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Wally Kern Supreme GeckoSlide Show, Really ?

Why in the World did I choose a slide show?!?- This will NOT be your daddys Slide ShowLygo- what?Sphaero- what?

Whats everyone talking about? What are all these names / geckos? I had to find out.Fish Keeping

Everyone likes BIG, I liked small. When everyone was keeping tropical fish a foot long, I was keeping shell dwellers (3 inches long)So Why Did I Start Keeping Micro Geckos?

Size small-ish enclosures- more animals in smaller spaceDiurnal- Active during the dayUnique behaviors - chirping, chasing, etc.Little Jewels (beautiful animals like L. williamsi)

Lygodactylus williamsi

Why NOT! SizeTiny! Food for adultsLittle HoudinisNOT handle-ableFinding, collecting eggs is impossible!Finding small food for babies is not easySphaerodactylus torreiMICRO GECKO Definition- My Way

Size @ 3 inches or underActive during daytimeLocation? South and Central America, Africa

AREARE NOTMicro GeckosGonatodesLygodactylusTropiocolotesSphaerodactylus


Requirements- Enclosure

Species Specific!!! Know what your gecko needs.Enclosure Size & Orientation (terrestrial or arboreal) Decorations- plants, cork bark, etc.Vertical / Horizontal branches/decorSubstrate- peat moss/sand/sphagnum moss with leaf litter

Micro Gecko Care- 5 Things You Must Know: ArticleRequirements- Food

SmallSmallerSmallestOh- and dust!

Micro mealwormsPinhead cricketsIsopodsFlightless FruitfliesRequirements- Temps - Humidity

Min Max 73-80 -> 64-68Geckos are Self Regulating Temp basking spot (86-90) & shade areaHi Intensity florescent & puck lightingMisting - DailyCheck Species Requirements!!!


High metabolism feed dailyMist every other day (Species specific)No water dish MonitorQuick Tip- Gonatodes- Cat Fight! Females sometimes do not play nice togetherBreeding Hatchling Care

Breeding EasyHatchling Care not so easy. Babies can have special needs (lighting, humidity, and food size of course).Gonatodes

G. vitattus and setupN. South America & Caribbean (FLA)17 speciesSemiarid to moist habitatsVertical enclosure w/ground dcorReproduce throughout year Single egg- Females bury/hide eggsGonatodes

G. albogularis fuscusGonatodes

G. daudini

G. annularis GonatodesG. ocellatus


Lygodactylus williamsiAfrica & Madagascar (2 Brazil)60 species, 34 subspeciesTropical & SubTropical habitats(MIST!)Vertical enclosure Reproduce throughout year Females hide eggs in crevices in barkMost Underrated Geckos - Lygo grotei: ArticleLygodactylusL. capensis

L. kimhowelli

L. picturatus TropiocolotesT. persicus

T. nubicusMost Underrated Geckos - Tropiocolotes persicus euphorbiacolae: ArticleSphaerodactylusS. samanensis

South America & Caribbean (FLA)97 150 species!Dry to semi-moist habitatsHorizontal & Vertical enclosureReproduce throughout year Single egg - Females hide eggs under leaves, bury, or in openSphaerodactylus torrei: ArticleSphaerodactylusS. nigropunctatus S. ariasae

S. nigropunctatus

SphaerodactylusS. torrei - female

S. torrei - male CreditsPhotosG. daudini - Inga Rhonda KingG. ocellatus Dez.G Geckos UnlimitedG. annularis Reptiven Geckos UnlimitedG. annularis Dennis HluschiL. capensis Linda SwitzerT. persicus Martijn Geckos UnlimitedT. nubicus Reptiles4All.comS. samanensis Daniel ScantleburyS. nigropunctatus Dennis HluschiS. ariasae Dan @ GloRLABS. torrei male - Dennis Hluschi

All other photos by author- Wally Kern

Dennis Hluschi - http://www.zwerggeckos.com/FB pages, including Tiny Tiny Geckoshttp://flickrhivemind.net/Day Geckos F.Bruse- M.Meyer- W.Schmidt



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