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Michael Micucci visual resume Education and Training Professional

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  • M i c h a e l M i c u c c iv i s u a l r e s u m e

    E d u c a t i o n a n d T r a i n i n g P r o f e s s i o n a l

  • Hi, I'm Michael. I'm a passionate educator with a heartfor developing others.

    Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity todevelop engaging curriculum, training, and professionaldevelopment for students of all ages while sharing myheritage through the language and culture of Italy.

    My strengths as a professional lie in collaboration,implementation, and optimization of educationalplatforms that support sound workforce development,staff training, and continuing education initiatives. Itake a very outcomes-driven approach to personal andprofessional growth, where an infectious love oflearning influences others’ desires to learn, grow,develop, and positively impact their environments.

    Meet Michael

  • E x p e r t i s e Curriculum



    Trained language arts staff on AP

    Assisted implementing practices

    Addressed Spanish department challenges

    Hurricane Irma Volunteer Opportunity

    Senior class advisor & event facilitator

    Chaperoned 25 school events

    Proctored SAT, ACT, & Special needs exams

    University Italian Tutor CertifiedTrain, onboard, and manage team

    Maintain operations & COVID compliance

    High School Italian Curricula, AP

    Strategic planning department goals

    Created cohesion in classrooms

    Created comprehensive thematic units

    Parent-student support

    Assessed performance data

    Developed creative curriculum

    Improved & aligned Spanish curriculum

    Compiled online learning resources for AP prep

    Increased enrollment over 50%

    Pioneered AP Program

    Created curriculum for leadership pitch

    Maximized learning

    Created supervised mentoring program

    Instill corporate standards for beverage giant

    Leadership &Training

  • H i g h l i g h t s1. Collaboration with peer educators to createcohesion, streamlined communications, and alignedcurriculum throughout levels and classrooms.

    2. Initiated a Hurricane Irma volunteer reliefopportunity, giving students the chance to gathermuch-needed donations from students, faculty,community members, parents, and local businesses.

    3. Introduced Italian AP programming to a newschool, better serving the demand for languagelearning while designing online resources forstudents to properly prepare for AP studies andtesting.

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/

    (316) 723-5767

    [email protected]

    L E T ' S W O R KT O G E T H E R !