Mega Visible Thinking Strategies

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Mega Visible Thinking Strategies. Presented by: Beth Bowerman Kara Foutz Sarah Lewis Science 7 Van Hoosen Middle School. See Think Wonder, Chalk Talk. See Think Wonder, Chalk Talk up close. See Think Wonder, Chalk Talk even closer. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Mega Visible Thinking Strategies

PowerPoint Presentation

Mega Visible Thinking StrategiesPresented by:Beth BowermanKara Foutz Sarah LewisScience 7 Van Hoosen Middle SchoolSee Think Wonder, Chalk Talk

See Think Wonder, Chalk Talk up close

3See Think Wonder, Chalk Talk even closer

Light unit See Think Wonder collage used with Chalk up close

Chalk Talk Anchors Interests

See Think Wonder, Chalk Talk

Forces unit See Think Wonder Chalk Talk up close

Cell unit See Think Wonder collage up close

See Think Wonder after a lab on SmartBoard

Engineering Projects prior to Gallery Walk and Talk

Gallery Walk and Talk using engaging -thinking questions and congratulatory words (kids asked a question and gave a positive comment to each presenter)

Guest Speaker using thinking questions with students: Can you say that another way? What does that make you wonder? What makes you say that? Can you tell me more?

Engineering Project Share near Thinking Questions in room

Thinking questions displayed in the room

More thinking questions displayed

Stop and Jot, Turn and Talk, and Exit Slips Science 7

Headlines-from first two units this year

Make and Take!Please use the rest of the time to create a collage or two to use back in the classroom. Feel free to ask any questions!

Thank you for coming! We hope you walk away with some new ideas using Visible Thinking Strategies!

Beth, Kara, and Sarah