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Transcript of Master Lock - Door Hardware Product Catalog - LSA .- Selection Guide Page 10 ... Master Lock® Door

  • Door HardwareProduct Catalog

    Residential CommeRCial multi-Family

  • ContentsEvolution Through Innovation Page 3-7

    Residential Door Hardware

    - Features & Styles Page 8-9

    - Selection Guide Page 10

    - Ordering Information / Selection Page 11-19

    - Specifications / Dimensions Page 20 - 21

    24-in-1 Commercial door Hardware

    - Features & Styles / Keyways Page 22-23

    - Ordering Information / Selection Page 24

    - Specifications / Dimensions Page 25

    Recodable multi-Family door Hardware

    - Features & Styles Page 26 -27

    - Ordering Information / Selection Page 28

    - Specifications / Dimensions Page 29

    merchandising Page 30-33

    service Parts / lock lubricant Page 34

    online information Page 35

    Master Lock Door Hardware


  • Throughout our history, Master Lock has worked hard to earn and maintain the trust of our customers by delivering on our promise of strength and quality and by continually seeking new standards for product design, application, and performance.

    From the groundbreaking laminated padlock design that launched the Master Lock Company in 1921 to the thousands of products that followed, spanning a wide range of security hardware categories, one thing has

    remained constant. Every Master Lock product is the end result of hard work by a dedicated team, driven by a passion for innovation and a steadfast commitment to quality. As a result, our customers know what they can expect when they purchase any product that bears the Master Lock name.

    Master Lock's innovative Residential, Commercial, and Multi-Family Door Hardware continues this tradition.

    Master Lock Door Hardware

    Innovative Security Hardware for Home, Office and Business.

    Evolution Through Innovation

  • Two-thirds of U.S. homeowners have unknowingly exposed themselves to the risk of an intruder entering their home with a copy of their key. Every time a homeowner lends out a key to a contractor or babysitter, or uses valet parking at a restaurant or hotel, or if they or a family member loses a key, there is a chance that their key could be duplicated and circulated to people they dont know without their knowledge.

    NightWatch deadbolts were specifically created by Master Lock Company to prevent an intruder from entering, even if they have a copy of the homeowners key. It installs and functions like a standard deadbolt but once the exclusive NightWatch feature is activated, all keys are blocked from unlocking the deadbolt.


    The only deadbolt to lock out intruders even if they have a copy of the key.

    Evolution Through Innovation


  • available in 3 easy-to-install designs:


    Programmable Electronic Keypad Deadbolt

    Keylessconveniencewith backup keyed access.Easytoprogramstoresup to 20 unique user codes.2factorypre-setcodes.Programmercodeprotects against unauthorized programming.Replacesanystandarddeadbolt without additional door prep.

    Dial Combination Deadbolt

    Operateslikeanydial combination lock.Openwithcombinationorkey.Providescombinationbackup for those who prefer keyed access for daily use.

    Standard Keyed Deadbolt

    Installsandoperateslikea standard deadbolt.

    See product listings on pages 16 to 20.

    For more information, see the Programmable Electronic Keypad Deadbolt and NightWatch videos at

    When the nightWatch feature is engaged, the lock cannot be opened from the outside, even with a duplicate key.

    iPhone, iPad, Android, and Android images are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

    Create your personal vault at:

    safe and secure Password Protection

    Master Lock Vault provides a safe, free and convenient place to store confidential data for quick, easy access whenever needed. Its secure 256-bit encryption is a perfect way to safely store user and administrator codes for Master Lock Electronic Keypad Deadbolts or user combinations for Master Lock Dial Combination NightWatch Deadbolts.

    mobile Version24/7 immediate access. Safely and easily add, change, or delete your Vault info from your smart phone.

    Our FRee App is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

  • Once a closely guarded trade secret, lock bumping has recently emerged as a serious threat to personal and property security.

    Lockbumpingissoeasyachildcanquicklylearntodoit. BumpkeysarereadilyavailableforpurchaseontheInternet. Bumpkeysareeasytomake. Bumpingleavesnovisiblesignsofforcedentry insurance companies are wary about paying claims. FeaturedinGrade2residentialandcommercialdeadbolts.

    As the leader in security hardware, Master Lock has stepped forward to create a revolutionary new lock cylinder that is highly resistant to lock bumping, is capable of detecting bump attacks, and meets the highest test standard for resistance to bumping as defined by ASTM F883-09.

    Unlike standard pin tumbler cylinders, BumpStop employs an innovative, patented pin design which has been specially engineered to resist impact from a bump key and bump tool.

    For more information, see the BumpStop video at

    Evolution Through Innovation


  • A unique patented cylinder enables multi-family property security managers to rekey locks using a simple change tool in as little as 15 seconds.


    Allowssecuritymanagerstotakecontroloftheprocessof changing keying with every change in occupancy.


    For more information, see page 26 and the Recodable video at

    Master Lock Companys Grade 2 Commercial Door Hardware featuring the exclusive 24-in-1 Retrofitable Cylinder provides an efficient, cost effective way to service customer demand for up to 24 of the most popular installed key systems in use today.

    Commercial Grade 2 door Hardware

    For more information, see page 22.

    multi-Family Recodable locks

    Evolution Through Innovation

  • Master Lock Residential door hardware offers todays most popular styles in todays most popular finishes to compliment any style home.

    These locks provide a quality, cost effective choice for a variety of door hardware needs.

    With NightWatch deadbolts on their doors, homeowners enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that unaccounted for keys are rendered harmless.

    WhentheNightWatch feature is engaged, the lock cannot be opened from the outside, even with a duplicate key.

    Canonlybeengagedordisengagedfrom inside the home.


    to operate the nightWatch Feature

    Turn lever to lock deadbolt

    Press up on safety button while pulling lever to engage NightWatch lockout feature


    Residential Door Hardware


  • Refer to the charts on pages 11-19 for function/style/finish availability.

    Styles TulipKnob







    NightWatch Deadbolt

    Programmable Electronic Keypad Deadbolt

    Finishes PolishedBrass





    Universal6-waylatchadjustsfrom2-3/8"to2-3/4"andhas interchangeable latch faces to ensure a perfect fit on any door.

    NightWatch Deadbolt technology provides enhanced security for greater piece of mind.

    Residential Door Hardware

  • Selection Guide

    Polished Brass (03)

    Ball KNoB (Ba)

    Biscuit KNoB (Bc)

    tuliP KNoB (tu)

    straight lever (sl)

    wave lever (wl)

    aNtique Brass (05)

    satiN NicKel (15)

    aged BroNze (12)

    2. Finish 3. Function 4. customization 1. handle style

    KeYed eNtrY (01)

    For exterior locking applications - entry door KeYed diFFereNt (Kd)

    Each lock is opened by its own unique key. Keyed Different is the standard keying default option.

    KeYed aliKe (Ka)

    All locks in the set are opened by the same key. Keyed Alike locks eliminate the need for multiple keys where numerous locks are used.

    master KeYed (mK)

    In a Master Keyed System, a master key opens all the locks in the system, although each lock has its own unique key. Master Keyed Systems allow supervisory or emergency access.

    PrivacY (03)

    For interior locking applications - bedroom or bathroom

    Passage (04)

    For interior non-locking applications - hall closet

    dummY (05)

    For non-functional interior applications

    storeroom (02)

    For locked interior storage room applications

    Nightwatch (N)

    When engaged, the lock cannot be opened from the outside; even with a duplicate key.

    Place your orders online at


  • Tulip Knobs (TU)

    Finish DescriptionRetail Pack

    Master CartonQty: 2

    Box Pack Master Carton

    Qty: 8

    KW1 SC1 WR3/5

    Polished Brass(03)

    Keyed Entry TUO0103 TU0103KA4 TU0103KA4S TU0103KA4W

    Single Cylinder Deadbolt Combo Pack

    TUCO0603 TUC0603KA4 TUC0603KA4S TUC0603KA4W

    Single Cylinder Deadbolt Twin Pack


    Privacy TUO0303 TU0303BOX

    Passage TUO0403 TU0403BOX

    Keyed Entry, Twin Set TUO0103T

    Keyed Entry, Mobile Home TUMOB103

    Dummy TU0503BOX

    Box pack product is packaged in KA4 sets with 2 different KA4 sets per master carton of 8