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Mango Salon #CultureCode



Our Vision

Deliver an amazing salon experience to our Guests every time so they will keep coming back

Our MissionBe AmazingBe ProfitableBe Generous

What started as a small salon in 2003 with 10 people has since opened a second location and grown to over 100 employees. I want Mango to become the best place for people to work in town. ~Bobbi Heaney, Co-Founder and Co-Owner


Our ValuesDignityIntegrityRespectThank YouBalanceYesCommitmentThe Mango team members not only believe in our Values, they live them. They ask themselves: Does the decision Im making follow these values?


How we treat each other.We all help create a professional environment and support system for each other. ~Jill, Artisan

IntegrityOur leadership set a really good example, the positive energy starts with them. ~Elizabeth, Fresh Talent

Keeping your word


What we show each otherOur team members are hard workers who work well together. We look for each others needs and teach each other to improve the craft. ~Kyle, Apprentice

Yes is Always the Answerand No is never the answer. ~Shera, Creative Development Coordinator

Helping your team members

Thank You

Showing appreciationWe all help each other, compliment each other. It feels like were family here. ~Sheryl, Make Up Artist / Skin Care Consultant


Dedicating yourself to excellenceThere are so many [continuing] education programs, its hard to pick between them. ~Melissa L., Designer


Maintain flexibilityWe accommodate, adjust, and work hard to help each other. ~Laura, Salon Manager

Who we are

Outgoing. Creative. Sweet. Happy. Energetic. Respectful. Loyal. Helpful. Driven. Kind. Fun. Silly. Hard-working. Hilarious. Passionate. Loving. Friendly. Independent. Easygoing. Open-minded. Committed.12

What we doFocus on the guest and work as a team to help each other. ~Elizabeth, Fresh TalentShow people they are beautiful. ~Kyle, Apprentice

Our LeadershipThey always are doing their best to get us what we need and help in anyway they can. ~Melissa L., Hair designer

are passionate, reliable, and appreciative. ~Lesie, Guest Services Advisor

Our Team

Our talented team members are hard working, innovative, and always willing to help our Guests and each other.

How we get things done

Together as a team. Challenging our Designers. Plan it out. Endless education. Teamwork. Being prepared. Eco-friendly. Focus on quality. Efficiently. Minimize waste. Inspiring passion. Accuracy. Professionally. Upbeat.16

Why I love Mango

The clients are fun and the people who work here are great. ~Yasemin, Guest Services HostThey have allowed me to support myself and have supported me as a person. ~Ashton, Salon LeaderI value how normal and sane my coworkers (for this industry) are. ~Lauren B., Fresh Talent

Clients are fun and the people who work here are great. ~YaseminAlways exciting, changing, and new. ~KyleGreat opportunities and people. ~ElizabethAllowed me to grow. ~BobbiFeels like were family here. ~SherylValue how normal and sane my coworkers are. ~Lauren17

Were always hiringWhy Mango?Its simpleour culture. We believe a commitment to culture, generosity and opportunity leads to success. Whether creative, technical, service or financial, our team is committed to their craft.

At Mango, we offer new and experienced Hair Designers a Fresh Start in their careers through our career development commitment.

A Profession with perksHealth InsuranceLife & Long-term DisabilityRetirement Plans with Profit SharingPaid Time OffTeam Member Discount ProgramsWellness DaysEducation & Training Programsand more!

Our employees are not independent contractors, but a part of the Mango Team.