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Page 1: Millennials & Gen Z

Youth Pulse

Page 2: Millennials & Gen Z

Official distinctions …

1960 1970 1980 1990 2000

X Generation Y GenerationMillennials

Digital NativesPaparazzi Generation

Z GenerationGenEdge

Silent Generation


The fall of the Berlin Wall


The 9/11 attacks



… but the states of mind overcome the age brackets

X : 35 - 55 y.o.Y : 20 - 35 y.o.Z : under 20 y.o.

x. y. z. generations

Page 3: Millennials & Gen Z


Page 4: Millennials & Gen Z

Fundamentally different from the previous generations

Different vision of the world.

They were born and grew up with the economic crisis,

the digital and the globalization

Page 5: Millennials & Gen Z

1 A lucid generation

2 A « narcis » generation

3 A global generation

4 A creative generation

5 A Hedonist generation

5 key values and behaviors

Page 6: Millennials & Gen Z

Despite their financial issues(student loan debt, poverty and


and their mistrust about institutions

70% of 18-24 y.o pessimistic about

the evolution of the society

* Pew Research Center, 2014

1. A lucid generation - but self confident

Millennials remain optimistic

about their own future

66% are optimistic about their life

85% say they would have enough money

to lead their way

Page 7: Millennials & Gen Z

What they value most in a job :

- They want to learn and build their skills

- They want to spent time with their family with

work from home and flexible hour options

- This is a relationship - oriented generation

that expects mutual respect

- They want to work in a tech friendly environment

1. A lucid generation - different values at work

Page 8: Millennials & Gen Z

75%of millennials believe

business are to fixated on

their own agendas an not

enough on helping to

improve society.

1. A lucid generation - different expectations

from companies

Page 9: Millennials & Gen Z


From the Fear of Missing Out to the Focus On Multitasking Opportunities.

The Millennial « sickness » : the “fear of missing out” refers to the feeling of anxiety

that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere.

- The tension & desire to stay continually

connected with what others are doing

- They have the tools : the smartphone

increases the addiction for the Paparazzi


- New technologies provide the power of

ubiquity through multi-screens and networks.

2. A « narcis » generation - #fomo

Page 10: Millennials & Gen Z

« Starification » of their life : they use the social networks everyday and all day

long to express and show a life in which they are the main actor.

- The You(th)niverse is the personal world where

the Millennial promotes his/her personality and


- The digital world and the social networks enhance

the trend with profile customization and likes


- In real life, the 3D printing is a new way for mass

customization by creating personalized items from


2. A « narcis » generation - you(th)

Page 11: Millennials & Gen Z

empowertheself expression

Page 12: Millennials & Gen Z

It’s no more about individuals but about micro-communities of passion

points and influence without borders.

- # = the symbol of the micro-

community : behind a sign and a

few words, individuals from the

world are together.

- As many micro-communities as

passion points, and not exclusive.


3. A global generation - tribes

Page 13: Millennials & Gen Z

3. A global generation - global projects

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are participative ways in which

the youth vox pop’s got the power.

- Half of Millenials prefer be a part of a project that look like

them rather than just buy.

- More than collaboration, it’s about self expression in

music, fashion, sport…

- Millenials = actors - and not just spectators - by building a

global culture without borders.

Page 14: Millennials & Gen Z

The Millennials mix bits from different universes, they value unusual collaboration.

3. A global generation - mash up

Page 15: Millennials & Gen Z
Page 16: Millennials & Gen Z
Page 17: Millennials & Gen Z

Millenials value entrepreneurship, creativity and start-up culture.

- Start-up is a perfect work place for a generation of

rapid learners with a strong ability to adapt

- Everything is made to be creative and it’s a great

place to grow personally and professionally

- Being able to work closely with the innovators, the

founders, is something you rarely get to do if you’re

working for a corporation - not a start-up

4. A creative generation - ideas

Page 18: Millennials & Gen Z

4. A creative generation - language64% of Millennials regularly communicate using only emojis instead of words.

- Emojis are a powerful tool for humanizing mobile

messaging, which can often feel impersonal and


- A second & specific language representing visually a

part of who they are.

McDonald's has brought "Emojis" to life in this last spot

Page 19: Millennials & Gen Z

5. And hedonist generation - gamificationHalf of Millennials say “they see real life as a video game” and almost 6 out of

10 say “#winning is the slogan of my generation”.

- Hedonism : pleasure, fun, excitement, sensations…. remain

key drivers for Millenials. Gaming is an expression of this


- Video games have transcended pure entertainment, and

evolved into places where players can learn, build

communities, and explore aspects of their identity they can't

express in the real world.

- Millennials love video games so much that they've turned

watching other people play into a multi-million dollar industry.The most subscribed-to channel on YouTube, PewDiePie, is run bya Swedish gamer who has gathered his 35 million followers and 10billion vues by posting reviews, run-throughs, and live-streams ofnearly every new game to hit the market.

* Gravity Media, 2015

Page 20: Millennials & Gen Z

Life steps

Average age

Start university

Move out of parental home

Move in with partner

Birth of the first child

22 y.o. 26 y.o. 31 y.o. 33 y.o.

* SIMM TGI, filtre 22-35 ans, octobre 2015

Same values but different life cycles

Page 21: Millennials & Gen Z

z generation

Page 22: Millennials & Gen Z

And evolution, more than a revolutionMore or less the same values

Just more highlighted





70% say the world became smaller thanks to new technologies

74% say that it’s easy to learn about other cultures

* Cassandra Report 2014

Page 23: Millennials & Gen Z

Hannah from

Girls:Selfish, failing financially

and professionaly

Alex from Modern Family:Conscientious, hard-worker

and future oriented

Concretely what does it mean ?

Page 24: Millennials & Gen Z

Ungendered is the new gender

Extreme mash-up

The brand has introduced a range of gender-neutral clothing to its vast inventory.

Page 25: Millennials & Gen Z

The most motivated and eager ones …

… but their stories are unusual !

Joshua Wong

Joshua Wong, a co-founder of the student-activist group Scholarism,was one of the most compelling figures in Hong Kong’s pro-democracy “Umbrella Revolution” in 2014. His nonviolent protestmessage and energetic idealism galvanized crowds that, over months,numbered in the hundreds of thousands.

Marie Lopez dite EnjoyPhoenix

EnjoyPhoenix is a 20 y.o. French beauty guru as well as a fashion,lifestyle, and teenage advice vlogger. She uploads videos to herYouTube channel EnjoyPhoenix with more than 2 million subscribers.She has a second channel called EnjoyVlogging which had more than 1million subscribers.

Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of the RookieMagazine, aimed primarily at teenage girls. Gevinson, who becamean online sensation at 11-years-old for her blog StyleRookie, shiftedfocus to pop culture and feminist discussion and in 2011, Gevinsonfounded Rookie at only 15 years old.

Generation ambassadors

Page 26: Millennials & Gen Z


72% say an interesting job is the most important thing for the future

35% want to found an happy family


46% want to be healthy

* Junior Connect 2015

More active, more alternative

Even if they still need points of references

Page 27: Millennials & Gen Z

Often compared to the silent generation

who rebuilt the world after the second ww

Born between :

The Great Depression

World War II

1925 1945

Children from this generation worked very hard and kept quiet.In 1951, Time Magazine introduced the name « Silent Generation »to refer to those individuals described as cautious and unadventurous.

Page 28: Millennials & Gen Z

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