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description newest designer to hit Australian shores

Transcript of Mercedes Mendez Balestra 2010

Mercedes Mendez BalestraFor Polly & J

Polly & J presents: MERCEDES MENDEZ BALESTRA 2010Polly & J are wholesaler and distributors or jewellery and accessories from around the globe. We currently represent 5 designers who show creativity, innovation and a consciousness of our ecosystem. Our designers use eco-friendly manufacturing process often utilizing recycled materials or making entire collections by hand. The Polly & J team are excited to introduce Mercedes Mendez Balestra, the newest designer to hit Australian shores. She is an Argentinean artisan who uses colourful threads, fabric and brass circles to create absolute masterpieces. Each handcrafted item has individually moving elements to ensure that the piece contours to the neck and chest. biggest inspiration is happiness though colours and i use the circle as the basic element of composition. The tting of circles wrapped in ribbons and threads of vibrating colours forms a happy and dynamic sequence producing original and timeless pieces of bijoux... - Mercedes Mendez Balestra

To request a price-list or organise a showing please contact or visit

Mercedes Mendez Balestra: Peto Liso

Mercedes Mendez Balestra: Peto Multicolor

Mercedes Mendez Balestra: L-R Multicolor Cadena, Tupido Rayos Cadena, Tupido Oro/ Plata Ca (also available in purple mix, pink mix, olive, purple, blue, green)

Mercedes Mendez Balestra: L-R Toby, Lunaticoca

Mercedes Mendez Balestra: L-R Tupido Oro/Plata Cinta ( also available in multicoloured and pink mix), Model wears Grande Cinta

Mercedes Mendez Balestra: Peto Lunico

Mercedes Mendez Balestra: Model wears 2 necklaces pictured. Peto Lunico/ Plata Ca, Tupido Oro/ Plata Ca

Mercedes Mendez Balestra: L-R Colorincad, Bis, Solitario

Mercedes Mendez Balestra: L-R Solimul, Cinturon

Mercedes Mendez Balestra: L-R Aros Doble, Aros, Arosfri

Mercedes Mendez Balestra: L-R Anillos Recamados, Anillos

Mercedes Mendez Balestra: L-R Vincha Grande, Vincha Lisa Grande

Mercedes Mendez Balestra: L-R Vincha Chica, Vincha Mediana

Mercedes Mendez Balestra: Broches

Mercedes Mendez Balestra: Brochemul wholesalers and distributors of Mercedes Mendez Balestra