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March Edition of Panna Gossiping Gecko. Local community magazine!

Transcript of March 2013 Panna Gecko



this issueFeature Resident P.5 John Hughes-Procrastinating P.13 Terre Rouge Ballet P.19 Community Recognition Award P.23 Talk Technology P.27 Issue Ultimate Boot Camp P.36

Gossiping Geckoi t s a l l a b o u t o u r c o m m u n i t y

03December 2012

Pannawonicas own community magazine.


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here for you

What is the Panna Gecko?The Panna Gecko is a free magazine published on a quarterly basis. The cost of printing the Panna Gecko is kindly donated by Rio Tinto. It exists for the benefit of the community of Pannawonica. The Panna Gecko is produced by members of the Pannawonican community.

The Panna Gecko is here for you! Its very purpose is to help you get informed about your community and stay informed .The Panna Gecko aims: To assist in promoting a healthy, positive and supportive community. To provide a platform whereby our towns varied interests, groups & organisations can be supported and promoted. To encourage community spirit.

Have you taken a photo capturing an aspect of our unique town?Why not submit it for the chance to have your photo on the front cover of the next Panna Gecko?

So, youre interested?......Great. Now all you have to do is send your photo as an attachment to [email protected] along with your name, photo location and date.

Cover PhotoDouble Rainbow Maitland St, Pannawonica Photo taken by Kirsten Hawkins

You have an article youthink would be good for the next issue?Thats fabulous We want to hear from you. Send it in word format to [email protected] and well be in touch.2013 Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 Issue 4 March July September December

next issuePotential contributions are to be submitted on or before

You dont think you can write an article? But you know about something worth telling? All text submissions to be in Word, Well write a quick email and let us know, All photos / images to be attached separately. because we are happy to help you out. We want your input.

June 1st

Editor: Heidi Virgin Email: [email protected] Phone: 0418913633


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from the editor

Welcomeello readers and welcome to the 1st edition of the Panna Gossiping Gecko for 2013. This year promises to be another great, fun year sharing stories and events about Pannawonica, showing everyone near and far, what a great place Panna is! The beginning of the year has bought us many summer storms. Some locals has taken photos of these amazing storms which are featured on the front cover and throughout this edition. The storms have bought much needed rain to fill up the rivers and an abundance of lightning shows, which have been amazing to watch. These are a few of the unique things that Pannawonica has and why it makes it such a great place to live. Another reason why Panna is such a great place to live, is the great people in it. I was very privileged to be able to interview Arthur & Eileen Hall for the feature resident article in this edition. My time with them was filled with lots of laughter and many great stories. I hope you enjoy their story as much as I did. They are very special couple who are celebrating their 50th wedding Anniversary this year. What an amazing and beautiful achievement. I hope that you once again enjoy this edition of the Gecko. Until next time. Enjoy!

March, 2013

Meet the t e a m !Barry DethmoreBarry has been in the mining and construction industry for 28 years and worked all over Australia. He has worked on dams, roads, airstrips and mines. Barry moved to Panna in July, 2010 along with his partner, Tanya. They love living here, enjoying all that the town has to offer. Barrys interests include world travel, photography, riding his motor cycle, music, drawing and a good game of chess.


Samantha SylvaSamantha and her husband Stephen moved to Panna in early 2007 with their two boys. They had visited the town several times before moving to see her parents who also work and lived in town. They have since expanded their family with twin girls. Samantha enjoys living in the Pilbara. She grew up in country towns both rural and mining, and now enjoys watching her children grow up in a similar style. She likes to write about things that are important to her, and hopes you will enjoy reading them too.

Heidi x

about Heidi: Heidi moved to Pannawonica in January 2003 as a new teacher. She met her husband , Damian, here in Pannawonica. Heidi has 2 children and is enjoying taking a break from teaching. Heidi is passionate about family, cooking and drinking tea. She is committed to continuing the Gecko and being a positive member of the Panna community.


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Whats the best thing about summer storms?

Simon Mitchel

Natasha Piwowarski

Dave Hinchcliffe

Stacey Rutherford

The natural light show and the amazing colours!

It makes everything nice and green for the horses and wildlife.

The abundance of lightning and the drenching rains.

All the rain to fill the river.

I love a good ol Summer Storm Rain and thunder and lightening Some people think Im quite obscure Cause to them, theyre simply frightening But safe n sound inside the houseKurtis Rutherford

The loud bangs still make dogs quiver But for me Im smiling, filled with joy Cause that rain is filling up the river


The Rainbows!

- Panna Poet

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feature resident


neighbourArthur & Eileen Hall


ou may know them as Ma & Pa, Grandma & Grandpa or Ma & Pa Kettle. But their real names are Arthur and Eileen Hall. Their family consists of 3 sons, 10 grandkids and 5 great grandkids; family is a large part of their lives. They are a very generous and caring couple. My time spent with them left me in stiches of laughter after listening to their stories. Arthur & Eileens story starts in England. They were high school sweethearts who were married in 1963. Arthur married Eileen on her 21st birthday, he would have liked to marry Eileen before this but Eileens stepdad wouldnt let any of his daughters get married before they were 21. So Arthur being Arthur, decided to marry Eileen on her 21st birthday and not a day later! Arthur and Eileen moved to Australia in 1966 (as 10 pound poms) to Port Kembla, NSW where he worked for Australian Iron and Steel (now known as BHP), who sponsored him to come to Australia. He got the job because he had a 1st class underground mine managers certificate. They lived and work in NSW for 7 months and they then decided to move to WA, after receiving a letter from one of Eileens friends saying that WA was great. Their friends in NSW told them not to go to WA, because its too hot there, but when they arrived it was pouring with raingo figure. Once in WA Arthur worked for CSR. They then settled in WA, where Arthur worked for numerous mining companies. The next part of the story finds us in Pannawonica. Arthur & Eileen moved to Pannawonica in February 2001. They move here from Perth, where they had owned a small petrol station. However, due to the deregulation of the fuel industry, Arthur & Eileens petrol station went bad. They moved to Pannawonica with not a cent to their name. When they arrived, they were greeted with a washing basket full of groceries in their house as a

Arthur & Eileen with Grandchildren Michael, Rachel & Cameron

house warming gift from the company. Arthur came to Pannawonica to develop processing and assist in the building of Process Plant 2 (PP2). He also has another special qualification which was a quarry managers ticket, ticket number is 23. He was the 23rd person in WA to receive his quarry managers ticket. He received this in 1976. From 1977-1979 he was on the board of examiners for mines and petroleum. During their 12 years in Pannawonica Arthur has been the secretary/treasurer of the Pannawonica Heights Golf Club and he was Santa for a few year at the childrens Christmas party. Eileen has worked at the primary school from 20052012 as the school gardener. She then retired from the school in 2012, but you will still find her and Arthur working at the school casually. The school gardens always look immaculate after Arthur and Eileen have worked their magic on the gardens & lawn. Arthur and Eileen have enjoyed their 12 years in Pannawonica and said Pannawonica has been good to them. They are about to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary on the 30th of March this year. Wow! What an awesome celebration and great achievement! Congratulations!! -Heidi Virgin


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panna photos

Pannas SummerDouble Rainbow

S T O R M C L O U D [email protected]

Storm Photos

panna photos

This summer has seen Panna have many storms and awesome displays of lightning. These pictures are just a few to show you what our summer storms are like.

A Special thanks to Kirsten and Jason Hawkins for the [email protected]

clean up

Pannawonica Clean Up Australian Day


Mel Gallanagh; a resident of Pannawonica for 9 years said she enjoy being a part of such a valuable community event and particularly enjoyed being a part of tidying up the famous Pannawonica boot tree.

Clean up Australia Day is an initiative of the Clean up Australia Campaign. It is held on the io Tinto and the Shire of Ashburton first Sunday of March every year, and supported Pannawonica Community encourages people to clean up their local members in Clean up Australia Day. areas. In 2012 approximately 1,177 tonnes of rubbish was removed from all across Western The National clean