to model. So it will be useful topromote a magazine. help gain readers confidence and esteem.