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  • 1. MEDIA FILM TRAILER IDEA SUMMARY -Fantasy looking location and setting -About 2 lovers and Lust interfering greedy for her own desires -The teaser trailer will include text and the title and perhaps a coming soon to get the audience thinking about the movie. - I will use instrumental music that builds up tension as the teaser goes on, to get the audience up in their seats -The trailer will have a tick tock sound added to it towards the end to show that time is running out for the lovers - I will need 2 actresses and an actor -I will be doing fast short cut scenes so that the teaser does not get boring for the viewers. - I will be using a digital DSLR Camera -I will take colours into consideration a lot

2. PRIMARY AND SECONDARY MARKET RESEARCH What is primary research? It is the first hand collection of original data for example this could include questionnaires or face to face interviews. What is secondary research? Secondary research is internet research by looking at other peoples own opinion/views to help form your own research. One of the problems is that it can be biased at times. 3. I have decided to do some Primary Market Research myself this is so that I can get a clear idea of what my target audience may want in the film trailer and to meet their needs. I asked ages 16 25 as I thought people around this generation would most likely enjoy watching fantasy films. Conducting Market Research My question was What element stands out to you the most when watching a fantasy type film? I had chosen this question so that whichever element was chosen by my interviewees I could focus getting this right when it came down to filming. Location and Costume have been the TAs favourites I think this is because location and costume is the most creative thing that appears to be in the fantasy genre, lots of bright colours big bold costumes etc. Take Alice in wonderland for example they must have spent a very long time for costume ideas however this makes the film very successful at the same time. 4. STORY BOARDS - Storyboards are graphic organizers in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence. - DIFFERENT TYPES OF STORYBOARDS DIGITAL (ON COMPUTER() WRITTEN (HAND DRAWN( 5. Hobbit Teaser Trailer Inspiration The hobbit is famously known for its realistic fantasy like effects. I have chosen to look at this film teaser trailer because I know the films have been very successful and has had a lot of good ratings on IMDB and the quality of trailers may be one of the reasons why people go and see it. One thing i have learnt from looking at this trailer is the use of fantasy looking locations and the teaser itself looks like a journey which I can take away and make my teaser trailer look like its a journey also. Butterflies have been added with a swoosh sound effect (digetic) this is very effective as it makes the butterflies seem more realistic There has been a variety of angles in the film teaser. From long shots to full body shots to close ups. There has been a lot of low angle shots also. This is key when filming my teaser. The colours are saturated making them look fantasy like. 6. LEARNING THE BASICS OF DIGETIC AND NON DIGETIC SOUNDS- DIEGETIC SOUND - Sound whose source is visible on the screen or whose source is implied to be present by the action of the film for example: -Sounds made by movements or objects -Voices of characters etc. Another term for digetic sound is actual sound. NON DIGETIC SOUND Sound whose source is neither visible on the screen nor has been implied to be present in the action for example: -Narrators commentary -Any mood music -Sound effects for dramatic effects Another term for non-diegetic sound is commentary sound. Looking back at the hobbit teaser it appears that only a lot of non digetic sounds have been used. This is probably because it would be quite hard to imitate the fantasy unrealistic sounds naturally so it was easier to do this in the editing process. For my teaser trailer I believe I will only use digetitc sounds 7. PROPS Creating the butterflies Butterflies and the pocket watch in the film plot are like signatures of the movie, just like Harrys scar is in Harry Potter. The scar is visible in the movie on Harrys forehead the teaser trailers and film posters creating synergy along the way. I wanted to use this technique as I think it is very effective in connecting each promotional publications and creates synergy throughout. Realistic butterflies would have been very difficult to use in the film trailer so i had to improvise and came up a way to work around it by cutting out paper butterflies and perhaps throwing them in the air when shooting to make them look realistic. Using Photoshop's colour cast correction tool to come up with different colours. 8. MAKE UP + HAIR Make up was difficult to come up with but very important for my trailer. This was because it determined what the whole costume would look like together and referring back to the data I have collected this is part of the element which stood out the most for the Target audience. -I wanted to show the binary oppositions (Levi Strauss Theory) of the characters personality with the good and the bad so I tried to have light coloured make up for Dawn and a darker one bold one for Lust. For the hair my aim was to make Dawn look as innocent as possible so I thought gold locks would go well. And as for Lust perhaps her hair to the side to show her vicious personality? MAKE UP EXPERIMENTATION 1 MAKE UP EXPERIMENTATION 2 -I felt that the outlined jaw line makes look Dawn like a villain, this make up style also reminds me of something from Avatar. -The black eyeliner gave her a darker feeling and i think this would be a good style to use on Lust instead. -Second time round I feel like I have accomplished more however it still needs some lightening up a bit. 9. CLOTHING + COLORSFinding appropriate colours and patterns was an obstacle in itself to make the whole fantasy/futuristic look come together. Already deciding on the make up and hair it was easier to find what I needed. I had chosen the colours when coming up with the plot now it was just creating an outfit together. I looked at inspiration from futuristic photographers as there is not many fantasy movies which have the clothes that i was looking for it was easier to take the photographic approach. Choosing the clothes for Conric (Male Actor) was the hardest this was because clothes for men arent as creative and colourful as womens. So I put together an outfit with a lot of patterns. Floral bowtie Dotted Shirt For Lust I felt that giving her outfit a fur accessory will make her even more evil like Cruella de Ville. 10. STORY BOARD (DIGITAL) This is an example of a part of my story board and how I had laid it out - Some of the shot types I liked from other movie trailers and decided to use it in mine changing things it was a lot more easier doing it digitally because my drawing skills aren't great. And I wanted to make it as easy as possible when it came down to shooting. Over the shoulder shot Non Digetic I have done some sketches so that i have a variety of storyboards to look back too but mainly i have stuck to the digital story board. I havent added times for each scene because ill cut or speed up them when it comes to the editing process. I have tried to fill my teaser up with clear cut short shots to build up tension in the middle and end of the teaser. 11. DIFFERENT LOCATIONS FOR DIFFERENT SCENES Location was one of the elements that the majority of the TA said that they felt stood out to them in a fantasy genre film/trailer so I needed to get this part right. I tried to think carefully of where I could shoot somewhere with a lot of colours/was accessible to me. I also wanted the buildings to be quite high to get the big buildings effect as I will not have CGI by my side the only time to make the clips look fantasy like was whilst shooting. This was the location I used to shoot my film poster so I wanted most of the scenes to be shot here. There are cars sometimes parked there so I will need to shoot around it. On the other hand it is a one way street so it makes it easier for me to shoot without getting run over. This location reminds me of a dollies house and I thought it would be a very good location to shoot at. The colours and layout would enable to me to do different shot types in a small space. 12. CAMERA AND ACCESSORIES The camera I had chosen to shoot my film with was a Nikon D7000 this was because it was my own camera and i knew id feel more comfortable about using it. However I had never filmed on it before so I spent some time watching video tutorials to find out tips and tricks. One important thing I had learnt was changing the lighting which was crucial because if it was a bad day for weather then the camera would be able to make it look bright and sunny. The lens I had chosen to use was a 18 105 lens which I thought would be useful for panning and zooming. This is the tripod I will use it is very useful for keeping the camera steady and to avoid any shake I can also use different angles with the levers. 13. RAIN This was one of my fears whilst shooting the weather hadnt been great and we got around this by taking breaks when the rain died down a bit. PEOPLE Getting disturbed by people was a big obstacle that could not be hlped it also made filming so much more longer than expected. People would be rude and walk into the frame but i just had to keep redoing the scenes. LIGHTING Getting the correct exposures so that the lighting was correct was tricky however my cameras ISO and White balance helped me even the lighting out. FOCUSING This was another important factor due to the fact if nothing was focused then the clips would be pretty much useless and the most diffi