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    New Upgrade Process 5

    Regional Ambassador Program 7

    Half Fanatics 9

    Mini-Maniacs 11

    Ultra Madness 12

    Social Networking 14

    Double Agents 16

    New Maniac Gear 16

    Maniac Criteria 17

    New Maniacs 18

    Calendar 19-20

    Discounts 21

    Volume 16, Number 1

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    Walter and Jen

    Cade and Chris

    Ed and Stacy








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    Robert and Chris

  • 4


    BlancaEd and Bonnie

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    How to Upgrade Your LevelHave you run enough races to have earned a Level Upgrade?

    Congratulations on your race finishes, however your work is not quit finished.

    In order to maintain the integrity of the club, in April of 2018 we have implemented a review board of fellow Maniac volunteers that review each and every one of your races to ensure it meets the criteria.

    You may be asking why we implemented this? Unfortunately we’ve had many members that were taking advantage of the “honor system” process we had in place for many years.

    In order for the new review process to work correctly, we need to set a few guidelines

    Please visit the following web page to see the details of the new process:

    Ed and BonnieDan hits 10 stars!

    9 year old JordanKenneth

  • Jeremy




    Teal, Donna and Carol



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    We now have chapters throughout the U.S. that are run by our Regional Ambassadors to help connect local

    runners together. Find one in you area by visiting our website.

    Interested in becoming an ambassador? Send an email to [email protected]




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    Cj runs his 50th

    state at Disney World!

    Breanna and Andrew Ray



  • Tired of running marathons and ultras (HA!!)?Need to back down on that weekly mileageand concentrate on getting faster? Then jointhe Half Fanatics ( There arecurrently over 17,000+ members in theFanatic Asylum, and I’m sure you’ll recognizea few names in the group. So jump on thebandwagon now, get your qualifying races inand join this new, zany group!

    Marathon Maniacs running half marathons…YES, it’s true!



    Marty Calix Andy

  • Lynne







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    Get your child moving! An 8 week running program with fun and challenging running activities. After you sign your child up you will receive the following.

    1. Tri-Fold brochure map to track your child's fitness journey.2. Access to an interactive online map to track miles.3. Sublimated Mini Maniac kids tech tee.4. Mini Maniac Finisher Medal.5. Mini Maniac official club number inside The Cave.


    Robert and Karen Marie

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    Heather Oliver and Dave



    Jess and Van finish 1st and 4th

    at the PacifcRim One Day Run


    Pascal Brad


    Seth doing the Skydive Ultra!

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    Across all social networks use the hash tag:


    Eve, Kino and Jun



    Jun runs his 100th! Layla

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    Eddie Ed



    Michael Rick and Jon

  • Since the formation of the Half Fanatics in 2009, a runner who is a member of both clubs is called aDouble Agent.

    The Main Maniacs decided to create an asylum dedicated to those who are Double Agents. In orderto be assigned a Double Agent number you must have your dues paid and updated in both the MMand HF. Your name and e-mail address must match both clubs. Each day a program will run togenerate new members.

    New gear is available for Double Agents as well as a whole new set of challenges as you climb peaks.

    For more information visit the Maniacs web site.


    Sloan Taylor (#3346)Brandyn Beuchert (#3347)

    Torvia Young (#3348)cody pearson (#3349)

    Salvador Bezos (#3350)Anna-Lisa Wanack (#3351)

    Ron Reid (#3352)Jon Hunter (#3353)

    Camille Stottlemyre (#3355)Chris Towler (#3356)

    Heather Lambert (#3357)Stanley Bryant (#3358)Colleen Moore (#3359)

    Brett Brown (#3360)

    Mark Lavner (#3361)Charlotte Powers (#3362)

    Dawn Allen (#3363)Melinda Mizrachi (#3364)Linda Chambers (#3365)Theneshia Glaze (#3366)

    Angie Link (#3367)Michael Boothe (#3368)

    Li Merges (#3369)Bruce MacMonigle (#3370)

    Cyeria Jackson (#3371)Donald Maxwell (#3372)

    Amy Benecke (#3373)Cathie Shaughnessy (#3374)

    Amy Jardon (#3375)Melissa Casey (#3376)

    Ayrin Hamner-Ripperger (#3377)Mandy Berkley (#3378)

    Chelsea Ellis (#3379)Joshua Loehrke (#3380)

    Eddie "Barefoot Bandito" Vega (#3381)Paul Maness (#3382)

    Lacey Maness (#3383)Pony Express (#3384)

    Juliana Calhoun (#3385)James Holliday (#3386)

    Kazuhiro Shimbo (#3387)


    New Gear!

    NEW! Maniac shirts and singlets are available now

    online! The newly designed shirts feature a new color scheme. Available in both Men's & Women’s in short

    sleeve, long sleeve and singlets.

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    - 52 Marathons or more within 365 days.- 30 Marathons in 30 different US states within 365 days.

    - 20 Countries within 365 days.

    - 38 - 44 Marathons within 365 days.- 20 Marathons in 20 different US states within 365 days

    - 13 Marathons within 79 days.

    - 31 - 37 Marathons within 365 days.- 16 Marathons in 16 different US states within 365 days.

    - 6 Marathons within 16 days. - 4 Marathons in 4 days = QUADZILLA.

    - 4 Marathons in 23 days.- 19 - 25 Marathons within 365 days.- 2 Marathons in 2 days (or 48 hours)

    - 9 Marathons in 9 different US states within 365 days.

    - 4 Marathons within 37 days.- 12 - 18 Marathons within 365 days.

    - 4 Marathons in 4 different US states within 51 days


    - 45 - 51 Marathons within 365 days.- 23 Marathons in 23 different US states within 365 days.

    - 28 Marathons within 183 days.




    - 26 - 30 Marathons within 365 days.- 13 Marathons in 13 different US states within 365 days.

    - 4 Marathons within 9 days. - 3 Marathons in 3 days





    - 3 Marathons within a 16 day time frame.- 6 Marathons in 6 consecutive calendar months.

    - 8 - 11 Marathons within 365 days.


    - 2 Marathons within a 16 day time frame.- 3 Marathons within a 90 day time frame.



    Vicki Dufner Wojciech Machnik

    Bill Wells Dan Smith


    Van Phan sets an American age group record of 360 miles at Across the Years

    6 day race!Robert

    Michael runs his 50th

    state in Maui! Joelle

  • Alexandria Leveille (#14969)Julie McIntosh (#14970)Arlene Pisel (#14971)Steve Kelsey (#14972)Michelle Paradiso (#14973)Shelah Surgey (#14974)Todd Rose (#14975)Cesilie Garles (#14976)Sean McCone (#14977)Jimmy Forbis (#14978)Craig D Arnold II (#14979)Jennifer Goodman (#14980)Gayle Gonzales (#14981)Cheryl Armato (#14982)Kevin Musheno (#14983)Teri Williams (#14984)Juliana DeVita (#14985)Dawn McGrier (#14986)Christopher Rockwood (#14987)Crystal Sanchez (#14988)Gary Sessums (#14989)Greg Hart (#14990)Sandra Davis (#14991)Nichole Moon (#14992)Brian Wilson (#14993) (#14993)Michael Spradlin (#14994)denise graybeal (#14995)Stacy Caudell (#14996)Stephen Prokop (#14997)Barbara Rausch (#14998)Dana Chapman - Carroll (#14999)Amber Harris (#15000)Brett Chrisley (#15001)Andrea Riedel (#15002)Jesse Dehoys (#15003)Leslie Mace (#15004)Lacey Barger (#15005)Jen Cadenhead (#15006)Matt Kuper (#15007)Stacy Spencer (#15008)Michele Rector (#15009)Courtney Bullock (#15010)Michael Straley (#15011)Regina Orelli (#15012)John Hanson (#15013)Jennifer Young (#15014)Yasir Salem (#15015)

    Domenico Urso (#15016)Katie Sifferman (#15017)Wojciech Machnik (#15018)J Welch (#15019)Vickie Harby (#15020)Jordan Ramirez (#15021)Catherine Buckley (#15022)Cynthia Fauls (#15023)Mud Dog Greenblatt (#15024)Ben Spivey (#15025)Clyde Bennett (#15026)Heidi Quesada Carlsen (#15027)Sarah Klesel (#15028)Hanna Houston (#15029)Daniel Hull (#15030)Erika Hamel (#15031)Letty Joyce (#15032)Maricela Conejo (#15033)Estela Gil (#15034)Toni Hoek (#15035)Rhorunner (#15036)dale j kufahl (#15037)George Werner (#15038)Alexandra Bard (#15039)Brian Shaw (#15040)Christopher Ott (#15041)Charmaine Vazquez (#15042)Briar-Rose Honeywill-Sykes (#15043)Elton Takara (#15044)Catie Grisham (#15046)Candace Richardson (#15047)Frank Noble (#15048)Braden Lenz (#15049)Richard "Loco" Gallegos (#15050)Jocelyn Williams (#15051)Paul Cherry (#15052)Paul Putnam (#15053)Selena Johnson (#15054)Ty Aronson (#15055)James Johnson (#15056)Evelyn Olaechea (#15057)Andres Lasaga (#15058)Laura Killeen (#15059)Laurie Harris (#15060)Amelia Anderson (#15061)Benjamin Mewis (#15062)Scott McElyea (#15063)

    Michael Murphy (#15064)Meg Berry (#15065)Vorlasing Vankham (#15066)Anna Smith (#15067)Amanda Norwood (#15068)Aaron Yoder (#15069)Angela Cheung (#15070)Dawn Jennings (#15071)Theresa Milligan (#15072)Steven Szelei (#15073)James Scott (#15074)Kara Speights (#15075)Arturo Magidin (#15076)Adam Jakich (#15077)Blaine Hodges (#15078)Joe Alvarez (#15079)Jacqueline Nivet (#15080)Thomas Jones (#15081)Dean Miller (#15082)Sarita Kinney (#15083)Yogi (#15084)Catherine Harden (#15085)Shani Waite (#15086)Douglas Larson (#15087)Monique (Moni) Frith (#15088)Taylo Davenport (#15089)Kate Wisz (#15090)Steven Dence (#15091)Theodore Walter (#15092)Farah Leder (#15093)Kristina Morton (#15094)Natacha Newell (#15095)Lee Weddle (#15096)Elena Smith (#15097)Samuel Goldberg (#15098)Hiroyuki Ono (#15099)Kathleen Lambert (#15100)Nicole DeBord (#15101)Michael Finnegan (#15102)Ethan Raebel (#15103)John E (#15104)Gail Ulan (#15105)Glenn Fischbach (#15106)Catharine Audette (#15107)Akelina De Melo (#15108)Todd Baker (#15109)


    New Maniacs in the First Quarter of 2019(January 1 – March 31)

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    UPCOMING RACES!Marathon/Ultra Calendar between May 4 – June 2

    5/4 Ghost of Tacoma 26.2 WA5/4 Hotfoot Hamster Ultra AZ5/4 Whiskey Row Marathon 26.2 AZ5/4 Shiprock Marathon 26.2 NM5/4 North Face New York 26.2 NY5/4 Lost Creek Trail Runs 50K OR5/4 Knock on Wood Ultra 50mi SC5/4 Hachie 50 26.2 TX5/4 Grayson Highlands 50k 50K VA5/4 Wisconsin Marathon 26.2 WI5/5 BMO Vancouver Marathon 26.2 BC5/5 Toronto Marathon 26.2 ON5/5 Prague Marathon 26.2 CZE5/5 OC Marathon 26.2 CA5/5 Avenue of the Giants Marathon 26.2 CA5/5 Horseshoe Lake 50K CA5/5 Colorado Marathon 26.2 CO5/5 Potomac River Run Marathon 26.2 DC5/5 Kalamazoo Marathon 26.2 MI5/5 Lincoln Marathon 26.2 NE5/5 Long Island Marathon 26.2 NY5/5 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon 26.2 OH5/5 Pittsburgh Marathon 26.2 PA5/5 Providence Marathon 26.2 RI5/5 Tacoma City Marathon 26.2 WA5/5 Eau Claire Marathon 26.2 WI5/9 3 days at the fair 26.2 NJ5/11 Mudcat Marathon 26.2 ON5/11 Conquer the Wall Marathon 26.2 CHN5/11 Quicksilver Endurance Runs 50K CA5/11 8 Hours of Hell - May Ultra FL5/11 Darkside 8 Hour Ultra GA5/11 Priest Lake Marathon 26.2 ID5/11 Starved Rock Country Marathon 26.2 IL5/11 Maine Coast Marathon 26.2 ME5/11 Shipyard Maine Coast 26.2 ME5/11 Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon 26.2 MN5/11 Whitefish Marathon 26.2 MT5/11 Mind The Ducks 12 Hour Ultra NY5/11 The Dirty German Endurance Festival 50K PA5/11 Brookings Marathon (50th Anniversary!) 26.2 SD5/11 Wildflower Trail Run (Day 1) 26.2 TX5/11 Ice Age Trail 50 50mi WI5/11 Journeys Marathon 26.2 WI5/12 Great Breweries Marathon 26.2 BEL5/12 Crystal Coast Booty Triathlon 26.2 NC5/12 Wildflower Trail Run (Day 2) 26.2 TX5/13 N.England Challenge (Day 1) Pine Tree 26.2 ME5/14 N.England Challenge (Day 2) Granite 26.2 NH5/15 N.England Challenge (Day 3) Maple Leaf 26.2 VT5/16 N.England Challenge (Day 4) Old Colony 26.2 MA5/17 N.England Challenge (Day 5) Nutmeg 26.2 CT5/18 Great Wall Marathon 26.2 CHN5/18 Helsinki Marathon 26.2 FIN5/18 Three Hearts Marathon 26.2 SVN5/18 Keys100 100mi FL5/18 Famous Idaho Potato Marathon 26.2 ID5/18 Horse Capital Marathon 26.2 KY5/18 Martha's Vineyard Marathon 26.2 MA5/18 Beaverhead Marathon 26.2 MT5/18 Fargo Marathon 26.2 ND5/18 Three Days At The Fair Ultra NJ5/18 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 26.2 OH5/18 N.England Challenge (Day 6) Red Island 26.2 RI

    5/18 Beach to Bay Marathon 26.2 TX5/18 Bryce Canyon Ultramarathon 50mi UT5/18 Ogden Marathon 26.2 UT5/18 Ogden Marathon 26.2 UT5/18 Sri Chinmoy 7 and 13 Hour Ultra Ultra WA5/19 Woody’s RV World Marathon 26.2 AB5/19 Copenhagen Marathon 26.2 DNK5/19 Lattelecom Riga Marathon 26.2 LVA5/19 Colfax Marathon 26.2 CO5/19 NORAD Trail Race 26.2 CO5/19 Sugarloaf Marathon 26.2 ME5/19 Gate City Marathon 26.2 NH5/19 Willamette Valley Marathon 26.2 OR5/19 Pocono Mountains Run for the Red 26.2 PA5/19 York Marathon 26.2 PA5/19 Capital City Marathon 26.2 WA5/19 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon 26.2 WI5/23 Pigtails Challenge Ultra WA5/25 MEC Marathon 26.2 ON5/25 Prince of Wales Island Marathon 26.2 AK5/25 Sweet Southern Discomfort - Day One 26.2 GA5/25 Booneville Backroads Ultra 50K IA5/25 Bayshore Marathon 26.2 MI5/25 Jemez Mountain Trail Runs 50mi NM5/25 MS Marathon 26.2 TX5/25 Possum's Revenge Ultra TX5/25 Texas Triple 26.2 TX5/26 Calgary Marathon 26.2 AB5/26 Ottawa Marathon 26.2 ON5/26 Saskatchewan Marathon 26.2 SK5/26 Winterthur Marathon 26.2 CHE5/26 Kurobe Marathon 26.2 JPN5/26 Mountains 2 Beach Marathon 26.2 CA5/26 Coeur D'Alene Marathon 26.2 ID5/26 Crossroads Regional Marathon 26.2 IN5/26 Pineland Trail Running Festival 26.2 ME5/26 Med City Marathon 26.2 MN5/26 Buffalo Marathon 26.2 NY5/26 Sweet Southern Discomfort - Day Two 26.2 TN5/26 Texas Triple 26.2 TX5/26 Wayne's World Marathon and Half 26.2 TX5/26 Vermont City Marathon (VT) 26.2 VT5/26 Wyoming Marathon 26.2 WY5/27 Rock 'n' Roll Madrid 26.2 ESP5/27 Sweet Southern Discomfort - Day Three 26.2 AL5/27 VAIL VALOR RACE 26.2 CO5/27 Oh Boy Marathon 26.2 CT5/27 Stumptown 50K 50K OR5/27 Memorial Day Marathon and Half 26.2 TX5/27 Texas Triple 26.2 TX5/29 Everest Marathon 26.2 NPL5/29 Ozone Endurance Challenge Ultra TN6/1 ASICS Stockholm Marathon 26.2 SWE6/1 Teton DAM Marathon 26.2 ID6/1 Lighthouse 100 100mi MI6/1 FANS 24 Hour Ultra MN6/1 Cayuga Trails 50 and Marathon. 50mi NY6/1 Newport Marathon 26.2 OR6/1 Worlds End Ultramarathon 100K PA6/1 Utah Valley Marathon 26.2 UT6/1 Green River Marathon 26.2 WA6/1 Vashon Ultra 50K WA6/2 Cork City Marathon 26.2 IRL6/2 Aruba Marathon 26.2 ABW

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    UPCOMING RACES!Marathon/Ultra Calendar between June 2 – July 28

    6/2 Christchurch Marathon 26.2 NZL6/2 Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon 26.2 CA6/2 REVEL Rockies Marathon 26.2 CO6/2 Steamboat Marathon 26.2 CO6/2 Bobcat Marathon 26.2 OH6/2 Deadwood Mickleson Trail Marathon 26.2 SD6/2 North Olympic Discovery Marathon 26.2 WA6/2 Casper Marathon 26.2 WY6/5 Bee Rock Tunnel Marathon 26.2 VA6/6 Mainly Marathons Alaska Series Day 1 26.2 AK6/6 Bear Lake Marathon Day 1 (Idaho) 26.2 ID6/6 Mockingbird Marathon 26.2 TN6/7 Mainly Marathons Alaska Series Day 2 26.2 AK6/7 Bear Lake Marathon Day 2 (Wyoming) 26.2 WY6/8 Duff's Skagway Marathon 26.2 AK6/8 Mueller Marathon 26.2 CO6/8 Run Under The Stars™ Paducah Ultra KY6/8 2019 Whitefish Point Marathon 26.2 MI6/8 Governor's Cup 26.2 MT6/8 Trail Rail Run Ultra MT6/8 New River Marathon 26.2 NC6/8 Sandhills Marathon 26.2 NE6/8 Race the Lake Marathon 26.2 NY6/8 Eagle Up Ultra Ultra OH6/8 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut 26.2 PA6/8 Bear Lake Marathon Day 3 (Utah) 26.2 UT6/8 Lumberjack 100 50mi WA6/8 Hatfield & McCoy Marathon 26.2 WV6/9 Beer Lovers' Marathon 26.2 BEL6/9 Koya Ultra marathon 50K JPN6/9 Koya-Ryujin Onsen ULTRA MARATHON 50K JPN6/9 Mainly Marathons Alaska Series Day 4 26.2 AK6/9 Lake Placid Marathon 26.2 NY6/9 Swan Lake Marathon 26.2 SD6/9 Rock 'n' Roll Seattle 26.2 WA6/9 Tunnel Marathon 26.2 WA6/9 HFM Maritime Marathon 26.2 WI6/9 Comrades Marathon Ultra ZAF6/10 Ironman Boulder 26.2 CO6/14 Bighorn Trail 100 100mi WY6/15 Morzart 100 Ultra AUT6/15 Nordmarka Skogmaraton 26.2 NOR6/15 Timberline Marathon 26.2 OR6/15 Wy’east Wonder 50K/50M 50mi OR6/15 Eastern Divide Ultra 50K VA6/15 Big Horn Trail 50K WY6/16 Banff Marathon 26.2 AB6/16 Manitoba Marathon 26.2 MB6/16 Estes Park Marathon 26.2 CO6/18 Mainly Marathon Ind Series - Day 1 26.2 DE6/20 Mainly Marathons Ind Series - Day 3 26.2 PA6/22 Aabenraa Bjergmarathon 26.2 DNK6/22 Midnight Sun Marathon 26.2 NOR6/22 Anchorage Mayor's Marathon 26.2 AK6/22 Charlevoix Marathon 26.2 MI6/22 Grandmas Marathon 26.2 MN6/22 Elijah Bristow 6/12/24 Hour 26.2 OR6/22 Morgan Valley Marathon 26.2 UT6/23 IRONMAN IRELAND, CORK 26.2 IRL6/23 Norikura Marathon 26.2 JPN6/23 Bay of Fundy International 26.2 ME6/23 Rudioso Marathon 26.2 NM6/28 Praying Mantis Marathon North East Series Day 6 26.2 CT6/28 Pacific Crest 50K 50K OR

    6/28 Black Hills 100 - 50m 50mi SD6/29 Run4Troops Marathon 26.2 IA6/29 Revel Mt. Hood 26.2 OR6/29 Pacific Crest Marathon 26.2 OR6/29 Titletown Ultra Ultra WI6/30 Ironman France 26.2 FRA6/30 Wellington Marathon 26.2 NZL6/30 White Nights Marathon 26.2 RUS6/30 Kona Marathon 26.2 HI6/30 Missoula Marathon 26.2 MT7/4 Foot Traffic Flat Marathon 26.2 OR7/5 Merrill's Mile Ultra GA7/6 Hatcher Pass Marathon and Relay 26.2 AK7/6 Silver Rush 50 50mi CO7/6 Run Under The Stars Corydon Ultra IN7/6 Sasquatch Marathon 26.2 WA7/7 Madison Ultra Up & Madison Ultra Down 50K MT7/7 Ultramook 50K OR7/7 Mad Marathon 26.2 VT7/13 Laugavegur Ultra Marathon Ultra ISL7/13 Angel Creek 50 50mi AK7/13 King Salmon Marathon 26.2 AK7/13 Aspen Valley Marathon 26.2 CO7/13 Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon 26.2 MN7/13 Grandfather Mountain Marathon 26.2 NC7/13 Mt. Hood 50 50mi OR7/13 SOB-Siskiyou Out Back Ultra OR7/13 Carolina Reaper 50k 50K SC7/13 Ethan Allen 24 Hr Ultra VT7/14 KFC Mauritius Marathon 26.2 MUS7/14 Minnesota Brothers Trail Series, Day 1 26.2 MN7/14 Mt Hood 50K 50K OR7/14 Kill Bill's Oysterdome Challenge 50K WA7/15 Minnesota Brothers Trail Series, Day 2 26.2 MN7/16 Minnesota Brothers Trail Series, Day 3 26.2 MN7/17 Minnesota Brothers Trail Series, Day 4 26.2 MN7/19 Hardrock 100 100mi CO7/20 University of Okoboji Marathon 26.2 IA7/20 PUT Big Elk 50K 50K ID7/20 8 Hour Dream Endurance Ultra IN7/20 Psycho Psummer Run Toto Run 50K KS7/20 Madison Marathon 26.2 MT7/20 Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs 100mi NV7/20 Oregon Summer Marathon 26.2 OR7/21 Mainly Marathons Prairie Series Day 1 26.2 MN7/21 Big Sky Marathon 26.2 MT7/21 Vermont 100 100mi VT7/26 High Lonesome 100 100mi CO7/27 Elk Valley 50K 50K BC7/27 Pikes Peak Ultra 50m/50k 50K CO7/27 Idaho Falls Marathon 26.2 ID7/27 Grand Island Marathon 50K MI7/27 Loopty Loop Ultra Ultra MI7/27 Voyageur 50 Mile 50mi MN7/27 Sizzling Six Shooter 26.2 MO7/27 Sizzling Six Shooter 26.2 MO7/27 MAAH DAAH HEY TRAIL RUN 26.2 ND7/27 Burning River 100 100mi OH7/27 Tushars Mountain Runs 100K UT7/28 Ironman Canada 26.2 BC7/28 San Francisco Marathon 26.2 CA7/28 Kensington Marathon/50K 26.2 MI7/28 Ironman Lake Placid 26.2 NY7/28 Conquer the Canyon Marathon 26.2 PA

  • 21

    Elaine Green

    Jeff “Boneman” Bollman (#1058)

    With the new website comes a new way to identify race discounts. All discounts are now located on the race calendar page. Look for the gold coin following the race name, that signifies a discount. Click the coin and after a brief disclaimer reminding us that discounts are for members only, the code will be revealed along with the amount saved.

    New discounts have a ** in front of the race name and don’t forget about the Maniac discount at The Running Warehouse for all your non-Maniac branded apparel and shoe needs.

    Details on how to obtain the discount/perk are in the calendar section of the Maniac web site. I post new ones in the calendar as the details are finalized, so keep an eye out. If you have questions, shoot me an email at: [email protected]

    Jeff “Boneman” Bollman, MM #1058

    • Hogeye Marathon (AR) 4/6/19• Blue Ridge Marathon (VA) 4/13/19• Newport Rhode Race Marathon (RI) 4/13/19• Rattler Trail Race 50K 4/13/19• Coastal Delaware Running Festival (DE) 4/14/19• Silver Moon 6H/12H/24H (CA) 4/20/19• Run the Great Wall Marathon (China) 4/21/19• CRANDIC Marathon (IA) 4/28/19• Eugene Marathon (OR) 4/28/19• **Wisconsin Marathon 5/4/19 • Colorado Marathon 5/5/16• OC Marathon (CA) 5/5/19 (Perks galore!) MANIAC CLUB EXCLUSIVE EVENT• Providence Rhode Race Marathon (RI) 5/5/19• Brookings Marathon 50th Anniversary! (SD) 5/11/19• Shipyard Maine Coast Marathon (ME) 5/11/19• Whitefish Marathon (MT) 5/11/19• NORAD Trail Race (CO) 5/19/19• Vermont City Marathon (VT) 5/26/19• Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon (SD) 6/2/19• New River Marathon (NC) 6/8/19• Mueller Marathon (CO) 6/9/18• Charlevoix Marathon (MI) 6/22/19• North East Series (RI, ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI) 6/23/19-6/29/19• REVEL Mt Hood (OR) 6/29/19 MANIAC CLUB EXCLUSIVE EVENT• Kona Marathon (HI) 6/30/19• Oregon Summer Marathon 7/20/19• Pikes Peak Ultra (CO) 7/27/19• Anchorage RunFest (AK) 8/18/19• Holland Haven Marathon (MI) 9/8/19• Amish Country Running Festival (NY) 9/28/19• Crested Butte Ultra (CO) 9/28/19• Monument Marathon (NE) 9/28/19• Kansas City Marathon (MO) 10/19/19 MANIAC CLUB EXCLUSIVE EVENT• Des Moines Marathon (IA) 10/20/19• Maine Marathon 10/6/19• Maui Marathon (HI) 10/13/19• Sage Burner Trail Race (CO) 10/26/19• Ocean State Rhode State Rhode Race Marathon (RI) 10/27/19• Dead Horse Ultra (UT) 11/16/19• Magnolia Marathon (MS) 11/16/19• Route 66 Marathon (OK) 11/24/19 (Perks galore!) MANIAC CLUB EXCLUSIVE EVENT• **Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon (FL) 1/26/2020 MANIAC CLUB EXCLUSIVE EVENT[email protected]://