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  • 1. MARIBOR City squares and Pohorje

2. Castle square Castle square with castle and museum AstoriaCaf 3. General Maister square The square was built when the city was still surrounded with the city wall.It is named after the GeneralMaister ,who fought for the Slovenian northern border . Today it is surrounded with the City Castle,I. gimnazija Mariborand the head officeof University of Maribor . 4. Libertysquare It was built in 19 thcentury on the previous location where the bastilles moat used to be.In year1975the Statue of liberty (also called Monument of World War II) was created by famous Slovenian sculptorSlavk o Tihec . 5. Slomkovsquare It is named after Slovenian bishop Anton MartinSlomek. The mainplatformfrom 1938 on the square is work ofJoe Plenik,architectBranko Kocmutarranged the whole square 30 years later, based onJoe Plenik sidea The square is surrounded with buildings belonging to the University of Maribor, main post office, which used to be a hospital and Slovenian National Theatre Maribor. 6. POHORJEmountain - unlimited possibilities for recreation 7. WINTER JOY ON POHORJE 8. SNENISTADION night skiing, Golden Fox World Skiing Cup, sledging 9. INDIANVILLAGE Excitement for children, with ridding, archery and camping. 10. TRIKOTNA JASA- Adrenaline Park,favoriteplatformfor great views on Maribor and final point for trekkers . 11. P ARACHUTING Fly fromPohorje- experience for brave 12. Thermal spa, summer sledging and trekking are favorite types of recreation in summer. 13. Authors : Erna Kokol in Majda Caf