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  • Albion Park Rail Public School Box 1, Albion Park NSW 2527

    Gow Street, Albion Park Rail phone: 42 561 287 fax: 42 571 912


    Messages From Your Principal

    Helping Children To Learn Well Term 4 Week 8 2016

    Dear Parents, Families and School Community

    As the end of the year draws nearer, we like to celebrate a few traditions here at Albion Park Rail

    Public School. We like to say ‘Thank You” to all our volunteers who come along and help in many

    ways to make our school run as smoothly as it does. On Monday 5th December the staff have invited

    our volunteers to a Thankyou Morning Tea. We couldn’t do it without you, and hope you are back

    next year!

    Please come along and join us on Thursday 8th December at 5.30pm for our Carols By Glowstick

    extravaganza. We will have lots of singing, a barbeque and of course Santa to entertain us. The show

    will go on rain, hail or shine. Hopefully shine!!

    Our Whole School Award Assembly on Monday 12th December celebrates students’ achievement,

    excellence and progress throughout 2016. The Assembly commences at 11.30am. It would be lovely to

    see as many parents as possible attend the assembly to join in the celebrations. Yearly school reports

    will go home on this date.

    We will celebrate the end of the primary years of schooling for all our Year 6 students with a special

    Year 6 Graduation Ceremony on Tuesday 13th December, commencing at 9.30am. Please come

    along and join with us, as we farewell our most senior students.

    Uniform Shop

    A big thank you to our uniform shop volunteers, Lisa and Anne, who have had a busy couple of weeks

    selling our school uniform to the new Kinders for 2017. At the beginning of next year each student will

    be given a new school hat to wear at school every day. The choices will be the school surf hat or the

    bucket variety. We have a No Hat - No Play policy. So to ensure your child gets to enjoy our fabulous

    playground, please ensure they are wearing the school black hat.


    We have amazing canteen staff who open every school day of the year - thank you to Sophie and

    Chanel our awesome Canteen supervisors, our P&C Canteen committee and volunteers who ensure we

    serve lots of healthy food options every single day for our hungry students and staff!












    Thursday 8th December: Salaries Broadcast Meeting

    On Thursday 8th December the teachers of this school will be involved in a simulcast broadcast

    meeting run by the NSW Teachers’ Federation. It is expected that this will disrupt the school for

    the first hour on that morning. It is expected that minimal supervision will be available but normal

    classes will not resume until around 10am. A further note will go home explaining the situation.!/AlbionParkRailPublicSchool

  • Does cartoon violence make kids more aggressive?

    Lots of parents question the violence in many of today's cartoons and video games, but many of us grew up

    watching cartoons where violence was also a key ingredient. What does the research indicate about exposure of

    our kids to violence?

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    Choosing a book for your child

    What makes a good book for young kids? Usually anything that they want to read. Resist the desire to choose

    only books that you read as a child. Good books teach kids things subtly while still telling a great story.

    Find out more:


    Fiona Flannery


    Important Messages

    Message from the Principal, continued...

    Sports Update

    Congratulations to all the students who completed the School Swimming and Water Safety Program last

    week! The students did a fantastic job over the two weeks and made huge improvements. It is important that they

    make the most of the warm weather over the holidays to practice what they’ve learnt in preparation for the

    School Swimming Carnival on February 14th 2017.

    Year 6 Fundraiser

    Don’t forget our Ice-Cream Spider day is coming up. On Wednesday 7th December our Year 6 students will

    be selling ice-cream spiders at lunchtime for $3 ($2.50 if you provide your own cup). There will also be a

    guessing competition on the day for 20c a guess. The money raised will go towards the Year 6 end of year gift to

    the school.

  • Upcoming Events - Term 4 and 2017 Week 9

    5th Dec Volunteer Thank You Moring Tea @ 11am

    6th Dec Year 6 High School Orientation Day @


    Yrs 3 & 4 visit Warrigal Care for Carols

    P&C Uniform Shop open 8.30am to 9.15am

    P&C Student Banking with Commonwealth Bank

    7th Dec Ice Cream Spider Day $3

    Kindy to Yr 2 visit Warrigal Care for Carols

    MALPA Graduation for our Indigenous


    8th Dec 9am-10am Industrial Action

    Yrs 5 & 6 visit Warrigal Care for Carols

    Whole School Assembly @ 2pm -

    Gold Awards

    Carols By Glowlight from 5.30pm 9th Dec APR Star Gold Award lunch & disco

    P&C Xmas Party @ 6.30pm @ The Oaks

    Reports go home

    Week 10

    12th Dec Whole School End of Year Assembly @


    13th Dec Yr 6 Graduation Assembly @ 9.30am

    Yr 6 Medallion reward recess with families

    @ 11am

    Yr 6 Farewell @ Ravensthorpe @ 5.30pm P&C Uniform Shop open 8.30am to 9.15am

    P&C Student Banking with Commonwealth Bank

    14th Dec Big Day In/Out

    15th Dec


    Week 11

    19th Dec Staff Development Day 1

    20th Dec Staff Development Day 2

    2017 Term 1

    Week 1

    Fri 27th Jan Staff Development Day - Pupil Free


    Week 2

    30th Jan ALL students commence school including

    Kindergarten 31st Jan

    1st Feb

    2nd Feb

    3rd Feb

    Week 3

    6th Feb Meet The Teacher BarBQ

    7th Feb

    8th Feb

    9th Feb

    10th Feb

    Week 4

    13th Feb

    14th Feb School Swimming Carnival @ AP Pool

    15th Feb

    16th Feb

    17th Feb

    Week 5 Shoalhaven Heads Camp Week

    20th Feb Stage 3 Camp Day 1

    21st Feb Stage 3 Camp Day 2

    22nd Feb Stage 3 Camp Day 3

    Stage 2 Camp Day 1

    23rd Feb Stage 2 Camp Day 2

    24th Feb Stage 2 Camp Day 3

    Week 6

    27th Feb

    28th Feb

    1st Mar

    2nd Mar Paul Kelly AFL Cup @ Albion Oval

    3rd Mar

    Week 7

    6th Mar

    7th Mar

    8th Mar

    9th Mar

    10th Mar

    Week 8

    13th Mar

    14th Mar

    15th Mar

    16th Mar

    17th Mar School Cross Country

  • Bronze Awards

    Kye T KD Emily 12M Matthew L 56L Teliah D


    Brock H


    Albany P


    Kiara P


    Krystal D

    Aiden H Calais D Gabrielle P Connyr H

    Evan P


    Shakria M 34K Taj H


    Sienna B

    Jett P James S 34H Clay S Selina E


    APR Star Awards - Bronze & Silver

    Silver Awards

    Maia - Jane K KD Shaney Lee C


    Cohen C


    Makayla V 56T

    Jorja M


    Kyesha H Kurtice H Tyson F

    Brock H Darcy C Cooper L Mataja P

    Aiden H Jett K Seth N

    Jasmyne K


    Jye O Sebastion S Rhyce B

    Abby P Ta P Ryan H 34H Darcy R K-6L

    Indi S Allyra K


    Shakria M Maddison S


    Zane M Keleisha T Linkin D 34K

    Avalon B

    Ashton B


    Mikayla W Ally B Amy Lee A

    Nate L Jerikye B Jaida K


    Selina A

    Nikki F Lyric B Tyson S Grace H

    Alyia S Sebastian W Keana D Christopher M

    Jyson B Charleigh B Jayden H Kwayde B

    Lucas F Grace H Tara R 56N

    Evan P Jacob A Cheyanne T

    David P

    Whole School Assembly

    Our next Assembly is on Thursday 8th December at 2pm. We will be applauding the efforts of our APR Start

    Bronze and Silver Award recipients and celebrating with our fabulous Gold Award recipients.

    We invite everyone in our school community to celebr