May 2014 noteworthy

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Keep your quilt shop sharp with the latest notions.

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  • Air Erase Marker Xtra Fine PurpleStk# 5030Pk. 3 Retail $6.25


    3. 4/14


    Air Erase Marker Thick PurpleStk# 5031Pk. 3 Retail $6.25


    Air Erase Marker/EraserFine PurpleStk# 5032Pk. 3 Retail $7.25


    Air Erase Marker with Eraser

    This marker is great for planning sewing projects giving you enough time to finalize the details

    Markings disappear naturally in 4-14 days or with water

    Convenient erasable end for quick corrections

    Fine tip with purple ink

    This marker is great for planning sewing projects giving you enough time to finalize the details

    Markings disappear naturally or with water

    Roll Resistant cap keeps marker in place

    Smooth flowing ink

    Air Erase Markers -2 Tip Sizes-

    Extra Fine Point - ink disappears in 2-7 days

    Thick Point - ink disappears in 4-14 days


  • 3. 4/14


    White Marking Pen Refills 2ctStk# 5033Pk. 3 Retail $11.50


    White Marking Pen Stk# 517Pk. 3 Retail $6.75


    Curved AwlStk# 4880Pk. 3 Retail $14.25


    Curved Awl The curved tip makes it easy to hold & feed fabrics under the presser foot of your sewing machine

    Ergonomic handle provides better grip and comfort for controlled results

    Easily get under stitches with the curved tip

    White Marking Pen Refill

    Using the White Marking pen your lines will be more visible, even on dark fabrics

    Marks stand out more as the ink dries

    Ink disappears when washed or ironed

    2 refills per package

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  • 3. 4/14

  • 3. 4/14


  • 3. 4/14


  • 3. 4/14


    Easy Action Micro Tip Titanium 5Stk# 12 71777097JPk. 1 Min. 2 Retail $19.99


    Easy Action Titanium Scissor 8Stk# 12 71787097JPk. 1 Retail $29.25


    Easy Action Rag Quilt Snip Stk# 12 99367097JPk. 1 Min. 2 Retail $22.99


    Easy Action Razor Edge Scissor 8 Stk# 12 99167097JPk. 1 Retail $33.25


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  • 3. 4/14


  • New Products


  • 3. 4/14

    The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) has been developing research to eradicate breast cancer permanently. As a charity they spend 91 cents of every dollar on research and public awareness, and are one of the most fiscally responsible charities in the USA. We believe whole-heartedly in eradicating breast cancer, and for that reason,

    we are donating $10 of all pink

    iron sales to the BCRF!

    Feedback for our new upcoming release of the Oliso pink iron has been phenomenal! We have received over 116 'likes' on one quick Facebook post, alongside over 30 positive and enthusiastic comments from our loyal fans. The design has been in the works for a while, so we are all extremely happy with the response!

    Would love pink! Oh yes I would! Lisa Johnson

    I like! I want! I'll get! Michelle Major

    I have an Oliso iron and absolutely absolutely without a doubt would have no other!!!! Roberta Hester Leatherwood



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  • 3. 4/14


  • 3. 4/14


  • 3. 4/14


  • 3. 4/14

  • 3. 4/14



    Looking for something fresh this Spring?

    Pink Desk Light

  • 3. 12/13


  • 3. 4/14


  • StellaSKY

    3. 4/14


  • 3. 4/14


  • Welcome to the family...

    Get It First Through

    3. 4/14


  • Features

    5-Level DimmingIntegration

    NO UVLow Heat

    Tri-Spectrum Technology 10W

    50,000+ HourLamp Life

    Remote Lighting

    Less Heat - No Bulbs

    Designed with the creative individual in mind, the EDGEs color spectrum and intensity can be controlled from up to 15 away. The EDGEs infrared remote provides incredible flexibility and control through its simple design and magnetic back which adheres to the lamp itself.

    StellaEDGETaking the art of personal lighting to the Edge

    Oversized GripDesigned for comfort and durability, the over-molded stainless steel hardware with rubber grips allows you to install the EDGE to your surface with ease and condence.

    Longer NeckWe have added 3 to the total neck length to give the user more range of motion with their light.

    Industrial StrengthSteel reinforced clamp with stainless steel hardware has been custom engineered to give you the most secure attachment for any surface/edge from 1/2 - 3 1/2 thick.

    Like all Stella products, the EDGEs ultra-efcient LED technology produces very little heat, making it comfortable to work under for long periodsof time as well as eliminates the need for bulb replacement.

    5 -Year WarrantyWe are extending our warranty to a

    5-year manufacturers warranty.

    3. 4/14


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