Merchandising and In Store Promotions

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Merchandising and In Store Promotions are integral to retail marketing and this presentation aims too give a brief insight into what are the components that make up merchadising and instore promotions,the ppt has explanations in it in the note and expect anybody who goes through it to have a general understanding of the same.

Transcript of Merchandising and In Store Promotions

  • Merchandising & In Store Promotions
  • What How Much HowMerchandising
  • I N S T O R E P R O M O T I O N S
  • "70 percent of shopper purchase decisions are made in store" Research
  • Even when Shoppers have planned which category they will buy from, the decision on which Brand to buy is left until inside the store for 28% of shoppers. Research
  • 1 IN 10 Will switch Brands inside the store. Given how many different Brands exist on shelves in each category, Marketers must activate their Brands in-store or Shoppers will switch.Research
  • It takes time for people to acclimate to a retail environment, so dont try to achieve something critical in the immediate area by the door. They will blow right by, hence the term decompression zone. Create a Power display that will act as a speed bump and also a billboard. Dont forget the sidewalkclearance items create excitement.
  • MerchandiseCategory Brand Theme
  • Typically, shoppers position themselves in the center of one aisle or location and begin reviewing a 4x6 section at slightly below eye-level, close to the product that has the greatest visual contrast - Tactical Insight Group
  • "capture rate" (the percentage of customers who actually "see" a given product on the shelf) The "boomerang rate" (the percentage of shoppers who failed to walk down the full aisle), Determines
  • A great sign in the wrong place is worse than a so-so sign in the right place.
  • Your store is a 3-D TV commercial. Get their attention. Then deliver clear, logical information.
  • Signs can multiplythe power of a price reduction by a factor of six. Pictures tell a thousand words. Checkout areas are perfect for longer messages.
  • Point Of Purchase is the most critical component of any successful marketing campaign because it exist at the point of convergence. At no other instance are people, products and money in the same place.
  • Samples Prizes Referals Gifts 2 For 1 DEMO Contest Coupons Frequent Shopper Promo/ Schemes Buy Upto Celebrity Visits Basket Offer
  • Brand/ Product Promotion Private Label AD Revenue STOP & SHOP SHOP & BUY Counter Competition Market Penetration BUY MORE Repeat Purchase Clearance Scheme Cross SellingAwareness
  • Please copy and paste the below link for the Video Or Search for Shopping the Supermarkets on you tube. Its a BBC Documetry