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Marriage Sweets

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Marriage Sweets

Marriage is the inception of uniting beautiful souls. It is made to be a successful marriage by sharing love with each other. In order to make it more special sweets are provided to the guests and invitees to cherish the happiness of wedding occasion.

If you’re going to get married then make it splendorous with sweets and cakes for the guests who have made it a successful marriage.

Traditional belief …

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From the reception desk to the dinner table people crave sweets. The invitees are welcomed with sugar coated sweets and roses at the reception. Traditionally holy water made of paneer is sprinkled on them to ward away evil spirit from negative people.

Sweets offered during prayers

Though tradition may vary, offering sweets to the god before wedding is mandatory and it is followed without any hesitation. Home -made sweets are preferred..

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Marriage Sweets

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than the artificially colored ones as they ensure love. The only difference is that the type of sweets made, differ from region to region. Dry fruits of badam, pista, cashews and dry grapes provide a rich look to the invitees.

Sweets offered at dinner

The separate varieties of sweets  are liked by people are distinct and unique. 

The widely preferred North Indian sweets are …

Marriage Sweets

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Jilebi is the most popular sweet and it is suitable to crave at room temperature which proves to be a great dessert for the grand feast by making it better.

•Pedas are creamy and tiny which are delicious sweets for wedding ceremonies and are used to share the wedding announcement.

•Kheer is used as a dessert which helps in digestion after a heavy meal. It is a mixture of nuts, milk and sugar fed to married couples.

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Marriage Sweets

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The sweets preferred by South Indians are

• Ladoos are delicious and made from flour and it involves patience to make it mouth-watering.

• Pudding is offered after the meal to avoid acidity and controls the digestion process.

• Palkova is the favourite dish liked by all and it also makes the negative people to reciprocate the best wishes to the couples.

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Marriage Sweets

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•Benefits of sweets

Experts claim various benefits of sweets provided at the marriage .They are

•Enables blood circulation

•Prevents stroke and heart diseases

•Lowers blood pressure

•Easy way to lose weight

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Marriage Sweets

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Best alternatives to traditional sweets 

As people have adopted westernization there are various substitutes to sweets. Experts claim that colourful things are attractive be it in sweets or meal. The best alternatives are gems, dry fruits that are colour-coated, mini cupcakes etc. 

Make your marriage blissful

An interesting way to make your guests cheerful is fortune cookies.

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Marriage Sweets

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We can include positive message in the cookies so that they get delighted on opening it. By this way we can invoke love among people.

Have an ethnic touch

It is necessary to have an ethnic touch in preparing sweets. Addition of ghee enhances the taste by making it better to swallow. Separate sweets can be made for diabetic patients with sugar free provisions.

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Marriage Sweets

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