MariaDB Enterprise and MariaDB Enterprise Cluster update

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Transcript of MariaDB Enterprise and MariaDB Enterprise Cluster update

  • MariaDB Enterprise: Choose From Two Product Subscriptions

    MariaDB Enterprise

    Everything you need: a packaged, enterprise RDBMS product based on the popular MariaDB open source project, along with robust technical services and support.

    MariaDB Enterprise Cluster

    A highly available database cluster product that combines MariaDB with advanced, multi-master clustering, along with expert support for demanding production applications.

  • 2015, MariaDB Corp.


    (1) Optional - SeveralNines ClusterControl

  • 2015, MariaDB Corp.

  • Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June

    Jan 2016-MariaDB Enterprise Winter -Connector/J 1.4-MaxScale 1.3

    April 2016-MariaDB Enterprise Spring -Connector/J 1.5-Connector/C 3.0-MaxScale 1.4


    July 2016MariaDB Enterprise Summer-

    Connector/ODBC 2.1 (Windows & Linux)-Connector/J 1.6-Connector/C 3.1-

    MaxScale 1.5-

    Nov 2016 -Connector/ODBC 2.0 (Linux)

    April 2016 -Google Cloud MariaDB service

    Oct 2015-MariaDB Enterprise Fall-MS Azure MariaDB service announcement

  • Works with MariaDB MaxScale



  • MONyog is now 6.4, SQLyog 12.15 and Percona XtraBackup 2.3.2. We will refresh our repository in some short weeks from now.a


  • Next Generation Intelligent Proxy

    Abstraction Layer Between Application and Database

    SQL Aware

    Develop Applications Faster without worrying about Database Details

    MaxScale can modify and react to queries on the fly allowing for better scalability, performance, availability

    R/W Splitting, BinLog Router, Firewall Filter, Schema Sharding, and more






  • MariaDB Enterprise Installation Guide


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