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  • How to make great ads Better creative Effective use of media
  • one size fits many? adver tising beyond bor der s Soumya Saklani, Managing Director, Millward Brown Sub-Saharan Africa 94/2, 2nd Ridge Link, North Ridge, Accra, Ghana +233 262 952 707
  • 5 W E A R E THE WORLDS LEADING EXPERT helping clients GROW great brands IN
  • -60% -40% -20% 0% 20% 40% 60% Jan-05 Jan-06 Jan-07 Jan-08 Jan-09 Jan-10 Jan-11 Jan-12 Millward Brown Top 20* Clients vs. S&P 500 (Jan 2005 - July 2012) MB Top 20* SP500 Our clients exceed market returns to shareholders Source: Bloomberg, Millward Brown, MB Optimor analysis * Portfolio is re-weighted annually based on top 20 client each year +29%
  • 8 The worlds leading copy -testing & creative development solution 111,073 TV ads since 1989 6,000 + multi country campaigns 2,531 in Africa, 37 in Ghana, 180 in Nigeria LINKTM
  • defining ad transference as a percentage of all ads * Source: Millward Brown Global LINK Database 10
  • the reality of a diverse world... North America Latin America Asia Western Europe Eastern Europe and Russia 51% 48% 40% 56% 58% 43% Africa and Middle East 11 Transference WITHIN geographies Global Avg 52%
  • among emerging markets, africa is quite different when it comes to advertising 12 relevant everyday situations emotional messaging celebrities prominent music visual humour 41 49 40 31 35 20 11 09 24 36 25 24 30 20 24 % of ads
  • so what can work in africa? 13 emotional connect family, community sunlight bubbles
  • so what can work in africa? 14 happy optimism important to show positive images Fanta bannister emotional connect a sense of fun, of drama coca-cola crazy for good
  • so what can work in africa? 15 simplicity in messaging firm focus on brand benefit panadol invisible man omo soccer girl happy optimism emotional connect a sense of fun, of drama
  • 16 yet transference within africa is only 43%...why? 43%
  • there are clear cultural differences within africa 17 ghana nigeria east africa 80 80 64 15 30 27 40 60 41 65 55 52 PDI hierarchy IDV individuality MAS masculinity/Aggression UAI Uncertainty avoidance authority community harmony structure power individuality assertion less hierarchical harmony comfort in ambiguity
  • ghana: what works? 18 geisha bath time the importance of family connection and bonding (and how we bring it to life!) pepsodent father-son
  • ghana: what works? 19 coca-cola with mealsindomie office social moments around a clear brand benefit and anchor
  • ghana: what works? 20 sensodyne sensitiveariel jubilee tonality is important its not just a product story
  • nigeria: pride in recognised success, vibrancy 21 strong sense of pride aspirational imagery, a desire for acknowledged success vibrancy matters (local music, colour) mtn nigeria Pepsi whizkid Etisalat solo
  • why is it so difficult to use the same advertising execution across countries? clearly, there is more divergence than convergence in the world when it comes to advertising 22
  • four key factors affect advertising transference stage of category development brand stature and meaning media exposure and advertising diet main contributors in 70% of cases where an ad fails to travel cultural factors 23
  • a simple travel checklist for advertising stage of category development o are the category offerings similar? o does the message differentiate you from competitors? brand stature and meaning o is your brand in a similar life stage? o does your brand have the same positioning? advertising and media environment o are there differences in media context? (e.g. ad length) o is the advertising context similar? cultural response to advertising o does the consumer insight hold true across these markets? o do these markets fall into the same advertising clusters? mkt 1 mkt 2 mkt 3 24
  • 25 The worlds leading copy -testing & creative development solution 111,073 TV ads since 1989 6,000 + multi country campaigns 2,531 in Africa, 37 in Ghana, 180 in Nigeria LINKTM
  • Creative is KingCopy Quality is Key Influence on ads ROI 27 Top Ten Factors affecting advertising profitability in the short term and their likely impact upon profit Paul Dyson and Karl Weaver, Data2Decsions Admap 2006 Creative effectiveness is the variable most affecting the advertising contribution to brand profit after market size investing in copy-testing provides a huge return because it helps maximize the creative power of the advertising
  • And creative gut is not enough 28 The most important word in the vocabulary of advertising is TEST. If you pre-test your product with consumers and pre-test your advertising, you will do well in the market- place. David Ogilvy, 1963
  • With pre-testing, earlier is better 29 ASSOCIATED INVESTMENT RISK Degree of development CostHigh Low Testing before airing minimises risk and helps optimise your ad!
  • LinkTM has a solution for every stage in process 30 Agency Briefing Creative Brief Presenting the Idea Signing off the production budget Creative Strategy Creative Expression Creative Execution Brand Strategy Link Link 360 StoryboardSelect IdeaSelect StrategyConnect StrategySelect IdeaConnect StoryboardConnect Connect Select LinkSelect
  • 31 A real life example. A creative idea born in Africa & transferred successfully to the world.
  • A real life example from work done in Ghana/WA 32 1 2 3
  • Findings indicated Library to be the best route & also how to improve/optimize further 33 Branded Memorability Enjoyment Involvement Branding Communication Story/Comprehension Message delivery Creative Magnifier Response Relevance Appeal Credibility/RTB Uniqueness Cavemen Shoes Library
  • Lets look at the finished film 34
  • ..Idea was exported successfully to Asia 35 4,739 likes.far more than any other Nescaf ad on FB page in Pakistan Nescafe Library Pakistan
  • So what questions can LinkTM help answer? 36 36 Which scenes would be essential to creating the most powerful cut down? Will the ad cut through? What can we learn from this test which helps future creative development?What is the adverts media efficiency going to be in-market? What will the ad Communicate ? Will it sell more?
  • LinkTM makes advertising budgets work harder 37 The rich diagnostics from Link help identify opportunities to improve the advertising *As measured by the Awareness Index, a metric proven to have a strong relationship with sales effectiveness Based on analysis of 70 ads that were researched at two stages
  • Clients using Link regularly achieve stronger sales 39 Link clients have a 20% higher short-term sales likelihood than those who do not benefit from the learnings from Link
  • Since the inception of the awards in 1993, Millward Brown has been the research partner behind more award-winning campaigns than any other research company: Walkers Sandwich Dove Soap Scum Bronze Effie 2010 U.S. Postal Service A Simpler Way to Ship Silver Effie 2010 Coca-Cola Happiness Machine Gold Ogilvy 2012 Kit Kat Break time. Anytime Silver Ogilvy 2012 Dominos Oh Yes We Did Grand Ogilvy 2011 Reeses Perfect Silver Ogilvy 2013 Powerade Powerade Believe Gold Ogilvy 2013 Red Lobster Sea Food Differently Gold Ogilvy 2013 Orbitz Take Vacation Back Gold Ogilvy 2013 U.S. Postal Service A Simpler Way to Ship Grand Ogilvy