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21 Serpentine Road, Erina Heights

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21 Serpentine Road, Erina Heights

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Thanks for taking the time to meet with me on Wednesday.

As discussed below I’ve outlined some things that will help with the process of placing Serpentine Road on the market and also some differences I believe myself and McGrath can bring to your property sale.

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These are a few things I’d like to cover:• Mat and Trevor: The Partnership• Meet the team• Strategy• Pricing• Timing• Target Market• McGrath differences• Communication• Track record• Marketing• Investment• Points of difference

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Mat and Trevor sell more properties for higher prices and in less time than any other agent. Great results don’t just happen. Choosing the right agent can be the difference between a good result and an exceptional one.

Mat & Trevor The partnership

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knowledge and unwavering commitment to provide six star service.

As Principal of McGrath Central Coast Mat leads an extraordinary team of approximately 80 staff who are fast emulating his success. Mat’s valuable mentoring and training extends beyond the office as Mat regularly presents as a key note real estate speaker and is leading the way with online space and personal profiling with the Mat Steinwede brand. Specialising in Wamberal, Mat’s local market knowledge is second to none. His passion for excellence gives Mat a formidable edge when it comes to selecting the right agent.

Mat & Trevor The partnership

Recognised as one of Australia’s leading Real Estate agents and esteemed by colleagues from both local and international property arenas, Mat Steinwede is an integral contributor to the Australian Real Estate landscape.

Having led a hugely successful career spanning over twenty years, Mat continues to reach great heights with his professionalism, expert property


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coincidence; in fact, it’s the result of 13 long years spent working in Gosford Hospital’s Emergency Department as a Clinical Nurse Specialist.

His passion and drive for people and life is what underpins his every success.

Mat & Trevor The partnership

Trevor brings a unique blend of industry knowledge and personality to the table, starting out in the real estate industry off the back of a lengthy career in the financial services industry as an accredited mortgage consultant, and owner and operator of a financial services practice.

With insight into the background of a property purchase and the residential mortgage application process, Trevor offers buyers and vendors alike a wealth of knowledge at the most critical stage of a deal and manages to do so in a practical and straightforward manner.

Trevor’s talent for communication is no


Together, Trevor and Mat are motivated to the core and channel their energy to best focus their time on the critical areas of buyer management, sales negotiation and the marketing strategy for every property they list.

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Meet the team

Outstanding results are the product of having a specialised team of real estate professionals dedicated to raising the standard with every property we represent. Mat’s team have complementary strengths that work together to bring unprecedented levels of customer service and results to the market.

Philippa WhelanPersonal Assistant to Mat Steinwede & Trevor Hamilton / Marketing

With a strong interest in real estate and over eleven years’ experience in the industry, Philippa brings an energetic approach to customer relationships and shows an unparalleled reliability in all aspects of her work. Philippa efficiently coordinates all property marketing campaigns with a high attention to detail and huge care factor.

A dedicated and focused individual, Philippa provides thorough and skilful administrative support to prioritise and complete multiple tasks for Mat and the team.

Nick West

Buyers Agent

His superior service and desire to help McGrath Central Coast clients achieve their goals makes Nick West a vital member of Mat and Trevor’s team. Friendly, approachable and highly motivated, Nick prides himself on his professional approach to his work which sees him going the extra mile to ensure the best possible outcome for every client.

Having lived on the Central Coast for over twenty years, Nick knows that the physical beauty of the region he specialises in is a perfect match to the close community feel that the area has. Proud to be representing a brand synonymous with excellence, Nick is thrilled about being a part of the McGrath family, saying: “McGrath is incredibly advanced in terms of technology, innovation, professionalism and training.”

James NavinClient Care

James’ extreme dedication to his clients and his desire to deliver service above and beyond their expectations makes him not only a vital member of his client’s team, but a vital member of Mat and Trevor’s team. James began his career in real estate with McGrath Central Coast eleven years ago, and in that time he has succeeded in gaining a wealth of experience in the local real estate market. James completed his grass roots training in all facets of the business before moving into property management. In his latest career move he is now proud to have achieved recognition as a key member of the McGrath sales team, with a keen focus on Wamberal.

With a keen interest in customer care and satisfaction James stream lines the sales process for both vendors and purchasers to ensure everything is covered.

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The auction method sends a strong message to the market that you’re serious about selling and are focused on selling within the campaign period should a satisfactory price be reached.

This can create more urgency around your property plus create the potential of finding multiple buyers for your home. If a competitive environment happens the very best result will be achieved.

This method isn’t suited to all properties however does suit Serpentine Road.

If I owned your property I would certainly engage the auction method.

StrategyI feel the auction method would best suit the potential sale of Serpentine Road because not only will itallow us to understand the market but will also help us work within a specified marketing timeframe.

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Pricing The Rationale

When marketing properties like 21 Serpentine Road the price really needs to be created through high market attention because each acreage property offers different features and attributes so it’s not always easy to pick an exact price.

In this instance the strategy is the most important factor that will assist in establishing price. The type of buyers and the level of buyer urgency that is generated will ultimately determine the price outcome.

When properties are a little harder to price we draw from a range of recent sales with homes that offer similar characteristics.

Please see following examples.

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33 Serpentine Rd, Erina Heights

Sale price: $925,000Sale date: May 20143 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, 3.75 acresAn original home with minor improvemets. Gently sloping land with an approved DA sub-division.

393 The Entrance Rd, Erina HeightsSale price: $1,050,000Sale date: Aug 20144 bed, 3 bath, 2 car, pool, 2.3 acres Sunny north aspect with multiple living spaces, high ceilings and parents retreat.

Recently Sold

42 Mittara Road, TerrigalSale price: $1,090,000Sale date: Dec 20144 bed, 2 bath, 4 car, 2.5 acresSingle level brick and tile home with established gardens, large 4 car garage and a shed with workshop.

4 Portsmouth Road, Erina HeightsSale price: $1,125,000Sale date: Oct 20145 bed, 3 bath, 4 car, 2.5 acresLarge single level brick and tile residence positioned on a north facing parcel of land with modernisedinteriors.

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15 Erina Valley Rd, Erina Valley

Sale price: $1,200,000Sale date: May 20144 bed, 3 bath, 2 car, pool, 3.35 acresSubstantial family home with contemporary finishes, large entertaining area around pool and lush surrounds.

12 Birrerik Rd, WamberalSale price: $1,300,000Sale date: Oct 20145 bed, 3 bath, 4 car, pool, tennis court, 2.5 acresA signifcant home of generous proportions, contemporary interiors situated in a private setting only moments to all amenities.

Recently Sold

190 Hastings Rd, TerrigalSale price: $1,300,000Sale date: Nov 20144 bed, 1 bath, 3 car, 2.5 acresImmaculate single level home with spacious living areas, positioned on a gently sloping 2.5 acres of land.

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This can vary depending on the level of buyer activity and emotional connection however I feel this range is something we can work from logically.

Ultimately the price will be determined by the right marketing strategy, market response and agent’s negotiation skills.

Your property should draw a lot of market attention and it will really boil down to how that is handled.

After giving the likely value much thought and also looking at it from a buyers perspective I feel the likely market range for your property would be around the $1,100,000 -$1,200,000 range. If bidding became heated we could expect more than this.

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This timeline is an indication of how things could flow if you were to proceed.

This is just a hypothetical timeline to give you an idea of how things would flow.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

9 Feb 2015 10 Feb 2015 11 Feb 2015 12 Feb 2015 13 Feb 2015 14 Feb 2015 15 Feb 2015

16 Feb 2015 17 Feb 2015 18 Feb 2015 19 Feb 2015 20 Feb 2015 21 Feb 2015 22 Feb 2015

List propertytoday.

Arrange photography,copy and floorplans.

All photography,copy, floorplans and

marketing proofs would be ready for

you to approve.

23 Feb 2015 24 Feb 2015 25 Feb 2015 26 Feb 2015 27 Feb 2015 28 Feb 2015 1 Mar 2015

Property is loadedto all 4

2 Mar 2015 3 Mar 2015 4 Mar 2015 5 Mar 2015 6 Mar 2015 7 Mar 2015 8 Mar 2015

Firstadvertisementwould appear.

First open housewould take place.

9 Mar 2015 10 Mar 2015 11 Mar 2015 12 Mar 2015 13 Mar 2015 14 Mar 2015 15 Mar 2015

All follow upfrom open house

would be complete.

Complete progessreport emailed to

you for review.

Secondadvertisementwould appear.

Second openhouse would take


16 Mar 2015 17 Mar 2015 18 Mar 2015 19 Mar 2015 20 Mar 2015 21 Mar 2015 22 Mar 2015

All follow upfrom open house

would be complete.

Complete progessreport emailed to

you for review.

Thirdadvertisementwould appear.

Third open housewould take place.

23 Mar 2015 24 Mar 2015 25 Mar 2015 26 Mar 2015 27 Mar 2015 28 Mar 2015 29 Mar 2015

All follow upfrom open house

would be complete.

Complete progessreport emailed to

you for review.

Fourthadvertisementwould appear.

Fourth open housewould take place.

30 Mar 2015 31 Mar 2015 1 Apr 2015 2 Apr 2015 3 Apr 2015 4 Apr 2015 5 Apr 2015

All follow upfrom open house

would be complete.

Meeting to setreserve based onfeedback duringthe campaign.

Auction Day!

23 Feb 2015

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Target Market

After looking at the features of your property, I feel that our prime target markets will be:

Target Market

We have a strategy to reach more buyers for all of these target markets and more…In fact, there is no other real estate agency that has a greater strategy to reach more buyers than McGrath. To put this in perspective, currently 32% of my sales come from out of the area buyers and traditionally they pay more.

There are many reasons McGrath can help you reach these audiences as I’ll discuss in the ‘McGrath Differences’ below.

Sydneysiders looking to secure an acreage.

Local families looking for a property with more space.

Acreage buyers looking for dual accommodation.




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Ghersi Avenue

McGrath Differences

McGrath MagazineOne of the reasons McGrath can help you touch a more varied audience is our Magazine has a readership of over 30,000 people every week that are considered a passive market, this magazine is distributed to the more affluent areas of Sydney and has a very strong following of prime upper end investors and premium home buyers. website is one of the reasons we moved our whole company over to the McGrath brand 9 years ago. 23% of the traffic experienced by this website is ex-pat. The other function the McGrath website has is a lifestyle search. There is an option that says a getaway 90 minutes to Sydney and also short walk to beach, both of these categories would fit your property. The reason this function is interesting is because quite often people don’t have an exact area in mind rather they are open to more areas if they are looking for a holiday house or prime location in general; it’s more about the right property. This one function is not found on any other real estate website.

DatabaseUnlike a traditional franchise - where each office does not have access to each other’s buyers. At McGrath we have a team approach and have access to all of the 300+ Agents buyers who are looking from property on the Central Coast.

This is unique to McGrath.

When we list a property all of these buyers get delivered via email your property details. This allows us to at least touch the right target markets before anything happens in the active or open market. We also phone each of these buyers as the first part of our marketing campaign to arrange viewings before it hits the active market.

The McGrath website is one of the reasons we moved our whole company over to the McGrath brand 10 years ago.

Page 16: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

What the brand will mean to you is there will be a higher level of confidence in the market place that your property is headed for a premium result.

McGrath Differences

Office SizeWe are the largest agency on the Coast with over 30 agents, this means that we are constantly dealing with more buyers and the level of activity through our office is greater. Again increasing your chances of securing the right result.

PhotographyMcGrath photographers are professional property photographers, this is what they do full time and work only for McGrath. This is the reason that our company’s photography has earned the position of the best photography in the industry. 50% of the information people absorb is visual and photography is quite often the first reason buyers will either include or exclude your property.

McGrath BrandResearch has shown that when buyers are dealing with a property handled by McGrath, they feel the property is usually a premium home and also the agents are more skilled in the process of selling, meaning that their product knowledge is better and their level of commitment to service is better. What the brand will mean to you is there will be a higher level of confidence in the market place that your property is headed for a premium result.

Page 17: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

There are many other subtle differences that also contribute to a premium result however I feel these arethe most relevant in your case.

McGrath Differences

AuctioneersA question that I’m asked often is will a Sydney auctioneer know the area like a local auctioneer and the answer is yes. We only use one Sydney auctioneer who has conducted many auctions for us in the local area and has got to know the area very well. The reason that McGrath provides their Sydney auctioneer’s for us on the Central Coast is they are McGrath trained and they also handle some of the best properties in Sydney which gives them an edge when dealing with Sydneysiders on the Coast also.

Page 18: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Reporting Back to You This is what you can expect


Update with new enquiries

Face to face meeting when convenient for you

Onsite visits Comprehensive weekly report

Daily phone calls, texts or emails with updates

Website enquiries and stats update

I have owned this business for more than 15 years with my business partner and effective communication is the premise I have built this business on. I have found that if I communicate effectively with an owner during their entire selling experience then not only is it more enjoyable but the result is usually better because the energy is high around the property and we are all working on the outcome together.

Page 19: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

I think selecting an agent that fits with the type of home helps buyers feel comfortable that they are dealing with an agent who understands this part of the market.On the following pages are some properties I have sold recently in the upper part of the market.

Please note: I have broken the Central Coast record for a residential property at 22 Scenic Hwy Terrigal. The property sold for $6,500,000 to a Sydney buyer, see photos on the following pages.

Most of the homes I sell are usually desirable or exclusive properties, this is sort of what I’m known for in the area.

Track Record

Track Record

Page 20: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

22 Scenic Highway Terrigal

The property sold for $6,500,000 - Central Coast Record Sale Price

Defined by its glamorous, world class design and exceptional cliff top location, this brand new, tri-level residence presents a life of distinction, privacy and luxury. With dramatic ocean and coastline views, this is an offering of unbelievable grandeur.

• Each bedroom with private bathroom, built-in wardrobe

• Modern kitchen with an array of Miele appliances

• Cinema room with plush, motorised recliners

• A 1,000 bottle, climate controlled cellar downstairs

• Fully computerised amx System, including security

• Heated floor tiles; self-cleaning glass throughout

• Aquarium; glass lift; gas fireplace; air conditioning

• Floating glass staircase with led lighting

• Fully tiled, infinity edge pool with cliff edge garden

• Solar power; four car garage with workshop area

Page 21: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

26 Daleys Avenue Daleys Point

The property sold for almost $5,000,000 - Waterfront Record Sale Price

Unrivalled in its dedication to opulence, this stately residence offers the ultimate in waterfront living. Wrapped in spectacular panoramas and set in a magnificent North facing position, the superbly appointed home offers almost every conceivable luxury.

• Boasting finely crafted, custom-made and imported pieces

• Stunning water views from living and entertaining areas

• Plush, five star master suite with spa, private balcony

• Cavernous 690sqm design over three levels with high ceilings

• Perfect northerly aspect - bathed in sun all day long

• Gourmet gas kitchen with granite tops, Ilve appliances

• Lavish billiards room with bar; jarrah office suite

• Wet-edge pool, tennis court, deep water frontage

• Built by the team that became the award winning Linx Group

• Just 90 minutes north of Sydney

Page 22: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

63 Ocean View Drive Wamberal

The property sold for $4,100,000

An elegant fusion of timber, stone, contemporary architecture and exquisite landscaping, this absolute beachfront property encompasses breathtaking, floor-to-ceiling ocean views, a versatile, split level home and an impressive 818sqm parcel of land.

• 180 degree views from Forresters Beach to Terrigal Haven

• Level, low maintenance lawn with timber stairs to sand

• Architecturally designed home with luxury fixtures/fittings

• Self-contained studio with two bedrooms; gourmet kitchen

• Sandstone fireplace; gas hot water; ducted air conditioning

• 600 bottle cellar; large storeroom; dumb waiter access

• Two large, covered terraces; two stone and tile courtyards

• 20,000 litre rainwater tank, plus 6,000 litres for grey water

• Security gate/intercom entry to property; double garage

• Turning bay, plus four additional outdoor parking spaces

Page 23: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

61 Bellevue Crescent Terrigal

The property sold for $1,820,000

Set in the most commanding position in Terrigal, this designer home boasts spectacular 180 degree panoramic views of the coast. The stylish residence offers an open floorplan, multiple formal and informal spaces with floor-to-ceiling glass capturing the breathtaking views.

• Rare and highly desired north aspect provides glorious sun all day

• Large entry foyer opens to living spaces, huge office or library

• Three living areas with an abundance of natural light and views

• Massive master suite with dressing room and private balcony

• Double sized bedrooms all with built-ins, ducted air conditioning

• Spend lazy days and weekends around the glistening infinity pool

• Established manicured gardens, plentiful storage, internal garage

• Sought-after street, level access, abounded by total privacy

• This property and position makes it one of the area’s best

• Located 90 minutes north of Sydney, five minutes to beaches

Page 24: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

47 Lakeside Drive MacMasters Beach

The property sold for $1,225,500

Tightly-held for 35 years and set on a substantial 1,030sqm parcel, this north facing lakefront cottage represents a once in a lifetime opportunity. The residence offers an immensely relaxing lifestyle of superb tranquillity and privacy.

• Captures intimate views directly over Cockrone Lagoon

• Set on the mouth of MacMasters Beach, stroll onto the sand

• Interiors include a lounge plus a separate in/outdoor room

• Side bunk room can sleep up to 10 additional guests

• Liveable as is with ample scope to rebuild if desired (STCA)

• Large level lawns featured at both the front and rear

• Sheltered alfresco deck, perfect for entertaining guests

• Two bathrooms and a single lock-up garage provided

• Very close to renowned bushwalks and national parks

• A picturesque and wonderfully serene holiday weekender

Page 25: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

28 South Pacific Drive MacMasters Beach

The property sold for $1,975,000

Enviably positioned on a luscious 7,094sqm, this exceptional estate is nestled among a handful of exclusive, tightly-held properties. Enveloped by Bouddi National Park with ocean views, this property offers a private haven for the consummate entertainer.

• Serene walking tracks to MacMasters and Little Beach

• Kitchen with granite benches, stainless steel appliances

• Guest house accommodation for six, plus bathroom, laundry

• Large rear deck overlooking the national park and ocean

• North facing, gas heated pool with shallow beach area

• Full size grass tennis court with viewing platform

• Town water, plus two onsite water tanks; workshop

• Extensive, established landscaping with irrigation system

• Double remote control garage; abundant parking for guests

• An idyllic getaway just 90 minutes north of Sydney’s CBD

Page 26: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

243 Del Monte Place Copacabana

The property sold for $2,700,000

Contemporary and luxuriously detailed, this bespoke beachhouse is footsteps to the sand and captures compelling ocean views. The architect designed home was recently completed to perfection and offers a lifestyle sanctuary embracing the drama of the sea.

• In an exclusive coastal pocket next to Lake Cockrone

• Superb position between Copacabana and Macmasters Beach

• Solid concrete home, expanses of double glazed glass

• Sliding timber panels and stacker doors for in/outdoor flow

• Abundant decking provides elevated entertainment spaces

• Open living, gourmet kitchen, outdoor kitchen with barbecue

• Four bedrooms, two with ensuite; deluxe main bathroom

• Master wing with walk-in robe, media and games rooms

• Recycled ironbark floors/decking, pivoting Focus fireplace

• Remote garage access, gated driveway, back-to-base alarm

Page 27: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

42 Lake Street North Avoca

The property sold for $1,550,000

Set just two houses up from North Avoca Beach, this architecturally designed home is breathtaking on first impression. With luxurious modern fixtures and fittings throughout and beautifully landscaped gardens, this is a property made for entertaining.

• Easy 20 metre walk to sand, 10 minute walk on beach to Avoca

• Picturesque pond on entry; northerly aspect to the rear

• Level, low maintenance, manicured 645sqm parcel of land

• Stylish master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe, ensuite

• Gourmet kitchen with abundant storage, island bench/bar

• Polished timber floorboards; covered outdoor alfresco area

• Designated home theatre/media room

• Fully tiled designer heated in-ground pool

• Remote control double garage, internal access; alarm

• Only 90 minutes drive north of Sydney’s CBD

Page 28: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

13 Ficus Avenue Avoca Beach

The property sold for $1,295,000

This rare classic 1940s beach house, set on Avoca’s famous lake and surf beach, occupying one of the finest north facing positions the Central Coast has to offer. Superbly presented, this idyllic setting makes the ideal weekend escape and private getaway.

• A rare, well preserved 1940s Australian beach house

• Set right on the mouth of Avoca’s lake and famous surf beach

• Stroll along your own sandy beach, paddle metres to the surf

• Charming cottage with huge entertainment decks

• Large level, private block, self-contained garage

• Explore spoils of Avoca Beach with surfing, fishing, boating

• Fish or launch your kayak right off the front lawn

• Tennis courts, parklands, shops and cafés just metres away

• 90 minutes from Sydney to the ambience of a bygone era

• Relaxed holiday home, in highly sought-after Avoca Village

Page 29: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

16 Beachview Esplanade MacMasters Beach

The property sold for $1,970,000

This headland sanctuary with designer beachhouse enjoys captivating ocean and scenic views from a uniquely private setting. Situated on over two acres of sun drenched land and abounded by national park, making this the perfect getaway, 400 metre direct walk to the beach.

• Suspended timber walkway leads to a glass entry foyer

• Magnificent outlooks from almost every room of the house

• Divine native gardens full of birdlife, forna and flora

• Spacious open plan living flows to a north wraparound deck

• Four bedrooms or three plus study, master has full ensuite

• Sleek CaesarStone kitchen with stainless steel appliances

• Deluxe bathroom with bath, two additional powder rooms

• Air conditioning, limewashed timber floors, expansive glass

• Automatic lock-up double garage with a loft storage area

• Productive fruit and vegetable garden, level lawn areas

Page 30: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

13 Pacific Street Wamberal

The property sold for $2,700,000

Superbly positioned with direct access to Wamberal Beach, this modern, single level, beachfront sits on a rare, impressive 928sqm block and boasts breathtaking panoramas of the north bound coastline from Terrigal Haven to Bateau Bay’s Crackneck Lookout.

• Beautifully presented property is abundant with luxury features

• Brand new kitchen with marble, stainless steel appliances

• Ducted air conditioning; gas fireplace; timber floorboards

• Floor-to-ceiling stacking glass doors; built-in wardrobes

• Sun drenched outdoor patio; Jacuzzi; sunken entertaining area

• Tropical landscaping with timber and sandstone elements

• Deep, lush back lawn rolling to the sand’s edge

• Double garage with remote control access

• Less than five minutes’ walk on the beach to Terrigal

• Just over an hour’s drive north of Sydney’s CBD and Harbour

Page 31: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

40 Gerda Road MacMasters Beach

The property sold for $1,950,000

Undeniably special with an extremely coveted position, this prominent 987sqm property is regarded by many as the number one location at MacMasters Beach and showcases extraordinary panoramas of the beach and the ocean from Copacabana to MacMasters Beach.

• The seaside cottage was built in 1964 for carefree living

• Upstairs features two bedrooms with built-ins and ocean views

• Versatile living space downstairs; indoor and outdoor bathroom

• Large, wraparound entertaining deck; single garage

• Holiday rental prospect with rental return figures available

• Site features protected and elevated position and aspect

• Astounding opportunity to secure a rare lifestyle offering

• Just 10 metres walk to the sand, three minutes to the surf club

• Only 90 minutes drive north of Sydney’s CBD

• 25 minutes drive from the Sydney Newcastle F3, Gosford exit

Page 32: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

24 Ocean View Drive Wamberal

The property sold for $1,550,000

Showcasing a fresh contemporary design, this superb brand new home epitomizes elegant beachside sophistication with quality features throughout and is perfect for those seeking a luxurious waterfront lifestyle.

• Uniquely positioned on Terrigal Lagoon capturing 180 degree| views

• Designer kitchen with gas European appliances, walk-in pantry

• Master retreat offers a plush ensuite, walk-in robe, sitting room

• Generous bedrooms with built-ins and guest room with ensuite

• State-of-the-art inclusions, C-Bus electronics, Heat & Glow fire

• Travertine tiled floors and ducted air conditioning throughout

• Open plan living fused with seamless outdoor entertaining

• All season terrace overlooking the pool, lagoon, security fenced

• Featuring custom joinery, landscaped gardens, travertine paving

• 30 metres to the beach, close to Terrigal, 90 minutes to Sydney

Page 33: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

10/300 Wattle Tree Road Holgate

The property sold for $1,250,000

Positioned perfectly in a commanding elevated position and enjoying total privacy, this superb family home captures the warmth of all day sun and the peaceful backdrop of the tranquil surrounds. Hidden away from everyday life but close to the beachside lifestyle of the Central Coast.

• High ceilings, open and functional floorplan, mostly single level

• Private driveway leading to your very own rural oasis

• Formal living, rumpus room, family room, air conditioning

• Large timber kitchen with stainless steel appliances

• Nice mixture of tiles and carpet flooring throughout

• Master with fresh new designer ensuite, walk-in robe and retreat

• Generous bedrooms with built-ins, guest bathroom

• Entertainers dream with chic outdoor areas, picturesque backdrop

• Glistening pool area complimented by sandstone finishes and spa

• Cleared near level land, kids cubby house, manicured gardens

Page 34: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

27 Maitland Bay Drive Killcare Heights

The property sold for $1,625,000

A private estate encompassing 2.4 level hectares combining cleared land and towering native and exotic trees situated amid beautiful, established gardens. A north facing home of simple, open plan design and an original character filled mud brick cottage.

• Zoned 7C3 (Scenic Protection/Tourist Accommodation)

• Modern home features recycled timber, stone, timber walls

• Living areas open directly to limestone terrace and garden

• Elevated studio is close by and linked by generous gravel paths

• Also on site is a fenced, salt water pool; bore

• Access to town water; 130,000 litres of tank water

• Enclosed vegetable garden/shed; detached office

• Biolytix grey water and sewerage system

• Located only seven minutes from beaches, cafés

• An easy 90 minute drive north of Sydney’s CBD

Page 35: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

66 Cape Three Points Road Avoca Beach

The property sold for $1,480,000

Showcasing a vibrant blend of Mediterranean-influenced interiors and stylishly landscaped alfresco areas, this tri-level family home is a truly unique offering set on a 980sqm block high on the escarpment overlooking the beautiful Avoca Beach.

• Stunning water views from Avoca Beach to Terrigal’s Skillion

• Multiple lounge, dining and kitchen areas on two levels

• Light filled loft with spectacular ocean views on the top floor

• Option to convert the lower level to separate living quarters

• High ceilings and ducted air conditioning throughout

• Master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and ensuite

• Numerous sun drenched balconies; covered barbeque area

• Immaculately presented, landscaped gardens

• Beautifully private, sandstone courtyard; separate artist studio

• Double garage with automatic door; storage room; security alarm

Page 36: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

Also, doing a great job is my entire focus, if you would like to speak to some of my past clients first hand to discuss my service levels feel free to call any of the below:Jason Gazal 22 Scenic Hwy, Terrigal P 0412 911 924

Ray & Rayna Naish 61 Bellevue Cres,Terrigal P 0412 566 299

Ann Conning 18 Belar Ave, Terrigal P 0424 644 836

Wayne Chivas 56 Daley Point, Daleys Point P 0411 695 447

Deane Poile 43 Erina Valley Rd, Erina Heights P 0405 192 656

John Loveridge 290 Scenic Hwy, Terrigal P 0412 957 545

Bruce Gardiner 17 Grosvenor Rd, Terrigal P 0422 002 964

Chris Sanford 332 Matcham Rd, Matcham P 0418 223 919

John & Melva Fitzmaurice 9 Birrerik Rd, Wamberal P 4385 5353

There are many more which I would be happy to send you if you would like to see more.

Page 37: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

Track Record

I have hundreds of testimonials some of which you can read on

Page 38: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road


The marketing campaign you select is about tapping into the right target markets and creating energy around your property.

Your price will directly relate to the energy that’s created (the more energy, the better the price).

The advertising campaign covers the local, Sydney and Overseas markets.


Advertising Schedule

Week 1 Full Page Express Advocate South $1,530.00Week 2 Full Page Express Advocate South $1,530.00Week 3 Half Page Express Advocate South $780.00Week 4 Half Page Express Advocate South $780.00

Other Advertising Premium Internet package inc. $612.00 Highlight Property 8x4 Photo Signboard $335.00 Professional photography & $395.00 retouching x 7 stills Floorplan $215.00 A4Brochures‐Doublesidedx100 $137.00 Copywriting $105.00 Auctioneer $550.00

TOTAL $6,969.00

Page 39: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

InvestmentAs Allanah works for McGrath I would extend a staff rate of 2.2 % inclusive of GST for the sale of your property.The other additional investment is the marketing campaign outlined.

Serpentine Rd

Page 40: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

In summary

Finally, why should you select us as your agent?

Page 41: McGrath 21 Serpentine Road

The main reasons would be:Superior levels of service

Extensive Market Knowledge

Average Days On Market Less Than Any Other Agent

McGrath Brand

Personally dealing with the directors of McGrath

A team of over 30 Sales Agents

Extensive track record

Mat is one of the leading McGrath agents in Australia

In depth negotiation skills

We just work harder

In summary

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Thank you

Kind regards,

Mat Steinwede

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Trevor Hamilton

M 0402 392 398

If given the opportunity to work with you we will help you achieve an outstanding result whilst keeping you fully informed every step of the way.