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Transcript of Meet motivational speaker, Callie Roos

  • Meet Callie Roos

    Professional Speaker, Team Builder and Leadership Expert

  • Im a professional speaker

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  • Im a teambuilding expert

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  • Im a leadership expert

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  • Im an author

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  • People sometimes write about me

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    My Credo

    To teach people how to turn their lives around by thinking, acting and reacting differently

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    Theyll be distinguished by the wholeness of their people

    Sustainable change begins where the individual mindset reflect on reality and create new meaning for itself

    To become pro-active and advance to significance is a choice

    The ultimate training and development intervention happens through process and not only design

    What Ive noticed about successful businesses of the future

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    Im connected through a network of fellow speakers, co-facilitators and trainers. Most of them qualified in the field of personal and

    professional leadership.

    They all represent independent businesses that choose to focus on unique core areas for development and growth.

    My Business Model

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    To foster sound long-term relationship with his clients

    Instill a holistic, integrated and participative approach on programme design

    Get a commitment on the importance of process

    My business philosophy

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