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Manual Testing Interview Click on the Question to read answer and report incorrect category/incorrect Questions or answers what are the objective of software testing Process of Testing life cycle explain when tester found bug then where it is assign to developer or test lead What is Retesting? What is the main difference between Client Server Testing and Web Testing?Give some good examples? i want test case format. i want to know how to write test cases. what documents we need/refer to make a test plan? explain 3 testing risks and their mitigation Real time question: We can refer only LLD for clear information About Requirements,Then what is the use of refering SRS doc in V model, Plz can u make diff Difference between smoke testing and sanity testing. What is Test Bed? What is Software Requirements Specification? What is Soak Testing? What is exactly the technical definition of a build What is Scalability Testing?

What is Release Candidate?

What is Ramp Testing?

What is Quality System?

What is Quality Policy?

What is Quality Management?

What is Quality Control?

What is Quality Circle?

What is Quality Audit? What is Quality Assurance?

What is Monkey Testing? What is Metric?

What is Localization Testing?

What is Independent Test Group (ITG)?

What is Gorilla Testing?

What is Gray Box Testing?

What is Functional Specification?

What is Functional Decomposition?

What is Exhaustive Testing?

What is Equivalence Partitioning?

What is Equivalence Class? What is Endurance Testing?

what is testing What is Depth Testing?

What is Dependency Testing?

What is Defect? What is Debugging?

What is Cyclomatic Complexity?

What is Conversion Testing? What is Component? What is Code Coverage? What is Cause Effect Graph? What is Breadth Testing? What is Branch Testing?

What Is SRS what is defect density explain v-model in detail,how presentation we can give on v-model?for that both the side each every part in detail.means how its work? how cycle is going etc. What is Boundary Value Analysis?

What is Boundary Testing?

What is Binary Portability Testing?

How to report a bug found during Sanity testing? What is Baseline?

What is Basis Set?

What is Basis Path Testing?

What is Basic Block?

What is Backus-Naur Form?

How do you debug an ASP.NET Web application?

Why are there five tracing levels in System.Diagnostics.TraceSwitcher?

Whats the difference between the Debug class and Trace class?

What is the difference between QC and QA? What is a scenario?

What is I18N Testing? What is Software Testing?

What is difference between testcase and usecase How can new Software QA processes be introduced in an existing organization? What is verification what is validation?

What is a walkthrough? What is White box testing What is unit testing What is incremental integration testing What is integration testing What is functional testing What is end-to-end testing What is regression testing

What is load testing What is stress testing What is performance testing What is usability testing What is install/uninstall testing What is recovery testing What is security testing What is exploratory testing What is ad-hoc testing What is comparison testing What is alpha testing What is beta testing What is mutation testing what spiral model in manual testing Do we need to have the knowledge of coding for performing white box testing? What are the software quality factors localization testing and internationalization testing are comes into black box testing or white box testing what is the difference between system testing and end to end testing who will collect the software metrics? What are the different kinds of software metrics? How to test Unix environment applications. how can you say that you have done good testing what is the criteria for writing test cases If there is fault in a software after product has been released we call it as a "FAULT" or "BUG"

what is the difference between soft ware testing and testing what is vss In Security Testing, what do u mean by 1)Encryption 2)Authentication3)Authorization 4)FireWall? Pls explain. Thanks diff between functional testing and gui functional testing. when exactly testing started? types of database testing queries what is usecase based testcase design what are case sheets in manual testing What are the definitions for Stubs and Drivers? what is the difference between stress,volume,load testings difference between bug, error and defect

what is yellow box testing What are the different techniques to write test cases? Difference between boundary analysis and Equivalent partitioning? what is test log what are the diff types of Equivalence class partitioning While starting the Project it was planned to have 27 days for development and 4 days for testing. Test Cases were prepared fully while development were in progress. later on due to schedule slippage, the development has taken 29days & thus only 2 days left for testing. In this scenario, How one should proceed with Testing? Why would software tester like the spiral model better than others how to write the test case.u send some test case format what is a test plan How to write simple test cases. Plz explain with example what is consistency testing

What is GUI Testing what r the topics to be cover(learn) from SQL for a test engineer? When can we stop the testing What is V-Model process in developing an application in manual testing? write some test cases for calculator what is the difference between testing and Quality Assurance what is manual testing How should we needs to approach database testing ? is there any Automation tool to do that? What is mean by STLC (Software testing life cycle) When exactly the database testing is done? what is traceability matrix How test manager manage testing from beginning to end? What are his/her roles and responsibilities in testing? what is the job profile of a software tester? what is KPA in manual testing what is the first thing to be done when a project specification sheet is given in a company how can we do database testing what is a peer review which model is used by most of the companies What would you do when there is no requirement document available or have very poor doc for testing? what development model should programmers and the test group use when a test engineer knows that he has completed writing total test cases? What is Batch Testing? What is VSS(Visual Source Safe) and what is its structure? Whether networking knowledge is essential for a testing professional?

If a developer says that the bug found by the tester is not a valid bug,then what the tester has to do? what is a cursory testing what is key process area what is the role of bug tracking system What is a Gap Analysis WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE WINDOWS BASED APPLICATION AND WEB BASED APPLICATION AND CLIENT APPLICATION what is regression suit in software testing, which document prepares first is test strategy or test methodology? what is PATCH and abbreviate it After reporting a bug, a unique bug ID is generated- a)for associating bug with failed test case. b)to identify the bug from the list of bugs, c)to avoid duplication d) to avoid redundancy.? how much interaction with users should testers have and why what is dynamic testing ? what is severity and priority in manual testing? what is test data What is feasibility matrix? How to write simple test cases for login page? Explain me About V-Model what is blackbox static testing? What is mean by Test Strategy? is there any types? what is the difference between deliverables and Release notes? Explain the SDLC models in detail? what is the difference between test strategy and test methodology? What is Test Driver and Test Stub?

what is bottom-up integration testing what is BVT what is scenario? tell me with a simple example. what is testing process? why do start the write the test cases what is main advantages of the write the test case What is volume testing When to stop testing Is it correct that there is difficult to give ans becoz there are more points What is Black box testing Explain about sanity testing what is thread Testing?? How many test cases can we write for a scenario??? what are the key challenges of testing tell me some typical bugs you encountered in your last assignment give some examples what is benchmark testing when should you begin test plan What is the maximum possible value of reliability? WHAT IS UCD ? differentiate test strategy and test plan? Test cases for shirt button? what do you mean by review? How many reviews are there in manual testing? please explain those? What is the difference between Verification & Validation how will you track the defect When will we give severity priority for bugs in bug report?

We are making database for the candidate who has given interview in the organization earlier. We will not allow them to appear again with 3 months from first interview. Write at test case for this. what do u mean by record level validation and field level validation, could pls explain ,what exactly the meaning ? what is meant by build, release and issue What is internal Auditing? what is test harness? what is the difference between white box testing and black box testing Why do we required database testing? what is golden bug What is the difference between sanity testing & build Verification Testing? what is BDD? what is manual testing,what is test cases,how many models available in testing What should be done when a bug is found? what is difference between intranet and internet? What r the properties of Radio Button and Table Grid? What types of documents would you need