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    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AJmKkU5POA

Michael Buble "Haven't met you yet" 2. The intended audience is teenagers to adults. To target this audience we will feature young actors and will be filming in comical and recognisable settings. Our music video is going to tell a story of a boy who hasnt found his love. The girls he dates, are fine, however he always finds a fault in them! In the song he tells of his emotion. I tried so very hard not to loose iti came up with a million excusesAudiences Aleks Mileusnic The star of our music video. 3.

  • Camera and editing work
  • We will use various camera shots, with the use of mid, low and close up shots. We will focus on the main character and his relationship and attitudes to the other characters.
  • When editing, we will spent time and make the video run smoothly with no jumps, we will use cuts in the video showing different settings to carry the story along.

Scouting for girls- Its not about you http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v =J5Tn4FE1i0U Influences 4.

  • Most of our video will be based in areas such as London. We also want to shoot a inside scene in a hall. We will partly be filming in the evening/night time to get the full urban atmosphere.
  • Our main character will be dressed in casual everyday wear, with various scene in a suit. Also as it will be winter time, the characters will be dressed in winter coats, scarves, hats etc. The girl will be dresses up in evening clothes, casual and strange outfit to suit there personally and purpose.
  • The themes will be love, sadness and betrayal so will be shown with mellow images such as shots of Aleks walking in the streets of London.

Mise-en-scene 5.

  • We will create a digipack for the release of the music video, we are including lyrics , pictures and information. For our second ancillary task we are creating a magazine advert. We will use various pictures of our singer with different locations featuring the settings from the music video.

Ancillary Task 6.

  • USP - The unique selling point of our production is that it is set mostly in London, filmed in the night time and lighted be street lights. Also we will use various original shots to demonstrate our camera and editing skills e.g. a shot of the main character standing in a speeding crowd when they are stood still.